Can’t quite believe another week has already passed, but here it is your review of today’s Mnet M! Countdown.

Moon Ji-eun makes a comeback with “Hibiye Hibiyo.” The song is okay, filled with the current trend of electronic beats and auto-tune. Would it be mean of me to say that the only thing I kept watching the performance for was to see if Ji-eun was gonna eat it in her hooker thigh highs? She really looked kind of awkward and unstable in them and if you’re not comfortable performing in them you really shouldn’t use them.

Next is Ahn Jin-kyoung with “Love is Pitiful” featuring H-Eugene.  I like her sultry voice and the song is smooth, too.  The performance I’m not so crazy for, I don’t think that backup dancers are needed for every performance.

Ah, finally a great performance from Korean rock band Rumblefish with actual vocals and music from instruments not machines. Love it!

A soulful comeback from Miss $, I like the dueling rappers and the singer’s vocals.

Sunny Side performs “Bad Guy, Good Girl” and I never knew a better song title to explain a performance.  The dudes’ rapping just kill it for me (in a bad way), the female vocalist was good though not outstanding.

The winners of this week’s countdown were F.T. Island.  All you Korean Entertainment companies and producers out there please take note – no autotune and no electronica just won the Countdown.  A little autotune and electronica is good, but please not every single song.  Here’s your winners (check out the link to their win and encore it was cute) with their hit “Love, Love, Love.”

Other performers of the night included Dalmatian, Sistar, G.NA Choi, Narsha, Eru, Wheesung, Secret, Supernova, and Rainbow. If you want to check out the rest of the performances try going here.

cr: BBSHINeeWorldKR