Welcome back to another week of Best of Weekly Music Shows! This week, Seventeen took home another win for “Don’t Wanna Cry” on MBC Show Champion, Highlight won for “Calling You” on both Mnet M! Countdown and MBC Show! Music Core, while Twice achieved more wins on KBS Music Bank and SBS Inkigayo. There was no broadcast and thus no winner on SBS The Show.

Without further ado, here were some of my highlights of the week!

FT Island’s “Wind”, Mnet M! Countdown, June 8, 2017

“Wind” is definitely a special song for both FT Island and Primadonnas alike, since it marks their tenth anniversary together. Often, we forget that FT Island is the group that pretty much pioneered the rock band style and genre in K-pop, paving the way for younger groups like Day6, so the rock ballad style of the track really brings back the group’s roots. What I enjoyed most about their performance here is the sheer, soulful emotion that they convey, which really shows the passion that the band has for the stage. 


Hyoyeon’s “Wannabe”, KBS Music Bank, June 9, 2017

Hyoyeon’s “Wannabe”, although very catchy, is honestly not my favourite song, but her performance more than makes up for it — the fierce concept with a spicy kick really works for her. A lot of people underestimate Hyoyeon as the main dancer of Girls’ Generation, but her sharp moves combined with her stable live singing in this performance prove otherwise. While many have shown dissatisfaction towards the actual track, Hyoyeon’s comeback definitely places emphasis on the performance factor, playing to her strengths by showing off complex choreography with a simpler song.

Highlight’s “Calling You”, MBC Show! Music Core, June 10, 2017

The chilled and laid-back style of their live performances really matches the relaxed mid-tempo title track, and is a complete contrast from their previous comeback with the lively and fun “Plz Don’t Be Sad” stages. This time round, Highlight seems to demonstrate a maturity in their stages, be it in the choreography or in their costume styling, that cements their veteran status as an idol group.


Daehyun’s “Shadow”, SBS Inkigayo, June 11, 2017

B.A.P’s Daehyun may be the main vocal of his group, but he also has the moves to go along with his powerful voice. His groovy solo debut heats things up on stage with sharp choreography, and combined with his emotional expression, there is an attractive appeal about this performance that really has you wanting for more.

Produce 101 Knock Team’s “Open Up”, Mnet M! Countdown, June 8, 2017

While I do not watch Produce 101, I have to admit that this stage really made me want to! This performance really showcases the Knock Team’s charisma and stage presence. Their unique, mature and dark concept really set them apart from the other teams who went for a brighter style, which is perhaps why they were voted as the best performance. Kang Daniel’s stage presence combined with Kang Dong-ho’s vocal talents make for a serious all-kill!

Which were your favourite performances of the week? Sound off in the comments below!

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