September has arrived, and depending on where you are in the world, summer might be coming to a close with the hottest days now behind us. Before fall encroaches any further, this segment of Unsung Artists looks back at some of the summer releases from July and August that may have flown under your radar. Specifically, it zeroes in on some solo artists and their songs that may have missed their share of the spotlight.

Hyo featuring Bibi – “Second”

Taeyeon was not the only SNSD member to make a comeback this summer. In comparison to “Dessert” that was released last year, Hyo’s “Second” is relatively laidback. It’s a fun song and MV, with a feature from Bibi that adds some edge and a dance break meant to let Hyo show off her famous skills. “Second” is a song about taking a moment to unwind in the chaos that is life, and the MV pairs well with the message. Filled with fun colours and patterns, and sets ranging from retro diners to camping trailers, “Second” screams escapist summer fun.


“OOTD” is a sweet, upbeat release from soloist CherryB. The MV follows CherryB developing her fashion after her boyfriend dumps her because of her terrible fashion sense. In the process, however, she gains more than a great sense of style as she also builds up her self-confidence. It’s a creative MV that spoofs multiple social media platforms as CherryB looks for inspiration and feedback on her fashion journey. She tries on a variety of clothes that are both cute and not-so-cute, but she eventually overcomes her label as a #fashionterrorist.

Sole feat. Wonstein – “Stay with Me”

This lovely duet by Sole and Wonstein is one of the slower songs featured in this segment. In the ethereal MV, Sole and Wonstein play a couple that are very much in love. They go on a trip to explore the vast outdoors, and the use of light and shadow is beautiful as the wide shots of nature are both breathtaking and eerie. Though a twist belies the lovely story, the message is clear: love helps you through any circumstances.

Loco feat. George“Just Like This”

“Just Like This” is familiar and comforting, especially so when meshed with an MV reminiscent of a summer camping trip. It’s a song about pressing pause and temporarily escaping life’s problems, and what better way to do so than to meander through a forest with your friend?

Loco and George walk through a forest, pausing for selfies and to relax by a lake before reaching their final destination. It’s a gentle, relatable song reminiscent of carefree times spent hanging out with friends, and the MV itself is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

Kinda Blue feat. Hwasa“I can’t make you love me”

“I can’t make you love me”, from the rookie artist Kinda blue and Hwasa of Mamamoo, takes a different approach to its MV. It’s an animated lyric video, telling the story of a couple once in love that did not work out. The song plays out like a conversation between the two artists who muse about the failings of their relationship, as their story is told in black and white drawings on screen. The song is short, sweet, but sad, and a perfect ode to the summer blues.

DPR LIVE – “Yellow Cab”

A cinematic journey of its own, “Yellow Cab” was the pre-release single for DPR LIVE’s latest EP, IITE COOL. The song is punchy and upbeat as DPR LIVE discusses his own career, along with some of his thoughts on love. Kept company by a lady in pink named Candy, the eclectic MV for “Yellow Cab” is a dizzying exploration of DPR LIVE’s glee and eventual tragedy in regards to his relationship.

Kwon Jinah with PARKMOONCHI“Knock”

“Knock” captures the lazy, daydream filled moods of summer. Though Kwon Jinah may be known more for her slower, acoustic releases, “Knock” proves that she is more than capable of brighter songs too. The MV incorporates the trendy retro aesthetic, which is fitting for the story: Kwon Jinah basking in the giddying experience of a summer crush. Love seems to blossom in the soft glow of summer, but more often than not reality is harsher than daydreams. Nevertheless, “Knock” is a sweet accompaniment to the gone dog days of summer.

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