And if you consider yourself a Dalmatian fan, or give a woof, maybe you’d be interested in casting a vote to name their fanclub!

This message was recently posted on their Daum page,

Hello, this is IS ENTER Media Group.

Since last week, we’ve had an event of taking in suggestions for Dalmatian’s official fan club name and a lot of participated as they put up pretty names, causing the Dalmatian members and staff to take a while in choosing the candidates.

With many suggestions, there are a total of 4 candidates and below, we hope you click the candidate you like best.

The voting period will be from September 28th 2010 to October 4th 2010.

Your vote is very important so we hope to see you vote^^

HOT-DOG: For Dalmatian to become the hottest group!
DOGGY-DOG: Dalmatian’s calling DOGGY DOG! Continue to call out to your fans!
BOW WOW: The calling of a puppy! It’s even in the ROUND 1 lyrics!
SPOT: Dalmatian’s representative design! We hope that they’ll be a group wherever a broadcasting station needs them!

*These fan club names are chosen by Dalmatian members.
*The repeated suggestions were chosen by the first person who had suggested it.
*The person who’s suggestion is chosen will receive a special signed promotional CD of Dalmatian’s ROUND 1.

So what do you all think? Personally, my vote is for HOT-DOG! One, because  “hot dog” happens to be one of my favorite exclamations, and two, I would love to hear KPOP fanchants of “HOT-DOG, HOT-DOG”! HAHAH Honestly though, I think the fan club should be called “DAWG HOUSE” and the fans, HOT-DAWGS. ^_^

Translation credit: BOSS! @DALMINATION