K-pop’s Beat of Asia unveiled today her new look in the first picture (of a new pictorial series) that is to go with the repackaged version of her 6th album.

The photo shows BoA sporting a dainty mop of ajumma curls nestled atop her head. My choice of words comes off slightly gentler as I can’t help but compare this with the one Bada sported quite some time ago. BoA’s is considerably subtler, maybe even understated.

Her new do accompanies two new songs on the repackaged version. This will begin another round of promotions for the petite star.

It took more than a few listens for me to ‘break in’ “Hurricane Venus” but the song is now sitting nicely in my K-pop playlist. I’m looking forward to being surprised by her again.

Keep an eye out for BoA’s return to the stage on September 24 when she performs on KBS Music Bank.

cr: mydaily