You’re never gonna guess who won this week’s Countdown.  First up though, we have some songs from new artists and comebacks from veterans.  The new rapper out of JYPE, San E performs his song “Tasty Mountain” featuring Miss A‘s Min. The dude is funny and can perform live well.

The now two membered V.O.S. makes a comeback with “Full Story.”

Next up is the Brave Brothers’ song for the Electro Boys featuring Davichi‘s Min-kyung “Painting You.”

S-O-R-I, makes a comeback with her new song “Black Sun.”

Next up is the comeback of 2NE1 on the Countdown. I was surprised that the girls performed all three of their title tracks again because I read in a report that they would only be performing two songs on each of the music shows this week.  When you’re dominating all the charts, you can do what you want.

The battle for the Countdown was a close one with 2NE1’s “Clap Your Hands” beating out F.T.Island by a mere 3 points.

Other performances on the Countdown included Rainbow, F.T.Island, Dalmatian, Gavy NJ, Sistar, and Eru. If you’d like to check the performances out try going here.

Just a word of advice, YouTube is being very proactive in its crackdown of copyright issues.  They are currently using technology that compares uploaded videos against samples of videos and music submitted to them by the copyright holders.  They can instantaneously block videos as soon as they are uploaded (if you can’t watch the vids or hear the audio that’s what happened).  This could be disastrous for Kpop and Kdrama fans around the world…

cr:  BBSHINeeWorldKR