Being the main character in a “national drama” is bound to have its perks. Yoon Si-yoon, who is the actor that brings the heart and soul to the character of Tak-gu in the Kdrama Baker King, Kim Tak-gu is the latest actor to sign an exclusive contract for fashion line T.I. For Men.  In the shoot he’s modeling their Fall 2010 line, check out some of the shoot’s pics.

Si-yoon is looking mighty good all dressed up.  If you’re interested in seeing more of his looks try visiting the T.I. For Men site.  Baker King, Kim Tak-gu ends its run on Thursday, September 16th and many wonder if it will reach 50% viewership for its finale which has been within its grasp for the past couple of weeks.  Si-yoon has been fantastic as the unstoppable Kim Tak-gu and he is sure to have many offers to choose from as the drama ends.

cr:  SeoulNTN,