Err, yours, that is.

As you know (and as we have been covering) cutesy girlgroup KARA is trying to make their mark in the Land of the Rising Sun, and currently focused on their promotions over in Japan. In the meantime, they didn’t want their Korean fans to feel like they’ve any less love for them, so they have managed somehow to record and release a new song and MV in Korean! Here is “2Me” (which technically they recorded for the video game WE Online OST, and not their kpop fans, but who’s talking semantics here?):

Here are also some photos from the impromptu MV recording:

It’s a wonder these girls have any energy left to smile and look genuinely happy for the camera! ^_^ The song is very upbeat and the lyrics are a tad scandalous -very KARA it seems- and I like it! It seems fitting for an end-of-GASP!-summer song.  (Is it really August 31st?? Yikes!) Thoughts? About the song/video, I mean??

Video credit: CodeMonmonSeason3