Former Fly To The Sky member Hwanhee, has released the MV for the title track off of his second solo album H-Hour. The Song “While Doing,” is a little more hip-hop than usual with Hwanhee showing off more of his dancing skillz (yo!). Hwanhee’s strong vocals throughout sells the song, check out the MV here.

The MV on the other hand, is a Taeyang styling, with an f(x) background, and a kind of Kim Jong Kook feel (during the castle scenes?) rip off. I also don’t know what to think of Hwanhee’s styling with the kinky Japanese bondage looking rope things that he wears in parts of the MV. In my opinion the song is good, but the MV feels kind of like a slightly desperate attempt to appear younger (because in Kpop land Hwanhee is bordering on the ahjusshi realm).

H-Hour has 5 songs on the track list: 01. Something special, 02. ..하다가 (while Doing), 03. 난 (I Am), 04. 떠나지마 (Don’t Leave), 05. 내가 더 아플게(가슴아파도 PART II) [I’ll Hurt More (Even My Heart Hurts PART II)]. The album was released yesterday on most online sites in Korea, but the release date of the ‘physical’ album is expected to be on the 12th.

cr: YituDay, MDToday, NewsPrime