This week’s MuBank is brought to you by BoA’s  Martian-esque getup.

Comebacks/Debuts: BoA (“Copy and Paste”)

Highlight performance: A tie between Hwanhee‘s “While Doing” and Navi‘s “Listen To The End.” Isn’t it sad that good singers are a rare commodity in K-pop these days?

BoA: “Copy and Paste” – Pitch perfect, but fails to impress.

2NE1: “Go Away” – The guy’s face from 2:14-2:16.

FT Island: “Love Love Love” – Eh, there have been better performances.

Sistar: “Shady Girl” – Please get Hyorin better singing gigs.

Son Dambi: “dB Rider” – Coy smiles, butt shaking, and leather.

Secret: “Madonna” – Zinger’s hair is adorable this week.

Hwanhee: “While Doing” – Good (looking) singers make Patricia happy.

Narsha feat. Sunny Hill: “Mamma Mia” – OMG WHY IS EVERYTHING SO SHINY.

TRAX: “Oh! My Goddess” – On Wednesdays, we wear pink. Heh.

Electro Boyz feat. Kan Mi Yeon: “Draws You” – Hey, Mi Yeon, why so stiff?

Oh Jong Hyuk: “Heart Is Beating” – Finger-flipping thing needs to stop.

Sori feat. Naco: “You Are Not My Style” – Exposed bra straps = tacky. Not stylish.

Navi: “Listen To The End” – Homegirl can sing. Girlcrush commences….now.

2NE1 wins K-Chart for the week: