…for the October issue of Men’s Health magazine, and the fangirls and ajummas are  going nuts while the ajusshis suck in their bellies and daydream about the good ‘ole days.

Although the 2AM balladeers have not been promoting as of late, it looks like they have not let the drama surrounding their hyperactive afternoon counterparts (2PM) affect them and have remembered to take their vitamins and have been hitting the gym and pumping lots of iron instead. Maybe as a way to vent out their frustrations? In any case, Jo Kwon still looks mighty lean, but shows off his hard rock abs, and Changmin is all greased up and looking like the spitting image of a sculpturesque Greek god in the photo spread. Seulong and Jinwoon also give everyone a sneak peak at their bulging biceps and sculpted pectoral muscles. It’s interesting because as a group that sings mostly ballads and performs nearly no choreography, I wouldn’t expect them to be in tip-top form;  however, seeing as how they are idols among a sea of idols in the KPOP world and under the watchful eye and tutelage of the Dancing Gorilla himself, it’s not completely surprising. I swear nothing Jo Kwon does these days can surprise me anymore…I know I’ll eat those words later-don’t let me down Jo Kwon!

Click on thumbnails for a “healthy dose” of 2AM:


Pic credit: 우영이시간 at bestiz.net