Just kidding. It’s funny because I could have sworn that imitation was the sincerest form of flattery, but I guess in this day and age where there are hundreds of millions of dollars and won to be made, it’s no laughing matter, huh? In light of all the recent events and accusations going around, I’ll insert a caveat into the title of this post: do not plagiarize this without paying the royaltie$ and fee$ first. With that said, I really think that YG should call up this guy who has produced a pretty great cover of G-Dragon‘s “Heartbreaker”-in English!

It certainly doesn’t have that G-Dragon factor that makes the “original” as awesome as I think it is (could it be G-Dragon’s unique vocals and sound?! I think so, but I’m sure many of you would contest that G-Dragon can’t sing etc. etc. so feel free to argue…), and the English lyrics sound a little corny, but it’s definitely all I need for a dance party in the middle of the day (and in my room behind closed doors with no audience, of course!!!). For all those naysayers out there, do you think an English version of “Heartbreaker” could be a hit?

Video credit: ashilia4life