top5_ 20090820_seoulbeats

Readers, I have come back from the dead to write this post. I owe TOP that much, after doing this sexy black and white photoshoot with Elle.

Overall the set-ups in this pictorial doesn’t make very much sense – but it doesn’t have to. This is TOP we’re talking about.

top4_ 20090820_seoulbeats

Blue Steel! He has kind of a fishy face going (or a kissy face if I you prefer).

top1_ 20090820_seoulbeats

I’m SO GANGSTA! Look at my early 90’s boombox! (Why isn’t he carrying it on his shoulder like all the cool kids?)

top_ 20090820_seoulbeats

TOP is giving the universal look for “WTF am I in this outfit?’

top2_ 20090820_seoulbeats

I don’t normally condone smoking but…whew. He makes the cancer stick look sexy! Besides I can introduce him to the Patch (I can change him, really!).

Pimp to the very end.

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