It’s for the magazine’s September issue but with an August publication that meant leeway for two birthday celebrations. As everyone should know by now, the celebrated fashionista of K-pop released his first solo project yesterday, on his birthday and among preparations for that he found time to grace the cover of Nylon’s 1st anniversary edition.



I must admit this shoot was well-executed despite his quite-nearly flamboyant get-ups. Maybe because “The Leaders” was getting me in the mood while writing this but I’m just happy it didn’t end up like that infamous Numero one. As usual, G-Dragon looks fittingly pretty in his ambiguous and androgynous garb. I could totally see myself wearing a lot of those pieces. Browsing through news sites yesterday, I’d even mistaken a thumbnail of his cover photo for a female model.

He somehow manages to pull off that bleached head without the faux pas or looking like a 90s boybander. The stylist sure knows how to match up current trends of the fairer sex to G-Dragon’s slender build, though I think he could’ve done without the big Louis Vuitton bow I’ve been seeing everywhere. But I think we also have the photographer to thank, for ultimately toning it down with the monotony. Check out the 12-page editorial.









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