During our SB downtime, I was fortunate enough to stumble upon Casker‘s Chanel tie-in single and had a few days of listening enjoyment.

The electronic duo comprising of Lee Yoong Jin and DJ Lee Juno are back with the song ” 향 (Scent)” for French film “Coco avant Chanel”. The movie stars Audrey Tautou in its title role and depicts the life and times of legendary Coco Chanel from her beginnings as a budding albeit unorthodox designer. It opens across Asia this month and promotions in S.Korea kicked off with a promotional trailer released last week.

The soothing number compliments the tailored clip and offers up a whimsical, come-hither sort of jazz. Although it’s unlikely that we’ll hear anymore of the song unless we’ve got hold of the album, I’m definitely up for the movie regardless. Check it out below.