• Sophia

    Well what a clusterf*ck this is – bad day for all involved, including surprisingly AKP. Bet they didn’t see this coming.

    • wawasunsun

      i dunno… there’s still a part of me that thinks AKP did this to get hits. they’ve been churning out crap these days… it became their most viewed article in one day.

      • http://swheekun.tumblr.com/ swheekun

        Well if that’s the case then they certainly paid a hefty price for it and fail in the long run, seeing as those who already disliked AKP now view them as the scum of the earth. I can’t see very many people returning to their site as much when the dust settles.

  • Dia P

    Well, that escalated quickly.

  • Alixana_Tigana

    I feel sorry for her. It’s the nightmare of every girl, to be humiliated in such manner on internet, for whole world to see. True, taking those pics was stupid. However, we all do stupid things from time to time, out of vanity, out of carelessness, out of immaturity.

    I wouldn’t hold it against her.

    On the plus side, she seems to have a smoking hot body. Fap material right there :P

    I wouldn’t blame allkpop for posting it either – people WANT to see things like that. We all “ooh” and “aaah” and act sympathetic or take the moral high ground, but we love knowing. Which makes us scum, but also human. All akp did was cater to our lowest needs.

    Demand and supply.

    • danahz

      There is a lot of things I find annoying with your comment.
      1) It’s a nightmare of everyone, not just every girl.
      2) Money doesn’t justify this inhumane action. To do this to anyone, it just not right. This is becoming a really serious epidemic and is happening to many individuals, not just pop stars.
      3) You looked. You violated her privacy making you no different than allkpop or her ex boyfriend or the millions of views. If you want to see nudity, it’s not that hard on the internet. Plenty of consent pics. Don’t use your needs as an excuse.

      • Alixana_Tigana

        I think we have a misunderstanding :O
        I’m not using my needs as an excuse. I’m not excusing myself. Fap fap :)

        • Nicole Krzys

          Actually, I could care less about the idols personal lives. Because they are PERSONAL; as in I don’t need to know. I don’t want strangers involved in MY life, so I don’t intrude on theirs. Your comments are the same justification that every whack job sasaeng uses and it drives me freaking crazy. Good to know you have no issue wallowing around in the shit with all of the other low lifes, but some of us DON’T, and WON’T.

    • http://twitter.com/JohnDeSims JDSono

      A flat body isn’t fappable….unless you’re into undeveloped girls

  • severely

    That was trashy of AKP. Journalistic integrity demands a true journalist REPORTS the news, not creates it. The existence of photos on a site that were posted several months ago that no one gave a fuck about is not news.

    • dbagzakp

      Her ex is VP at 6 theory media that runs allkpop. What I think happened was he tried to sell the pics in Korea to ruin her in Korea/didn’t want to reveal himself to be the one who posts the pics. But in Korea that activity of posting of someone else’s nudes is illegal so Dispatch didn’t bite. The ex then posted on some random 4chan type site that is disgusting as fuck and then waits until people notice.

      Then akp can pretend to be the “messenger”. When really it’s all Daniel Eun Duk Lee’s fault.

      Funny thing is Ailee did several exclusives with AKP. I almost wonder if he was holding blackmail over her this whole time.

      He has deleted his FB and frozen his twitter. His name is Daniel Eun Duk Lee.

      Thing is Allkpop’s response is bullshit because if her company knew her ex worked at AKP, why would they ignore warnings about someone who supposedly cared about her? Also, her ex is a douche bag either way. If he wasn’t responsible and still didn’t protect her, that’s still just as bad.

  • koreawut

    This is in very poor taste. AKP has *never* been a journalistic website, to me. They’re just the National Enquirer of English Kpop. I’ve never had any respect for them, their parent company or anyone who has ever part a part of their organization.

    The news would have been perfectly fine without the photos. The fact they posted the photos proves the lack of any kind of integrity.

    I hope all or most of the Korean idols and companies will refuse to offer AKP any kind of insider exclusive for anything, as well they deserve to cease existing.

    • Chocho268

      ‘The news would have been perfectly fine without the photos’

      Mte. They should have at least had the decency not to post the photos but I guess that wouldn’t bring in the bucks they get from hits.

  • danahz

    What is annoying about journalistic claims is that they always claim that they are reporting the news, but instead of focus on actually news, they are trying to find a way to generate the most profit, whether it is releasing trash or listening to people who will pay them to hush a specific event or topic.
    Thank you for not posting any type of pictures on this website and use the article to explain what happen rather than to spread unnecessary but harmful pictures around.

  • greyskies

    Informative and unbiased article guys! One quick correction though – it’s Muzo Entertainment, not Muzi.

    • http://www.callmepatricia.com Patricia

      Fixed! Thanks.

  • bloodkingofwar

    jhonny noh high as fak, forget his site running with gossip and shit. he wanna make AKP new site like CNN or something??

  • cheoreom

    LOL at Allkpop trying to act like they have journalistic integrity.

  • tokio

    Too many holes in either of their defenses.

    Regarding Allkpop though, I cannot believe the defense which that rubbish site offered. For one, I can’t see Ailee and her company ignoring Allkpop if they did contact her and warn her. Why? She has close ties to the company and has collaborated with them, which both parties benefited from. I would think that something like this would be taken seriously since Ailee knew she sent photos to her ex-bf who does work at Allkpop. I do not buy that he does not hold the photos.

    The email from the tipster, which Allkpop says shows they are not the source, actually, proves nothing! Why? The tipster has been identified as a MIDDLEMAN!!!! who works for the person who holds the photos. The tipster is NOT the ACTUAL SOURCE!!!

    Everything smells fishy and does not sit well.

    Personally, what is disheartening is the fact that staff at Allkpop lack empathy and compassion. I understand that as a site that likes to post up scandals (sorry Allkpop, but your not a news site) and they feel they have a duty to do so is fine. Its their policy and a majority of people love seeing things like this. However, reading their response shows how much they do not care.

    The fact that not only readers but many kpop celebs and korean-american artists have spoke up against the site is good but it is also revealing. They recognize that things aren’t right at Allkpop. The reporting or the way they work.

    In any case, I do hope that the person who has leaked photos is caught and dealt with properly. I believe that there needs to be accountability which is difficult since the law courts have no ability to keep up with changing times.

  • girlonfire111

    So AKP is being a trashy tabloid again, no surprises there. On the other hand, one thing that surprised me in a positive way was the netizen’s reactions. When I first heard of this I was expecting the Spanish Inquisition to fall on her, but people seem to be reacting in a mature, supportive way and see her for what she really is: a victim in this awful situation.
    I sincerely hope Ailee can bounce back from this. She’s so talented and one of the few female idols that seem real and relatable, it would suck if this scandal meant the end of such a promising career.

  • Nate Broadus


    Long story short, I did some research of my own (God damn, netizens REALLY get CSI about this sort of thing), and have concluded that, in my opinion, they do definitely look like test shots for some modeling type activity. I could buy she was duped by someone, as the rumor claims. She wouldn’t be the first (or last).

    As for Allkpop leaking the (censored) photos? There’s too much he said, she said to get an accurate, logical understanding of the two sides. I can see why some idols have come out on the offensive, however. Most of them probably know Ailee in some way, or else are sympathetic with her as a fellow idol. That said, Allkpop was right about one thing: if they didn’t leak them, someone else would have; these bones don’t tend to stay buried forever.

    They did do one solid by censoring the photos. That is something. TMZ here in the states would have posted the full monty for all to see. I’ve seen the uncensored photos and, woo, let’s just say Ailee is better off if those stay buried for as long as possible.

    If the story of Ailee being fooled by a scam targeting college students is true, then it is unfortunate and will become a cautionary tale for others. It isn’t, however, a crime, because that would mean she was of age and willing to take said pictures. Unfortunately, this may just be an instance where a skeleton you packed away in your closet comes back to haunt you later. I should think many of us could sympathize there. We almost all have something in the past we would rather nobody know — even if it’s not as severe as a nude scandal, there is usually something you did in the past that you would rather leave behind.

    Her boyfriend shopping the photos? That’s f*cking low and self-serving. That guy can choke on a Rottweiler penis for all I care.

  • GracefulCassieShapley

    “since then, notable K-pop idols who have had friendly ties with Allkpop in the past such as G.NA,Jay Park, f(x)‘s Amber, miss A‘s Min, U-Kiss‘ Kevin and Super Junior‘s Siwon have unfollowed Allkpop’s Twitter account. ”

    Whoa….shit just got real, but I am happy that they are doing so because all that “journalistic integrity” is bullshit. Also, it really does say something if these kpop idols are unfollowing allkpop. I never liked allkpop, but now, that site is nothing but trash to me….they really have hit in all time low. First of all, Ailee has done some interviews with Allkpop and both parties of benefited from it, so I am guessing there is a tie between the two. Second of all, for them to say “oh well if the photos are released we have no choice to but to report it”, not only was timing of the statements fishy, but what an idiotic thing to say. Its one thing to report it, but to post up the pictures…..

    Yes, Ailee was a fool for taking photos like those, but she does not deserve this. This really does take me back to the presentation a few years ago on media sharing and how once something is posted or sent, its out there forever and eventually it will come back to haunt you. I still like Ailee and I hope she get’s through this.

  • GracefulCassieShapley

    “since then, notable K-pop idols who have had friendly ties with Allkpop in the past such as G.NA,Jay Park, f(x)‘s Amber, miss A‘s Min, U-Kiss‘ Kevin and Super Junior‘s Siwon have unfollowed Allkpop’s Twitter account. ”

    Whoa….shit just got real, but I am happy that they are doing so because all that “journalistic integrity” is bullshit. Also, it really does say something if these kpop idols are unfollowing allkpop. I never liked allkpop, but now, that site is nothing but trash to me….they really have hit in all time low. First of all, Ailee has done some interviews with Allkpop and both parties of benefited from it, so I am guessing there is a tie between the two. Second of all, for them to say “oh well if the photos are released we have no choice to but to report it”, not only was timing of the statements fishy, but what an idiotic thing to say. Its one thing to report it, but to post up the pictures…..

    Yes, Ailee was a fool for taking photos like those, but she does not deserve this. This really does take me back to the presentation a few years ago on media sharing and how once something is posted or sent, its out there forever and eventually it will come back to haunt you. I still like Ailee and I hope she get’s through this.

  • yuuki

    thats why i come to seoulbeats! Allkpop is just too pink to be true that you feel that there indeed is conspiracy going on.. yes SB is rather small site which i am sure is growing in the steady pace but it provides the best subjective opinions Kpop ever..

    Shout out to those idols who unfollowed Allkpop

    • http://twitter.com/JohnDeSims JDSono

      Seoulbeats was starting become like AKP, covering everything in lollipops and rainbows….. being total fangirls/fanboys

  • WorthInClay

    So, the facts of events that did happen, for sure, is that – 1) the photos first appear on some international (non-legitimate publishing media ie gossip) forum in June and 2) somehow either the Korean media didn’t know about it or knew about it but kept quiet, 3) however AKP got wind of it on 10 Nov 2013 and was the first news media to break it before all international and Korean media?

    • http://splashofinspiration.wordpress.com/ Shweta

      1 is the only one we know for certain. Those pictures were on the internet before today’s major article on the subject.
      2 is a likely hypothesis, but nonetheless a hypothesis. What we do know however, is that Dispatch knew of the photos before they were released and chose not release them themselves. Whether or not other tabloids knew is unknown.
      3 is not necessarily fact either. All we know is that 3 is the story that AKP wants to present.

      • WorthInClay

        2) feels incredible that the Koreans were totally unaware about it since June. Given the power of Korean internet accessibility, even if official media dare not brush with the law releasing those photos, I am sure their unofficial pop-forums would have started circulating at least rumors of her since June, without the need of any photo release. There should have been some smoke coming out of rumor hill then, since Ailee is not even considered a nugu.
        3) I am uncertain, as I do not visit Korean media sites hence I am asking if that is what the other regular Korean-media site viewers notice ie AKP was the first to break the news internationally and before Korea.

        • http://splashofinspiration.wordpress.com/ Shweta

          2) The point is that Korea would never release this kind of stuff even though they had it. For all the scandals in the world–this is their limit. It’s firstly illegal in Korea, and I hope that some sort of conscience is involved in that stops them as well. That’s the point of the Dispatch transcript. They’re claiming that these photos were a “public secret,” and given 1, 2 seems pretty likely to be true.
          3) Signs point to AKP knowing of the photos (not necessarily having them) well before yesterday, and they’ve even admitted of such knowledge. AKP is certainly the first to formally “break the news” as an int’l news site (or just in general), but Tumblr has apparently known for a while now as well.

  • shannie4888

    I think Ailee’s ex-boyfriend is a douche who did this to hurt her and derail her career. In MY opinion, seeing as he works at AKP, I think he purposely posted the pictures. I don’t believe anything they AKP wrote in their defense.

    They are shit starters and are desperate to get back the viewers they lost when they “upgraded” the website. I hope they get sued for this stunt and learn that being desperate is costly, not to mention pathetic.

    I hope Ailee will ride this out intact, but he ex-boyfriend is a coward who deserves to have someone put his ass back in line.

  • Kanonno

    AKP is so full of bullshit it’s not even funny

  • Torvaltz

    Bastard of an ex-boyfriend to do this. AllKpop has already been a source of annoyance for unmentionable reasons, but since they have the photos and are the ones who spread them, Dispatch said so that any other company who buys and spreads these photos is doing something illegal. Hope they get sued.

  • invisible

    The way Allkpop tries to defend itself is disgusting, especially the attitude of its CEO. It tries to pass itself off as a trustworthy ‘news’ site, and while it does provide international fans with easily accessible information about celebrities, it is mostly a blog with way too many followers. There are too many shady things about AKP, from their awful articles from when they weren’t as huge, to their biased posts and translations (they SO conveniently forgot to post Dispatch’s transcription release). It’s sick how greedy for income they are, that they are willing to sink this low for hits.

    Her ex bf is just scum. I really hope Ailee can recover from this, and thank you to the idols who unfollowed AKP on twitter.

  • hapacalgirl

    If Allkpop are indeed the source and so far based on what has been presented that may possibly be the case, they will be in some hot water irregardless. Its one thing if this was an idol who has no American connection and therefore not protected by American law but Ailee is an American citizen and protected by the laws here so if she did in fact give them to her ex at allkpop and he is found to either be the source of the internet pics or the source at allkpop he will be in serious trouble and allkpop as a business will also be in legal trouble for posting the article.

    Regardless of what happens down the line, allkpop is trash and I frankly don’t care whether they lose readers or not but I do hope that if they are at fault they are held accountable. I also hope that Ailee raises her head up, accepts that this was a mistake that she made but in no way defines who she is and hopefully moves on with her head held high. She has a lot of supporters in the idol community and in her fans and her friends and hopefuly she gets past this with time.

  • http://remaaarkable.tumblr.com/ kizzyneechan

    Regardless of whether or not Allkpop had the photos first through Ailee’s ex, the fact that they posted them (censored or otherwise) is what pisses me off. They’re propagating their circulation, and that’s tasteless and makes them no better than any other tabloid. The idea that they’re a “news site” and thus have the job to report the news is a ridiculous idea–they post a new story every time an artist posts a photo on Instagram.

  • destined2bebossy

    “AKP was not the source of the links we can’t take credit. But don’t be surprised if in the new year we blow some doors open”
    umm….. wtf is this supposed to mean? This Johny dude is rude as fuck

  • happy_slip

    The ex is disgusting. AKP’s “it’s our responsibility” bullshit is disgusting. Going by the reports it seems like they have been just itching to make something out of this for quite some time now to damage the poor girl’s reputation/career.

    I just have no words for this.

  • Kinzu

    You got to love all the people blaming Allkpop and those quick to believe in the ex-boyfriend story or even that they said boyfriend is Mr. Lee.

    You have to to realize it’s not Allkpop’s responsibility to protect Ailee. It’s their responsibility to report news to all of us. They did however upon hearing about and seeing the photos choose to not run the story and try to help YMC cover it up.

    It’s logical to think the photos were personally taking by Ailee and sent to a lover like a boyfriend, but at this time their is 0 proof to back that up with. There is also 0 proof the seller and leaker are an ex-boyfriend or even know the ex.

    The one thing we all do know is that YMC is responsible for Ailee, and they should very well have her best interest in mind. So with that said why did they not do more to protect her and prevent this story from ever leaking out in the first place? We know Dispatch and Allkpop knew about the pictures and refused to report on them months ago now. We also have a personal statement from Allkpop that they went to YMC about this months ago. If you choose to not believe they did just remember the statement they made is useable in court so they have to stand behind it 100%.

    Everyone should be absolutely furious at her agency for failing to protect and look after her. When this all settles I hope she realizes that and leaves them. She deserves better.

    • Nicole Krzys

      So you’re so quick to not believe the statement that YMC presented, but you’re absolutely willing to believe Allkpop when they say they contacted YMC and YMC blew them off? Where is the proof of their statement? You really think YMC wouldn’t confirm this with Ailee?

      So Allkpop says that they told YMC that IF the photos were ever posted to the net they would HAVE to report it. Supposed middleman/ex-bf posts the photos to some random softcore porn forum in June and starts calling around to places in July to sell them. Then all the sudden, 4 months later the same person just sends a link to Allkpop with no compensation? Yeah. None of that makes sense. If you want simple “revenge” you don’t wait, even if you get turned down for cash. So maybe he kept trying to sell them? Maybe someone on that forum realized who the photos were of and took them and tried to sell them? Possible, though they couldn’t provide the originals. There are a few possible scenarios.

      I don’t necessarily believe 100% the ‘explanations’ of either side because this is all about damage control at this point; but what I DO know is that by posting the photos themselves, Allkpop exploited Ailee. There is no other reason to post them than to draw hits to their site. They could have broken the story without stooping to posting the photos.

      • Kinzu

        Thing is the statement Allkpop made is useable in court if YMC follows up on their threat of legal action. That means everything they said in it needs to be 100% accurate. You want to know the real reason it probably took them 7 hours to respond? They were probably waiting to talk to their attorney to form that response.

        You have to realize Allkpop’s personal connection to the artist means they should have known the firestorm that would come from them breaking the story. This should mean they know nothing about this story was leaked out or caused by them. They actually stand the most to lose by being the first to run the story. If it does come up that they caused any of this and those pictures are linked back to them then they are facing major fines and jail time.

        While the pictures are damning to Ailee’s career she is not the party at the most risk in all of this. The party taking the most risk to run this story is Allkpop. I’m just assuming for now they were smart enough to cross their T’s and dot their I’s before running this story. It’s just beyond stupid to run this story if they fabricated it.

        • tokio

          the only issue I have with your statement is the last bit. Ailee is the party that is at most risk. In the end, after everything is all said and done it is her who has to deal with it. Moreover, she has to deal with it while being in the public eye. The photos will never disappear from the internet and will likely be repeatedly posted hundreds and hundreds of times over in various adult sites by who knows.

          • Kinzu

            Hopefully she has thick skin. This will only effect her as much as she lets it. She is already doing the right thing by continuing on with her activities as if nothing happened. If she keeps moving on so will this whole story. If she stops to cry about it then the vultrues will swarm in and peck away at her.

    • girlonfire111

      AKP is not responsible for protecting Ailee, but there’s a little something called ETHICS and they sure as hell have none. The VP knew Ailee on a personal level and shouldn’t have published the photos, even if other sites were gonna post it anyway. Other people were strangers, he was her ex.

    • mindlessnoise

      How can they protect her? By buying the photos. Not worth it. It would start a pattern of being blackmailed.

      However, I think the lingerie story is the agency’s way of handling the matter. They did not want Ailee to admit that she was doing a sex cam because that would be too scandalous in Korea so they made that story of her being caught up in a modeling scam.

      I don’t know whether that was a good idea. A lot of people are skeptical about that.

      And a lot of people are going to find out about her alleged past, that she was a typical Jersey party girl and work out that no way could she be naive enough to fall for a lingerie modeling scam.

      Those were sex cams pure and simple. I don’t know who they were for and who they were sent to and to how many people.

    • anonymous

      “You have to realize its not Allkpop’s responsibility to protect Ailee” – I partially agree with this statement. It’s true, YMC just like any other entertainment company (SM, YG, JYP) is responsible for their artists. Just like the Jay Park issue a few years ago and people were blaming JYP for not protecting Jay Park.

      However, in this instance, Allkpop should have not posted those photos at all. It shouldn’t have matter if the photos were going to circulate on the web later on. Allkpop had close ties with Ailee – she had done some exclusive interviews with them, they should have tried their best to protect her and if they had any professionalism or journalistic integrity at all, they would have not posted those photos at all.

      It’s suspicious enough that the photos had Allkpop’s logo stamped all over it. If the photos were, like Allkpop claimed, was already on the internet before they posted it, then why were they stamped with Allkpop’s logo? – doesn’t doing so means that the photos belonged to them? That they bought the photos perhaps? Or that they were the perpetrators of it going under a different name?

      It shows a utter lack of professionalism and they way in which the CEO of 6Theory responded to criticism further shows how unprofessional he and his company is. How can you ask these k-pop artists for interviews, shout-outs and exclusives and then turn your back and pull this stunt. They are the very people that makes your “news site” function and bring in the viewership, and just for some extra bucks you disregard everything.

      It would have been okay if they had just reported it without the photos – no need for sugarcoating or “filter and blow rainbows” – at least show some respect for the artists that have helped your company grow.

    • eleanor_lamb3

      There’s 100% proof, dear. Daniel Lee admitted to it.

  • Chocho268

    If her ex really posted the pictures and if he did it out of revenge or whatever hard feelings he may have had then I’m just at loss for words. I really really hope Ailee recovers from this because letting her talent go to waste like this would seriously make me cry, I swear.

    Allkpop are full of shit, as always. If for nothing else, she was the girl of your staff member and that’s a good enough reason not to even consider harming her in any way, you don’t any ridiculous excuses about ‘reporting everything’ and stuff like that, just a bit of empathy and common sense. I’m honestly not inclined to believe anything they’re saying, esp. considering their disgustingly homophobic and mysogynistic comments in the past.

  • Shannon

    My favourite kpop singer. Why must this happen?!

  • http://nahlarockz.tumblr.com/ Nahla D.

    Unfollow APK.

  • TreScotts1Fan

    The stories are so mixed up. However I don’t find it fair that Ailee is getting excused from taking blame. Sure it was a dumb move on her part, her ex, and everyone involved, but if she didn’t have the photoshoot it wouldn’t have happened at all. I don’t understand how people can go crazy about other stars doing this kind of thing, but just let her off so easily. I realize her ex if this is true is a creep, but she has to take responsibility too.

    • cancertwin2

      Yep, exactly. She still has some of the blame. I may like her music but I have to say this shows a lack of judgment on her part. She wasn’t drugged. She posed for these pics.

      • eleanor_lamb3

        It’s her body. Who the hell are you to judge what she does with it?

    • Sylarah

      You got it backwards. You should be asking how people can show compassion and empathy towards Ailee, but fail show the same kind of compassion and understanding to all the other celebs who were subjected to leaks of nude photos/sex tapes.

      And don’t worry, Ailee isn’t “getting excused from taking the blame”. There are (unfortunately) lots of people just like you who are more than willing to call her “dumb” and blame her for making private photos, which were then leaked by other parties.

  • StrifeRaider

    lol spreading nude photo’s of some1 without consent will get you sued, in the original post AKP has a link to the site where every1 could see the photo’s and spread them further, they might not be the ones who leaked them but they can still be sued for illegally spreading the photo’s

  • cancertwin2

    It’s really messed up how people try to exploit someone to get money and attention. It’s sucks that she has to go through this. But people acting like she has no fault in this are not being honest with themselves. No one put a gun to her head. How many times have we seen this whole ‘pose nude for ex’ thing play out all over the world? It happens just as much in South Korea as it does in Hollywood. She wasn’t drugged, she chose to pose for these pics knowing that they could one day come back to bite her in the future. So the blame should be shared by everyone involved in this scandal including her.

    • tokio

      I really do not think there is any point in having some sort of blame game. Blame doesn’t solve anything or help the cause. In the end everything will move on as is, except that someone’s (that being Ailee) career has been damaged in the process. The person that suffers the most in the end is her, which I hope to see her overcome this whole situation.

      Frankly, Allkpop are acting like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I hope that people become more aware of their gross tactics of reporting. Tablo said it best when he called out Allkpop and told them to grow a conscience after what they did to him. Its quite scary to think that they obviously expected to not deal with any sort of consequence. They made a poor decision and this is the result of it.

      • cancertwin2

        There would be no pictures to damage her career if she hadn’t posed for them. To make it seem like someone pulled these pics out of thin are is absurd. Yeah, she got hella exploited but to act like AKP are the only ones to blame is ridiculous. When Vanessa Hudgens had her naked photo scandal, did anyone blame Drake Bell (the guy she sent the pictures to)? Nope. There’s no doubt that whoever released those pictures of Vanessa had the same aim, to ruin her career and image in the public eye. But you know what Vanessa did? Instead of blaming others, she said admitted the truth about the situation. She had posed nude for a guy because she liked him and never thought that they would get out to the public. She admitted that it was stupid and she would learn from her past mistakes because she was young and naive. Know what she didn’t do? Make up lies as her company and fans have done on her behalf. She was not 15 yo like they said, she was actually 18. And if you believe for a second that she thought it was for a lingerie ad, then you are being naive. There are no lingerie companies that make a person pose fully nude for them. In fact many lingerie models have it in their contracts that they will not pose nude. The reason Vanessa sustained minimal damage to her reputation is because she didn’t play the victim. She said this is what I did and it was so stupid, but I will learn from this and grow as a person. Making Ailee seem blameless in this is not going to have her sullied reputation no matter how much fans give negatives and try to paint her as a victim here.

        • tokio

          One, her claim has not been disproved about the modeling scam. Until it is, I am not going to bother to say that she is lying because I do not know. Do i believe? I have no say because its not the issue I have with the case.

          Do I care that she has posed nude? No! why? its her life, her body and she can do whatever she wants with it.

          I say that there is no reason to point blame because all it does it support victim blaming and slut shaming and what is the point. Does it help anyone? No.

          the reason why people have issues with Allkpop is the how they went about reporting the story. Again, their involvement in the leak has yet to be proven and so I remain indifferent. But the issue I have is that Allkpop touts about being a truth telling and claiming to have media ethics, when for one they do not. I have issue with the hypocrisy. Have a look at this http://www.asianjunkie.com/2013/11/allkpop-touts-truth-telling-but-refused-to-post-taecyeons-leaked-pics-citing-privacy-media-ethics-musings/

          That piece expresses my issue and I believe a number of peoples issues with Allkpop.

          If your going to be a wolf, just be a wolf but you cannot pick and choose.

          Tablo said it best after what Allkpop did to him, that the site should grow a conscience. As I stated before if Allkpop wants to be more TMZ, its fine but do not expect people to respect you.

          • cancertwin2

            She didn’t make the claim about the modeling, her company did. We all know these companies will say anything to protect their idols. We actually haven’t heard from her about this matter which is one of my points. Notice when I talked about Vanessa Hudgens, I talked about how SHE (not Disney) handled the situation and was inferring that if Ailee was allowed to step up and say ‘hey, I did this and it was a huge mistake’ people would just be like ‘well, we all make mistakes…we’re human’ which is what some people are saying. But things get muddled when you have her company and her fans saying and doing things to try to exempt her from taking any fault in the matter. At this moment her company is now asked by the Korean public to prove that she was actually auditioning for a lingerie company. So, you may not care but people do. IU was persecuted for doing something far less scandalous. What you and her other fans have to realize is it’s not about what you think. You can support her. No one is saying not to. But it will change the way that the rest of people see her which will effect her marketability. How many times does a female (regular person or celeb) pose nude expecting it to be kept private? The fact is that things like this happen. She is hardly the first person this has happened to and will not be the last. It’s the chance you take when you decide to take those pics. No one made her do it and that speaks to her character. Paris Hilton says that she was drugged when she made that sex tape with Rick Saloman. Do you think anyone cared? Her family even attempted to take Rick to court over it. In the end, Paris was still the one branded a slut because she had involvement in it. I understand 100% why people take issue with AKP for how they reported the story. It was a slimeball move on their parts but at the end of the day they are a gossip site. They make their money from reporting on things that will get the most views. The fact is that they wouldn’t have had anything to report on Ailee if pictures didn’t actually exist. That’s all I’m saying. Does she deserve to be branded a slut or to lose popularity over this? I personally don’t think so. I feel like she was young and most probably naive in this situation. But that doesn’t dissolve her of any involvement where her fans don’t even want you to mention that she shouldn’t have taken the pictures…to mention it is seen as ‘blaming the victim’ apparently when it’s just an obvious observation. Because she wouldn’t be a victim if she hadn’t done this otherwise. Perhaps because I come from a marketing and psychology background (my BA degree is in Marketing and I have a minor in Psychology) I can see both sides of the situation. As a marketing professional, I say that this should have been avoided somehow. There is talk that her company was contacted by both AKP and Dispatch pertaining to the pics but they chose to ignore it. Now she has suffered damage to her reputation. My psychologist side says that everyone makes mistakes and this was hers. She doesn’t deserve to lose her career over this debacle. And I don’t believe she will as long as her company handles this the right way. At the end of the day, fans don’t get to determine how this plays out and trying to make everyone agree with your point by saying ‘fuck you’ to people isn’t going to make the opposition go away.

          • tokio

            I definitely get what your saying and I do agree to an extent.

            I merely continue to point out is why focus on pointing fingers? Is it important for her to admit fault? I guess if that is what is important to you. However, I think its a bit naive to expect for this situation to be dealt similarly to Vanessa Hudgens did. I expected the company to release a statement like this. So did many others. It would be great if Ailee could just come out and make her own statement. It would be great if more artists felt comfortable in doing so when dealing with scandal. However, people will view her the way they want to view her. It does not matter what she or her company will say. Even if they do or do not prove the lingerie scam, people will continue to view her in a certain way. Her marketability changed the moment the photos went out. I do not think people’s perception will change if it turns out her company lied or they were telling the truth because people will always bring up the photos. Although, most people who have been following this have stated how weak and poor YMC’s statement is. If you look at the responses you can see that not many people believe.

            There are a number of people who do not care what her reasoning was behind the photos. Look at the case of Amanda Todd, she made the mistake and her life ended in a tragic way. But throughout the whole ordeal people viewed her as a slut and bullied her. To them they did not care that she was only in grade 7 and made a mistake. This case is different to Ailee’s but it further points out that the perception has already changed.

            I agree that the way the company and how her fans are reacting does not help her. I just do not pay attention to any of that. Frankly I hope that Ailee has a good support system around her and hope she can overcome this for her health.

          • eleanor_lamb3

            And it was proven that the modeling claim was true. You’re an idiot.

          • mindlessnoise

            Ailee had to claim that she was tricked by a fake respectable lingerie company. If she admitted that it was one of the sexy/porn lingerie companies or just a porn site where they show girls in bras and panties and in the nude, it would not be accepted by Koreans, as doing porn is a crime in Korea, even though it’s not a crime in America.

            So frankly she had no choice but to give out that lie even if it made her look ridiculous.

    • toolegittoquit

      fuck you. what the fuck do you know. yeah, your victim blaming just shows how fucked up you are.

      • Sylarah

        It’s good to know I am not the only one tired of the victim blaming in this mess.

        • toolegittoquit

          Look at all the down votes we get when we call out misogynists for victim blaming. I fucking can’t with people.

          • Sylarah

            Yeah, I get the frustration. By blaming Ailee for taking private pictures, people are also denying Ailee the human right to privacy and generally refuting the very concept of private property, which in my opinion is pretty dumb. I’m not even gonna attempt to touch the gender issues at this point.

      • cancertwin2

        Telling someone ‘fuck you’ because they don’t agree with your opinion doesn’t make you seem intelligent. You don’t know me well enough to say that I’m ‘fucked up’ because I happen to be a very intelligent person with a high IQ. I don’t agree with you but I don’t have to curse you out just to make my point. Hopefully all of Ailee’s supporters aren’t like you or she won’t receive much sympathy.

        • toolegittoquit

          quit with the goddamn tone policing. you have a high IQ? well who the fuck cares. you didn’t address anything i said that you were victim blaming. you were fucking character assassinating her when that is fucking irrelevant to the issue at hand. the issue is that these fucks put these photos up claiming it’s news, that it’s their policy to report the news. Yet, they post up fucking nudes that have no news value whatsoever.

          and here you are, saying that she shares the blame? because she was posing for nude photos? she can do whatever the fuck she wants with her body. it’s her body. it’s not UP TO YOU to police what she does.

          It’s AKP that’s in the wrong for the shit they pulled. AILEE as a woman was violated. A VICTIM. It wasn’t just public humiliation, it was SEXUAL humiliation and harassment. So gtfo with you tone policing. You didn’t address a SINGLE ISSUE I PRESENTED. You telling me to stop saying FUCK doesn’t make you look any more intelligent because you couldn’t argue back.

          Your victim blaming logic? That’s what rapists and sexual predators use to justify the shit they do. And don’t go and say that this isn’t rape so it doesn’t matter. She was STILL sexually violated by a corrupt company.

          High IQ, my ass. High IQ is totally irrelevant to whether or not someone is fucked up. And besides, IQ doesn’t even measure intelligence, it’s a fucking construction used to impose racial hierarchies in the western world. So gtfo with your bullshit. But if you want to fight me about who’s smarter…you don’t stand a fucking chance.

          • CLoak And Dagger
          • cancertwin2

            What is there to argue back with when all you did was say ‘fuck you’? Exactly what is the argument on your part? Maybe if you were able to form articulate arguments then we could have had a decent discussion like I did with tokio. If you look above you’ll see I had no trouble speaking without using curse words with that person. Saying derogatory things like ‘fuck you’ just shows lack of communication skills and intelligence on your part. You’re so busy trying to make me look bad but you only come off as an abrasive person. And if you don’t care what a ‘dumbass’ like me has to say why bother trying to explain yourself? You should have just left it alone with the first comment. Perhaps you came back and saw what a lunatic you made yourself look like. Even having to have someone like ‘CLoak And Dagger’ to tell you to calm down. If you didn’t want to speak to me then why hit the reply button? I didn’t force you to say anything BOTH TIMES you send me comments. How about take the stick out of your butt and stop being so self-righteous. Not everyone is going to agree with you. Get over yourself. It’s not that serious kiddo.

      • mindlessnoise

        If she didn’t take those pictures, who did? Did someone tie her up or drug her and took those pictures of her? You know she is to blame for taking those pictures and so you use swearing and fake outrage to hide that and try to make Ailee look like some helpless victim. 99% of the time, the hyperaggressive people on the net are on the defensive in an argument situation so they use cursing and “fucks” to try and intimidate people. Wow, you’re so scary. Like you’re the only person who can type “fuck”. LOL

  • nives

    There’s something fishy here.
    1. Why would the ex boyfriend post her photos on some forum if he can’t even benefit from them that way. If he just wanted to ruin her career he would have posted them on a more well known forum to kpop
    2. How on earth did Allkpop find the photos? They were posted on some forum almost none kpop fans visit and there are low chances of someone fiding the post.
    My theory is, that allkpop did buy the photos, but they arranged with the guy to post them on a forum so they could make an article about ‘leaked’ photos

    • Aguest

      claimed that they received an anonymous tip. if i remember correctly, they may even have emails to backup that claim

  • Shyyrn

    In all honesty, the one statement that perturbs me the most was this:

    “However, the agency that had requested the nude shots was later discovered to be a fraudulent operation targeting female college students. Nevertheless, due to the complexity of the operation’s internet-based activity, the police were unable to make any arrests with regard to the situation.”

    Celebrity scandals are celebrity scandals, and I am sorry that Ailee is going through so much trouble; but just to hear that there are organizations in the US that prey on ordinary people like that scares me; particularly as I am a college student myself (even if a male one).

  • wawasunsun

    Excited for Seoulbeats to cover this for two reasons:
    1) Seoulbeats doesn’t cower under the “our opinions are impartial/neutral so leave us alone we are just doing our job” bullshit. they’re open about the biases and thoughts of each writer. They tell it like they want to, but leave us to take it or leave it.
    2) They probably know more about the K-Indutsry than any one of us.

    • anonymous

      Agree. Good on Seoulbeats for not posting any of the photos up and just reporting it. And yes, I’ve followed 1 or 2 of the writers here for a while now, and know that they’ve been in the Kpop fandom much much longer than most people think. Sometimes when I read some of the comments saying how some of the Seoulbeats writers “don’t know shit” I laugh because they actually have a wide knowledge and underestimated experience of what goes on in the K-Industry.

  • Sun_&_Raine

    I lost all respect for the writers at AKP when I saw that article. Not only did they post those photos with a whole defaming article but they even posted the link to the site where you can see the uncensored version of the photos. That’s just low and unprofessional. A lot people kept going on about “Why would she take these pictures anyway?” Honestly, who cares why she did it, it was probably a mistake that she thought wouldn’t come back to haunt her, but unfortunately the damage was done. I think the worst part about this is that Ailee was most likely underage when she took those photos and AKP practically disregarded that. Anything for page views huh AKP?

  • Nevaeh Cha

    Okay, this isn’t too big of a deal in the U.S, but in Korea, yeah…but I think she can bounce back from this. I mean, look at Baek Ji Young. Baek Ji Young had one of the biggest scandals in K-pop history, she had a SEX TAPE. Not just pictures, but an actual video tape and she was able to make a comeback. Ailee has pictures that exposed her. Taking them in the first place and giving them to her ex wasn’t the smartest or best thing to do, but she was young and when you’re young you make mistakes. I think AKP is kind of fishy here, her ex is the VP and she did a lot with AKP and the the person who was making the deals was the middle man, not the actual source so…what? I think Ailee will be okay, I mean, she has a strong personality, strong fans, and she obviously has support of some entertainers/celeb friends. I also applaud the netizens. I really thought they’d cut her to sreads, but they are actually handling it pretty well. All in all, Ailee is a wonderful and talented singer and even though this may be a little shadow that follows her, she will get through it and continue her success.

  • KrisMyStar


  • illerz

    Any news outlet either in americas, europe or asia, anywhere, that prints “NEWS” like this is tacky. It’s not news. It’s not something that the people HAVE to know. It’s not prevalent to the world. And not apart of journalist integrity. It’s disgraceful lack of said integrity.

  • youngwonhi

    What’s even more interesting is Goni Kim used to be an intern for AllKpop and were friends with Johnny and Daniel at the time. I’ve also come across two past writers of AllKpop that have a hatred towards them so, that kind of says a lot.

  • MT

    It’s really sad to see Allkpop try to sell themselves as a legit news site. I definitely lost all my respect for those people. I can’t even try to understand the logic of breaking news that has already been out for months. Claiming that it’s their responsibility to put out news stories good and bad. It irks me even more that they would say Ailee’s nude photos were bound to be widespread. Let me just say, the news can spread but you should know when you’re crossing the ethics line. Don’t get it confused.

  • esalocanegra

    It would have been really big of AKP if they went ahead and paid for the photos, contacted Ailee and gave them directly to her. She then could have notified the appropriate parties for representation and they could have handled the business with the ex-boyfriend. YMC was completely wrong to ignore the situation. They were no friend to Ailee in doing so. I applaud those artists who have terminated their links to AKP, and would like to see more follow. You can’t participate and then claim innocence, it played out exactly how they hoped it would, and they didn’t have to pay a dime.

  • Smile

    Since that day I haven’t visited Allkpop and I’m not gonna do it ever again. I always knew how crappy the site was but this is seriously too much. I’ll find a new way to get infos about Kpop.

  • mindlessnoise

    I don’t care about the fact that idols are publicly stopping following Allkpop. I don’t think like a sheep in general, and don’t follow what idols do. What they do or don’t do doesn’t influence me.

    To be fair to Johnny Noh, he never hid what he was about. He’s made fun of idols in the past. The jpg floating around of him making fun of idols actually supports him in this. It would be different if he had said from the beginning that he was an idol-lover. I dislike the hypocrites who report on this news getting page views for it, linking to allkpop and even to sites with uncensored pictures attacking Noh for reporting this.

  • mindlessnoise

    I don’t care if idols don’t follow AKP. I don’t think like a sheep and what idols do or don’t do doesn’t influence me.

    What I’ve noticed it’s mainly Americans or people who’ve lived in America or Canada for a long time who are doing the unfollowing of AKP or attacking them for the article. People like Tablo, Min, GNa, CL and Jay Park. Obviously they disapprove of the reporting of that article. But why? Because of the backlash it would get in Korea? How about America? Oh, that’s right, nobody would care about that in America, so these idols don’t care and don’t attack American media outlets who report on the nude scandals like they do all the time. Because America is so progressive, hip and cool and don’t care about nudity scandals and drug scandals and things like that, not like backwards, stuck-in-the-fifties Korea.

    Speaking of which, why don’t these artists go to America and peddle their stuff there? It’s obvious these western-influence loving artists think Korea is so uncool and America is where it’s all at, and American people are the ones to hang out with. Don’t understand it. They love showing photos of themselves hanging out with North Americans, especially the hip hop artists/rappers/gangstas, their new BFFs. They post selfies of them smoking smoke pipes (CL) and get arrested for taking drugs (GD and Daniel Choi), obviously they love the culture of America and not Korea where they will get disapproval and even jail time for what they do including taking nude photos of themselves … And they show it in their music and dancing styles and lyrics.

    What are they afraid of? Why do they stick with Korea and have to put up with the slut-shaming and the old-fashioned disapproval of the people for sending nude pictures to strangers and boyfriends over the net and through your phone when everyone does it in America? Why stand to have themselves and their idol friends humiliated like that and subject to disapproval from the dreaded netizens? Stay in America, AKP-unfollowing idols, and sell your music there. I am sure Americans would love you and embrace you. You’re too cool for backwards, unhip, unprogressive Korea. Why doesn’t Ailee go there now that the scandal has unfolded in Korea and CF companies are dropping her? She’ll be seen as a victim and will be even more loved because she’s a victim, as everyone in America loves a victim, and because she’s so talented as everyone says she is, there will be no problem of these Americans rushing out to buy her albums. And these people can sing in English too unlike most Korean idols.

  • Kanonno

    AKP are assholes, they fuck over so many people.

  • Seri Park

    Everyone I’ve met who has worked at Allkpop has no respect for them or what they stand for, and how they treat their employees. There are other sites with more integrity, like K-pop Daily News, Soompi, and this site.

  • scuttlepants

    Were these private photos? Yes.
    Would their further promotion by AKP cause further harm, humiliation and grief? Yes.
    If school students did this, would it be bullying? Yes.
    In some countries, is this a criminal offence? Yes.
    Did AKP have the abiliity to write the story without posting the pictures? Yes.
    Should AKP take responsibility for the content they post on their website? Yes.
    Are they now trying to pretend that the resulting harm has nothing to do with them? Yes.

    Fact: AKP caused further harm, humiliation, denigration to Ailee personally, her career and her company.

    It doesn’t matter if they were the first or the last. It doesn’t matter of it would have come out anyway. I think it is absolutely shameful that they are now trying to weasel their way out of the consequences.
    There is no way to be “unbiased” when you are taking an action that will humiliate and denigrate someone else. Take responsibility for your actions, AKP. I think an official apology from all staff involved and the site as a whole should be the LEAST of your actions at this point.

  • Rosie huntington

    Good job posting it