20130417_seoulbeats_hot_tonyan_girlsday_hyeriEarlier this year, it was revealed that first generation idol Tony Ahn (H.O.T.) and current idol Hyeri (Girl’s Day) were dating after a photo of the two on a date spread across the internet. While some were delighted, many fans were wary of the 16 year age gap.

However, the couple managed to last around eight months before calling it quits. The reason they split, according to their agencies, is that the two could not reconcile their busy schedules. This isn’t the first time idols’ busy schedules have lead to a break up and it won’t be the last.

Some people still remain skeptical, though, claiming that Tony and Hyeri’s relationship was just a publicity stunt. That’s a very cynical attitude but you never know with K-pop. Whatever the truth is, at least they handled the revelation and break-up of their dating maturely.

What did you think about this couple?

(TN Entertainment, Image via OSEN)