• sweetyo0on

    it’s actually really shocking how positive and encouraging the reaction is to ailee’s scandal. however, i wonder what the long-term impacts this scandal will be to her career? i mean, i expected with the numerous positive encouragements she’s been receiving for knetizens to be a little more angry at cf issues but they were very supportive of the cfs cutting her out too. maybe it’s the knetizens turning over a new leaf? lol

    and what an idiot. calling dispatch to “see if he could sell the photos”. while i don’t hate allkpop or johnny noh like others, i’m glad to see the past blow up in their face and them scampering around to find excuses.

  • Nate Broadus

    It doesn’t surprise me at all that some of her endorsements were pulled. Advertisement is an image business — all the hopes are pinned on an easily sold facade. You’re marketing to consumers as much as consumer bases, which means there will be some who will see “nude scandal” and nothing else (not everyone follows Kpop sites). It’s nothing against Ailee, it’s business.

    That’s just the way it is. Some things will never change.

  • Aria Haneul

    Damn, that clip of her accepting the award made me tear up. I applaud her for getting up on that stage and accepting the award herself. It’s easy to hide when you hit a rough patch in life, but her courage is amazing. I don’t know if I could have done it.
    I understand the withdrawal of the CFs, I don’t like it, but it’s business. When you sign a contract that big, there’s usually a morality clause. Even though what happened isn’t her fault, it still breeches that morality clause.
    However, I do believe she will bounce back, not just because she’s talented, but because of her attitude and her personality. She’s likeable, and gives off a good vibe. Even though she’s crazy talented (from what I’ve seen) she doesn’t behave like a diva.
    I’m pleasantly surprised by how the media and Netizens are handling this.

    Now, about the “AKP-Ailee’s ex-Who-is-really-responsible” issue…what a mess. I’m so confused by this he-said-he-said drama. It will be interesting to see what investigators uncover during the legal proceedings. It’s also interesting to find out about AKP’s Kpop past. Some of their old posts on Way Back Machine…are eye opening.

  • yamakita

    Ailee, after all, sings the Korean “I Will Survive” (I’ll Show You). And survive she will.

  • http://twitter.com/JohnDeSims JDSono

    “Please somebody put my naked photos on internet so everybody tell me how strong and confident i am”

    • eleanor_lamb3

      Why are you even on this site? I’ve seen you on a lot of different k-pop sites, and you’re always ripping on Ailee or making sexist comments about other female idols. It’s gross. Grow up. Ailee was proven to have been duped into posting the photos.

      • http://twitter.com/JohnDeSims JDSono

        Stop stalking my font

        • EspaLovesCookkiesx3

          Why would anyone want to stalk you? She/he clearly said, you appear on different kpop sites bashing on Ailee and other female kpop idols. Why waste your time trolling when nobody cares ? & also, please don’t judge Ailee when you clearly don’t know her.

          • http://twitter.com/JohnDeSims JDSono

            And you are her best friend and knows her better?

          • EspaLovesCookkiesx3

            You’re right, I don’t know Ailee personally but neither do you.
            You shouldn’t bad mouth her when you clearly don’t know her either, it’s rude and uncalled for. So please don’t judge her based off some stupid picture, it’s pointless when you don’t know the facts.

  • Fahry Riziq