• Smile

    Idk I couldn’t watch it till the end because it was very boring. but the song is ok

    • TAlry

      same here. the song is alright but the MV was nothing special; seriously it was nothing new. SM just upgrated some of their old tricks

  • shannie4888

    According to SM, this is only one version. I think they have 2 more in the works, which will continue the drama version of “Wolf.” I like this version though. The choreography is amazing and this song is hella sexy. In this case, less is definitely more.

    It’s definitely better than those box MVs. This is simpler, yet more artistic than those shiny boxes with flashing lights. Also, the song is perfect. It’s not over the top and shifting through various tones and styles. I’m glad SM took a step back with the production of this song and MV. It’s a huge improvement for EXO and one that puts them on the right track.

  • Cherry Blossoms

    This song is way better than Wolf. The MV felt more personal cause the members would “touch” the camera to “move” it around. And it wasn’t boring for me. I just focused more on the choreography and music.

  • http://www.m-rated.tumblr.com/ Michelle Chin

    I thought this was good enough. I don’t need any supernatural concepts or any funny wolf howling things. Just sleek dance moves combined with a really nice song.

    • Shaiyon

      To clarify, I really liked this music video too, and I thought that it was leaps and bounds better than many of their other releases. I’m just a very picky reviewer! While the music video is very good, in my opinion it isn’t exceptional. I think that you sum it up very well; it was “good enough”.

      • http://www.m-rated.tumblr.com/ Michelle Chin

        I don’t disagree with the fact it’s not exceptional. :) Don’t get me wrong!!!

        But I’m sorta done with all the weird concepts SM stick onto them.

        • Shaiyon

          Wolf was a bit too much, wasn’t it? I liked Mama as a song (I’m a sucker for pre-baroque polyphony), but I never really understood the point of the whole superhero thing. Eh. Maybe I take things to seriously to enjoy that kind of stuff.

          • Josh Chinnery

            MAMA was interesting to me because it combined so many different styles and genres of music into one song and, for whatever reason, it worked (besides the screamo-rap break; that was all kinds of wtf to me XD). Idk if SM just got lucky with that song or what, because Wolf and IGAB were just so tryhard that they fell flat.

          • find_nothing_here

            I think SM’s producers, like most of the producers in Kpop, are sort of trend slaves. Once they find something, they’ll beat it until it’s dead and buried in the ground.

          • Josh Chinnery

            You could say that about many of K-Pop’s resident producers

          • http://www.m-rated.tumblr.com/ Michelle Chin

            I love MAMA — it was so cool that I cannot. However, Wolf got me laughing real hard.

          • Josh Chinnery

            So true XD Like I really can’t find a reason to hate Mama. It is pretentious, overblown, and sounds like a complete mess on a paper, BUT!!! It just works. It baffles my mind every time I think about it.

  • Alison

    I’d have to disagree about the “boringness” of the music video. In a unique film shoot like this one, the tension arises out of the fact that at any moment, a member could make a mistake. Kai actually drops his hat at 2:16, which I thought was pretty darn wonderful of the SM editors to keep in. That sort of rawness and respect for the imperfections of a performance elevates the video, I think, to one of the best releases of the year. The video was beautifully minimalistic and the choreography was intricate enough to keep you engaged. The song itself is great — jazzy and sleek and everything that Wolf isn’t.

    • Shaiyon

      I liked the music video for its minimalism as well. I just think that while it was very good, there is still room for improvement. Music videos like Peter Gabriel

  • AcadiasFire

    Less was definitely more for me. I could watch this video a thousand times over because of how much I love the choreo for this song. When Kai dropped his hat he recovered so well I almost missed it and thought it was part of the choreography. This songs smoothness has really put this high in my list for favorite songs of 2013.

    • shai

      Lol. I think I have already watched it about a thousand times and still can’t get enough of it. The choreo is just so good. I also love the song, this one has to be my most favorite song in 2013, It’s a perfect laid back song that I can just groove along to. and Yes, Less was definitely more for me, too!

  • find_nothing_here

    My one problem with Growl as a song is that it doesn’t really sound like EXO. I’ve always thought “magical” was the best way to describe the style that I felt best fitted EXO (ex. MAMA, Angel, Baby Don’t Cry, Peter Pan). This is a good song, but it doesn’t have that spark. Plus, (don’t kill me for this one) there’s something about the arrangement and harmonies that makes me think of SHINee (though I like Growl far better than Machine.)

    The video is great. Honestly, I think there’s something to be said for unexceptional videos, and I far prefer this to the train wreck that was Wolf.

    Oh, and Kris flips off the camera at 2:23. Best part of the video. XD

    • Victoria

      I totally agree. When I first heard the song it reminded me of a Super Junior-esque song. It didn’t feel like Exo to me.

    • Josh Chinnery

      While I agree that SM really ought to be taking EXO in a more RnB/Pop route (their best singers have an RnBish tone of voice), this song really does song like something SHINee would rock.

      • find_nothing_here

        I guess what I want to see from them is more along the lines of “Jazz/Acoustic R&B” (see My Lady), as opposed to what SHINee does, which seems a little more disco/funk but idk anything about actual music genre definitions.

        Baekyun, Kyungsoo, and Chen should form a subgroup ala KRY and it would be amazing.

        And of course SHINee would rock it. ;)

        • Josh Chinnery

          I think that SM needs to cut down on the genre-bender/”innovative” performance pieces going to EXO, because they make it extremely hard to like this band. SM probably thinks that they can re-create MAMA, because of well it came out, but it’s obvious that they just got really lucky. I think EXO pulled off Wolf exceptionally well considering how… special it was, but Growl totally runs circles around it. Growl is less pretentious, more fun, a little flirty, and definitely more free; the boys look and sound like they’re in their element. Even the rapping (which I blasted to Kingdom Come and back in Wolf) sounds really good (for idol rapping, that is). The song is indeed “good enough”, but right now “good enough” is all EXO needs. The video does suck, but this is SM; their videos suck 98% of the time (unless you’re BoA XD).

          I don’t know if I’d want them to really go acoustic, because we could end up with more songs like that that horrid 1 Direction rip-off 3.6.5 (I don’t hate 1D, but that song gets skipped so fast, my iPod is left reeling for a few seconds >__>

          *ahem* SHINee could probably do this song and routine in their sleep XD They already proved that they are beast performers by performing Sherlock live with minimal mistakes, so I highly doubt this would be anything to them. I do think that EXO’s member count works against SHINee, though, because they can break off and do mini dance breaks in the routine (like do in this and Wolf).

          • Giuliana Ribeiro Alfredo

            “I think that SM needs to cut down on the genre-bender/”innovative” performance pieces going to EXO, because they make it extremely hard to like this band.” >> THIS!!!!!!!!

            Ever since What Is Love I’ve been waiting for the day SM would give them some R&Bish songs and make better use of their vocalists… Instead, SM shoved Wolf down our throats ¬¬
            I hope they keep going down this road they started with Growl.

            As for “it doesn’t sound like EXO”, we have to remember they’re still pretty much rookies without much of a musical portfolio or a specific style of their own…

      • taequila777

        Yes, yes yes. Thank you! There’s quite a few very talented singers in K-pop that have an R&B tone to their voice.

  • Judith Mopalia

    I got to say something about this video that I haven’t said about a Kpop video in a long time – “Well, that’s different.” Good song, nice change of pace from the standard video fare. Even though I don’t like mega-groups, this works for me.

  • Hannah

    I honestly never gave EXO a second thought until I saw this video. It allowed me to see that behind the hype and glamour of SM’s newest source of revenue stood some incredibly talented guys.

    • Shaiyon

      I see where you’re coming from. It’s nice to see a corporate behemoth like SM really step put and break the mold as they did here.

    • Flick Addi

      thats what was frustrating as exo fan they are such good songs on their albums and their dances are great but wolf was horrible and heaps of people gave up when they realised there were going to be 30 teasers before they debuted and then the whole superpower thing, their marketing is so overdone

      • http://www.m-rated.tumblr.com/ Michelle Chin

        They spend a lot of money because they know that if they didn’t, EXO won’t stand out. Why the 30 teasers? Because nobody would remember them and they won’t get the exposure without the 30 teasers. Last year saw 120 idol groups debuted.

        • Flick Addi

          true even though its off-putting to some it got people talking just sometimes I want to show people things from exo and I just get embarrassed by the mamma morgan freeman intro and things like the wolf mv and song.

        • Hannah

          I dont think SM needed to spend so much money on them, because EXO would have stood out anyways. Not only because they were SM’s new group, but because their singing and dancing speaks for itself. The 30 teasers made people remember EXO, but definitely not in a good way.

  • intheshort

    Personally, I really love the choreo and the styling in both the music video and live performances. The Inkigayo stage seemed to echo the obligatory martial arts scene in Korean romantic comedies where really attractive men in school uniforms square off against each other.

  • Flick Addi

    i think the way they could have made it better would be to use the lights with the music instead of that horrible constant flashing make it have a more gradual build

  • Lianna

    I think the music deserves 5/5

    • Howen

      the song gets boring after listen to it more than twice

      • shai

        Not really! It’s been on reply for me for so long, and I have yet to get tired of it. but, I guess each to their own!:)

  • Sophia

    I’m not a fan an almost grudgingly i’ll this – good song, good dance! lol

  • Sylarah

    Am I the only one who wishes that SM would spend even just half the effort they made with “Growl” on f(x)’s “Rum Pum Pum Pum”? Or any f(x) mv for that matter?

    It kinda annoys me that “Growl” and “Rum Pum Pum Pum” are pretty much released at the same time, and have the same dancing-in-a-box concept, yet all of SM’s efforts in terms of creativity, innovation and choreography were spent exclusively on “Growl”.

    On a side note: I love Exo’s “Growl”. Both the mv and the song itself are amazing. It’s probably gonna be one of my favorite songs this year. And I might be turning into an Exo fan.

    • Flick Addi

      Agreed what happened to the amazing creativity in that teaser movie thing?????

    • taequila777

      I agree with you on SM’s marketing imbalance with EXO and f(x). I do however am of the opinion that SM is strategically replacing Super Junior with EXO.

    • http://flavors.me/ofyunjae nyan

      forever agreeing with sme putting more creativity to exo than f(x). i mean, why? f(x) stays mediocre when i think electric shock is their start off to sth good from f(x). i think the girls are talented too but sme put less effort to them. give them another bomb like electric shock for few comebacks and i guarantee they’ll be on the same level of SNSD during oh! days

  • Ja

    The song is fantastic.

    I’m not a huge fan of the group but I do like their music and this MV is probably my favorite Exo MV ever. In fact, it’s the only Exo MV I actually immensely like. No shiny gold tin foil pants, no bedazzled jackets and overdone scenography that’s always in a box how ever you look at it.

    I love the simplicity of their styling and the choreo is sexy as hell. And the camera work was very well done, I love one take vids.

    I felt like I was watching 12 high school friends having a dance off in an abandoned warehouse and I LOVE IT. In this case less is definitely more. I’m so tired of overdone, shiny, expensive box kpop MV’s with ridiculous styling, I needed this so badly.

    But that’s just me, I usually cream my pants over idols in jeans and plain t shirts with no make up.

  • taequila777

    All in all, SM gave us what us fangirls wanted-exploding ovaries and nose bleeds.

  • Yuri Tasuki

    i find it boring too. and dark (for me). i only know 4 members of them, but i dont think i saw them if they had a solo/close up scene. i only like the part where they touched the camera and moved it to the other “group”. i dont think i like the dance.

  • Courie

    I also found the mv boring. The problem besides the fact that it’s a BOX mv,for me was it looked very dull,the background is grey,they’re wearing grey…it’s just GREY. The song and choreography is definitely leaps&bounds better than Wolf though. Black Pearl is my favorite song from EXO.

  • Spich1

    not sure if we watched the same video…it was damn boring

  • Whirly Pop

    It reminded me of Big Bang’s Love Song cause it was shot the same way in a different style. Good, so much better than Wolf but nothing too exhilarating. One thing, I think they’re finding their identity as a group.

  • Nekochan

    I didn’t find this music video boring at all. The camera shifts around and the positions for every member are different in both versions so people get equal screen time. The whole one take thing keep is from being a Kaifest 24/7. The song is really sexy and kind of sounds like something Justin Timberlake would sing. The video being in a box sett was ok because the dance was fantastic. Also NO ADDS FROM SM AT ALL.

    • Chela Masen

      Hm, cool comparison with JT. Obviously they’re different (I’m not trying to start any fighting) I just agree that JT likes this sound. Maybe comparable to some of his Future Sex Lovesounds music?

      • Nekochan

        Yeah, I showed this song to my mom, who likes JT, and she immediately said “Reminds me of justin timberlake”. She also really liked the dance and song. I don’t mean to say this is a JT copy, bt its reminiscent of JT.

  • Chela Masen

    Thanks for the review =). I thought the video was slick. That’s probably because the dance moves and the song had a laid back, arrogant-sexy vibe (not that Exo is arrogant lol, more that you can picture the people singing this song walking into a room and owning it with quiet confidence). It felt like “no need for flash we’ve got these hot boys, these smooth moves, and a laid back song.” Still in a box, but definitely taking it in a new direction. I really liked 3:10 to the end by the way. That circle formation worked.

    • Chela Masen

      I forgot to add that it’s been interesting to watch how they’re handling EXO-M, EXO-K, and EXO as a whole in the videos. I think it was handled really well in this video. Wolf felt a little less smooth. That’s either because Wolf did in fact struggle a little more elegantly combining the two groups, or because I’m just getting used to how they’re marketing the group(s) now.

  • cileft

    i think the author was a bit too quick with reviewing growl. i highly suspect there’s another version of the mv in the works. the teaser did have closeup shots and i think mnet aired a behind the scenes clip for growl that showed other sets. at the very least, there’s the second part of the drama version lol
    in regards to this music video though, LOVED it. definitely something new from sm and pretty clever too. it was a really unique music video /because/ it didn’t have a unique concept and it put the focus squarely on the choreography and their wonderfully pretty faces :3

  • Jazz1105

    I kinda understand what every is saying about how it didn’t really sound like EXO, but I think its good to step out of the box every once in a while…I really like the song and choreography. I think they could have done more with the video but for the most part watching them dance made up for it a bit because they are some pretty damn good dancers, I was impressed as someone who isn’t an EXO fan…although I might be now. They are really good.

  • BishieAddict

    I liked the video and the music. I think it’d be hard for the camera man to get the zooming right when they perform it live…but I think it’s creative use of the 12 members. I liked this way more than Mama and Wolf.

    HAHA I like the author’s description of Wolf. “Throw everything at them but the kitchen sink” indeed. I don’t like how SM likes to mesh clashing music styles. I don’t find it creative, I find it messy.

  • Jenny

    Weird how tastes vary…you think this mv is boring but I can’t stop watching it & it’s made me actually like exo (I didn’t care one way or the other before this video).

  • shai

    Thank you for the review! I can kind of see how you found it boring, but for me, I just couldn’t get past the brilliant choreography and the groovy song to notice much of anything else. I guess tastes vary, but I really really liked this MV. I’m so tired of the flashiness in kpop MVs that it’s nice to just have a laid back and a simple MV like this where you just let the dancing and the song do the talking. I think that’s how it should be, I have seen their faces plenty, so I don’t need hundred more close up shots, therefore the whole one-shot thing made me so happy because for once you could only see the choreography. The whole less is more worked wonders for this song and MV. It’s even more impressive that they shot the whole MV in just one take, they are a talented bunch so I’m glad growl is becoming their medium to gain some much deserved recognition. :)

  • Brittainy

    I’m feeling pretty ambivalent about Growl. It’s a generally decent song that I can enjoy listening to (easier to listen to than Wolf, that’s for sure), a good attempt at an interesting MV from SM, and an interesting dance.

    BUT… I find it pretty awkward somehow. Especially that little skippidydooda part where they hop around in a circle pumping their arms. What the f*** is that??? Overall the choreography is fluid and very dynamic, but there’s a general chicken-like aura that makes it difficult for me to enjoy the performance. Endless head-bobbing and arm flapping… *shakes head*. I am happy though to see that they’ve given up on the ‘Kai + 11 Backup Dancers and Some of Them Sing Too’ theme, and have moved on to a more appropriate distribution of the spotlight.

    I think at heart, the only thing I really mind about the video is this: it is exactly the same as what will be shown at every music show performance… which I’m already watching every night. There are no outfit changes (a shame, because this schoolboy thing is really not doing it for me), there are distracting flashes of light EVERYWHERE, and even the box itself is fairly displeasing to look at.

    I can see what they’re aiming for here – by making everything else completely drab they’re hoping to highlight the choreography, the boys, and song itself. But to me, their plan falls completely flat because I can watch that choreography with better lighting, literally the same camerawork, and no headache on music bank.

    Anyway, I do like exo quite a bit, I’m just playing the devil’s advocate here as a knee-jerk reaction to all of the raving reviews and those damn blinking lights aaaagghh. I think we all will have quite a few things to say once their HIGHLY ANTICIPATED lolfest of a drama ver part 2 comes out. HARDCORE PARKOUR!

    • GSun

      Sometimes, there’s no need to play devil’s advocate. So don’t feel obliged.

  • cbuzz

    I flipping love this song. all the harmonies from the verse to when three of them have that 90’s r&b sounding breakdown, the jazzy instrumental, to the rapping love it all. This is what EXO was made for(other than making SM money) displaying their amazing talent with singing and dancing. I don’t get why folks are mad that “it doesn’t sound like EXO”. So you want the song to be predictable? And to me it reminds me of What is Love having that unique R&B sound they did so well so I hope they keep up this experimenting. I personally also love the video and its simplicity. We’re too used to videos with many different settings and color schemes that I feel people can’t take this muted video that has no gimmicks(which is rare for kpop). The videos purpose is clear and I like that. Plus the dancing isn’t focused on Kai like most times, though he is the best dancer along with Lay but at least we get to see everyone shine since we know the rest of the group are great dancers too. Plus I liked that they kept it imperfect like Kai dropping his hat and the white hat Xiumin had on suddenly disappearing(whether intentional or not).

  • http://flavors.me/ofyunjae nyan

    the song is, by far, as a non fan, is my fave song from exo hahah and i agree with the score. the mv is great imo. less is more as you said.

  • bangsstory

    I told myself that I’m not going to add another group in my already long ‘to follow’ list of K-Pop groups. But EXO’s ‘XOXO’ album made me add them to my list. Then they release this repackage and Growl continues to be my jam since the MV release. I love the format of the video, no super close up and the MV kept me wondering how it’ll be performed on-stage. I always had a knack for SM’s choreos, it always seems so fun to do but impossible for me to follow. Ha.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/swheekun swheekun

    This is honestly everything I could ask for in a box MV and then some with the school uniforms, /excellent/ camera work and energetic way the boys carry themselves despite all the endless rehearsing this called for. Goes to show that tasteful creative direction and a little bit of innovation can go a long, long way and is much more effective in attracting new fans than a (probably higher-budget!) noisy clusterfuck like Wolf.

  • Guest

    I’m all for a great music video but when you have an excellent song
    and killer choreography there isn’t a need for a fancy MV.

    I personally felt that it was done very well. Some parts of the dancing was awkward but it worked. The soft singing bits were oddly placed but again…it worked.

  • http://www.ilikemammoths.tumblr.com/ asta meisner

    This song beats ‘Wolf’ in my oppinion. ‘Wolf’ was just okay, and that god awful mess of a drama version really didn’t do anything to help it in my oppinion. I mean, I waited a month for that. Not impressed and I am cringing at the thought of the next part.

    ‘Growl’ is really a fantastic song. It has everything. A sick beat, sweet lyrics and some really good vocals. I must say I would rather they won with this song on music shows, rather than ‘Wolf’. As others have mentioned, I feel as if this song has a kind of Justin Timberlake feel to it.

    The MV is a nice change, since all SM can do is oddly lit rooms. It is still a room, but the one-take circle movement is so amazing. I was really impressed and like that SM stepped up their game. And I must say, Kai… seriously, nice save with the hat!! Mad probs. But the absolute best thing about this MV?… NO GENIE ADDS! Thank you SM, for not putting these good for nothing commercial adds in the MV. Maybe they have learned something.

  • michael_13

    i don’t find the song bad, it only reminds me of super junior, exo seems the new super junior, remember their song sorry sorry that made them popular. it only think that ok exo got the fame but as time goes by maybe no good songs i mean i have nothing against them just worried. you know having many members in a group they seems like a choir like the vienna voice choir that goes hip hop or kpop… OMG>>>>please don’t hate me… just my opinion…. maybe they will have the same fate as super junior popular then fading now… maybe the reason sj survive is coz of loyal fans… man their fans are scary they’re like a mafia an organized crime ever loyal and yhey will anything for their idol buying their albums even it sucks…. sorry again

  • Strawberryicon

    1 thing i hate about exo is their dance moves! they’re always over- jagged and always off of beat!

  • http://amnosukebe.tumblr.com/ my pace

    this is actually the musical direction i want EXO to go. srsly. they pull it off so well. the song isn’t schizophrenic, their choreography and execution slays, and the music video isn’t really boring at all. i like how it makes u focus on the dancing and only on their dancing. it’s breath of fresh air. absolutely fantastic.

  • Minnie

    Amazing review, but I have to disagree with the G-Dragon comment.