Happy Sunday, everyone, and welcome back to another Music Show recap!

Infinite and their sexy stage outfits wrapped up “Destiny” promotions this week, but there are more than enough groups to take their place. A new-look 5Dolls came back alongside Koyote, M.I.B, Colla Voice, 24K, Kim GreemToxic, Kim Hyun-joong and Outsider (who returns after a four-year hiatus), while Exo and VIXX kicked off follow-up promos and boy band M.Pire debuted with “We Can’t Be Friends.” On the business end, Ailee won Music Bank Beast placed first on Music Core and Inkigayo.

Crayon Pop’s “Bar Bar Bar” on KBS Music Bank

It’s the same winning performance and awesome fanchants as always, but this time we have back-up dancers(!) and prettier stage designs as well.

Vixx’s “You’re Impressive” on MBC Music Core

The light to “Hyde’s” dark, “You’re Impressive” has got me jiving in a way that “Rock Ur Body” couldn’t. The members also sound great, especially Leo — without the strenuous (albeit really cool) choreography, he’s able to really hit those notes. And I don’t care if it’s shorter, I refuse to call it “G.R.8.U.”

f(x)’s “Airplane” on M! Countdown

Yes for more back-up dancers! This is well outside of the norm for f(x) performances, but the numbers worked really well for this performance of “Airplane;” it was like a hipster party on stage.

M.I.B’s “Men In Black” on KBS Music Bank

The award for best back-up dancers, though, has to go to the ladies accompanying M.I.B. They look so awkward, but endearing: adorkable. It also helps that “Men In Black” is a really fun song. I think the juxtaposition between the song’s evergetic chorus and the dancers’ uptight and stiff movements make for an intriguing juxtaposition.

Exo’s “Growl” on SBS Inkigayo

Wow, Inki, nice camera you got there, it’s so nifty; if only it helped your cameramen find the singing member quicker. Nevertheless, this 360-spinathon was a lot of fun to watch, especially with the round stage set-up and tweaks in coreography so that Exo ended up facing most sides of the audience. That fist shot with Tao staring into the camera, audience behind him, was especially cute.

(KBS, SBS via YouTube [1])