• Anon

    I mean it’s sweet but painful at the same time. Like with New Kidz on the Block, whenever Changmin feels like he let his team down he starts crying and it’s sweet that he cares so much but it’s sad at the same time.

  • sweetyo0on

    kris and lay crying. oh my boys <3 but seriously… that video was really touching. korean award shows should take note and make their awards a little more personal. it would make the show so much more worthy of watching.

    and yunho's story is touching. he promised his dying grandfather that he would never cry till he reached the top. you can see how hard he's trying to keep his tear back~~ gahhhh. why you so cool yunho? you will always be my first kpop bias.

    finally, suho. lol. are you trying to cry or trying not to cry? the official story is that he was trying to keep his tears back because they had a schedule right after and they didn't want their faces to be swollen but whhhhhy does the situation look the opposite? haha. you're so adorable and dorky. adorkable <3

    • ok

      “official” story? didn’t he promise to cry if they won?

    • Isabel Medez

      Lol at Suho’s fake crying. It was pretty fake for me, and for a lot of fans as well. But I seriously don’t mind. He made a promise that if Wolf wins then he will shed tears. He stayed true to his promise even tho it was all just acting.
      Then the other members hopped on the band wagon in interviews about how “true” their leader was crying. Yeah right boys… XD

  • Smile

    no one beats the cry baby Jjong

    • Sun_&_Raine

      Omg yes! When I first saw a video of Jonghyun crying, he looked so hysterical that I actually thought he was faking it just to put a show on for everyone. Then I saw actual tears on his face and I was like, “Wow, he wasn’t faking it after all” You have never seen a man cry until you’ve seen Kim Jonghyun.

    • find_nothing_here

      Jonghyun has so many feelings. I just want to give him all the hugs.

    • maldita

      True, but Yoochun probably comes closest to crybaby Jjong.

    • Isabel Medez

      Hahaha! True.. But Lay is coming in a close second. XDD That kid cries over whatever & he doesn’t even try to stop himself. it’s like a gushing waterfall. At least Luhan is beside him every time.

  • The Green Witch

    Excellent, Nabeela, telepathy works good between us. Man tears. Yummy. Save me a cup for tonight.

  • Sassychan808

    I’m so skeeved out by this article.

  • Jessica Cottle

    I get upset when Jaejoong cries because even though he wears his heart on his sleeve, he rarely actually cries in public. Heartache lives in his eyes, I swear.

  • Anna Downs

    Love this article. I felt exactly the same way I first came across a video of a kpop idol crying. Its in those short moments of breakdown that we can see their true selves, and I think its a highly rewarding experience for fans who want to better understand their idols. It also shows how damn much they care and how much they’ve worked hard for their success, and everybody can appreciate that.

  • ok

    this is hilarious

  • Wet Blanket

    I’m glad you called Suho out for those fake tears… the boy needs acting lessons STAT. I guess he told the fans he would cry if they won but he must have not had the right emotion lol. I think the best cry will forever be Changmin when they won the award after being gone from Korea like two years.

    • Nate Broadus

      I’m somewhat impressed with (some) idols and their ability to turn on the water works at any given moment. Usually you have to rip out a nose hair or something.

    • find_nothing_here

      I think Suho and Kris are the reverse of what they appear on the outside really: Suho is the unflappable cool city man and Kris is an emotional marshmallow.

    • maldita

      I swear, I was so close to crying along with Changmin that fateful night of MKMF 2008 when he famously broke down in tears for first time ever. That was like the one real and raw moment I ever saw from Changmin.

  • guigui

    gosh yongguk’s sincere tears </3 T___T

  • sleepyneve

    You used the picture from 2008’s MKMF and that depressing video of Yunho singing Balloons…well if anyone wasn’t feeling emoshinki, now is a good time.

    I like that our favorite artists choose to share candid moments like these. It does feel that they are at least comfortable enough to show their vulnerable side. However, I can’t say I welcome these moments so much when they aren’t crying tears of happiness. I’ve seen lots of videos in which it looks like the artists are really trying to hold their sadness in, and I honestly feel sad watching their expressions.

  • shannie4888

    I like seeing Kpop idols cry. It’s so heartwarming. All of them work so hard and to see them react so passionately because of winning a music show or any other reason makes me feel what they’re experiencing. Kpop is polished to a T, so it’s nice when we get a reaction from idols that shows their vulnerability.

  • Zhe

    I’m surprised that no one has mentioned Yoochun yet! He is like THE cry baby. Tears just refuse to not roll down his face…

    • melovehyo

      ikr. i expect yoochun to be mentioned.. he’s such a crybaby after all XDD

    • maldita

      IKR?! Before there was sobbing Jonghyun, there was Yoochun and his tears.

  • Nate Broadus

    Even thugs cry – 2Pac.

  • Lianna

    Taemin never cries yet I still love him, that though maknae XD

  • Baekpo

    People might not know this but Minwoo from 100% cried in the first episode of Teen top Rising 100%. He cried because he couldn’t help his members.

    In episode 10. Rokhyun from 100% cried because the MC read a letter that his mom wrote she described his struggle of debuting and failing once. How he had been a trainee for 7 years without giving up.

    I season 2 both Rokhyun and Minwoo cried again about how hard it was for them. Both of them failing. (Minwoo in acting.)

    I think those moments really hit me. Watching your idols cry really creates a special bound. It’s like you can see into their soul even if it’s just for a moment.

  • Mini Squid

    Uh, I hate guys having the thought of ‘you aren’t a man if you cry or get emotional’, which is why I too really appreciate these tears. Even if it comes from Gullible Gramps.

  • TheJadeBullet

    I’d be hard-pressed to find a group that cries more than Infinite. *cue the waterworks*

  • MissMare1028

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention Super Junior in this article. They cry in almost ALL of their music show wins as well as concerts. I swear Eunhyuk and Leeteuk are made of water lol

  • maldita

    Every time I see Yunho come so close to crying, I practically start crying, too. You know a moment is a big deal when tears actually form in Yunho’s eyes. When they actually fall down his cheeks, though, will be the day everyone freaking cries along with him.

    He came so dangerously close to crying the first time Keep Your Head Down won in Music Bank. He could barely make a speech and cut himself off and passed the microphone to Changmin before tears fell. That man just does not let go of those tears.

    • Changdola_

      and finally he did cry at Tohishinki Tone Tour last year…

      • Djém Mars

        sadly (? LOL) he said he didn’t
        yeah yeah As if yun

  • Evangeline

    I actually burst out laughing when I saw the author mentioned Jonghyun. Jjong and crying, can’t not be put in the same sentence when mentioned. He’s such a crybaby <3 But I guess that's a part of him I love too. I agree with every word. When I see idols cry, it reminds me that they too are human and may not be exactly what they seem. Whenever they cry from winning awards or any such occasions, it makes me wonder just how much hard work and pain they had to go through; They were so relieved and happy, that they're efforts paid off. I think it breaks my heart even more, when idols try to hold in their tears, because when they show vulnerability, in a way, it shows that they are willing to connect to the fans on such an emotional level. Because their tears, are usually, something that isn't scripted and is real.

  • revolution1122

    To be honest, I think as a general rule DBSK rarely cries (with the exception of Yoochun). Yunho, Junsu, Changmin and Jaejoong don’t cry often, so when they do I feel like crying also. Another famous moment was when DBSK was singing proud during their 2nd japanese tour, and Yoochun and Xiah started crying. Yunho was emotional too :( It was really sad to see that they became so emotional at having finally achieved something in Japan that they cried. :(

  • Yuri Tasuki

    Super Junior tears are the one’s that affects me most, especially, those time when Heechul cry. Unlike Leadernim & the dongsaengs, Heenim usually showed a straight face when something happened to the group (good or bad), whenever i watch him cry on vids, i cried with him too. I just cant help it.

    Also Bang Yongguk’s tears in Ta-dah…. so heartfelt.

    I respect Men that showed emotion. :)

  • Yuri Tasuki

    Super Junior tears are the one’s that affects me most, especially, those time when Heechul cry. Unlike Leadernim & the dongsaengs, Heenim usually showed a straight face when something happened to the group (good or bad), whenever i watch him cry on vids, i cried with him too. I just cant help it.

    Also Bang Yongguk’s tears in Ta-dah…. so heartfelt.

    I respect Men that showed emotion. :)

  • TrickedOut

    OMG. That was sooo funny. The first video you posted of SHINee. I had never seen it, and who knew jognhyun could be so excessive. Don’t get me wrong. I’m touched and happy for their first win. And it’s understandable that he would cry. But whoaaa….that was some display of emotion. It made me lol hardcore. Haha

  • MinMin

    I thought INFINITE (or even just Dongwoo at the very least) would be mentioned!
    Damn, EXO needs to arrange for a member to discreetly jab Suho where it hurts the most so that he could turn on the waterworks for awards.

  • cbuzz

    Ok seeing the vid of Jonghyun bawling i’m sorry but I burst out laughing. he was so hysterical but i’m glad they won coz I do love Shinee. And wow when Lay and Kris cried I kinda had some tears and especially after the deep bow yup I was tearing. but the one video of a celeb crying that actually had me crying was Daesung’s bawling when Bigbang won at the 2007 MKMF and Seungri and TOP just hugging him and holding his hand

  • cbuzz

    Ok i’m sorry but that video of Jonghyun bawling I burst out laughing hard. He was so hysterical but i’m glad they won because I do love Shinee. And when Lay and Kris cried I had a few tears in my eyes especially with that deep bow they all did, yup definitely tearing up. But the one video of a celeb crying that had me crying too is Daesung when Bigbang won the 2007 MKMF. Seungri and TOP kept hugging and holding his hand while he just let it all out

  • inwardfangirl

    Mmmm-hmmm! Yes. And maknae tears in particular are especially magic i.e. Sehun losing it during EXO’s first Kiss the Radio guesting for Wolf promotions.

  • forever


    first time seing Lay cry like that…and never realised Suho was faking it…:c