20130330_seoulbeats_fx_krystalDear Seoulmates,

As a fangirl, it seems like I’m always talking, living, breathing, eating, sleeping, and crying boy groups. It can be easy to forget in this K-pop world, stocked with chiseled jaw lines, deep voices, oily six packs, and overall damn good looks, that there are flawless women that deserve equal amounts of fan girl love.

So for a moment, I’m going to forgo lighting the candles for my Bang Yong-guk shrine and turn away from the Kris collage on my bedroom mirror. I’m going to put away the photo booklet from the second Super Junior album and peel my face off my number one prized possession, my Jun.K poster, and talk about my girls, because honestly, not enough of us do.

So, what is a girl crush, you may ask?

Well, for someone like myself, a male bias is something I lust after. Something I cannot go a day without stalking on the internet. I need Kris’ bitch face on my phone’s wallpaper to get me through class, and I need the B.A.P poster hanging above my bed to remind me, in the midst of all the school and work piling up, that there are beautiful men worth living for and that no, I should never settle for any voice higher than BYG’s. But a girl crush touches me in a different way.


I guess you could say if I were to throw a massive sleepover, these are the girls I would want braiding my hair and telling me I’m too good for my man. If I were trying to plan a world takeover, these are the women that would be conquering at my side.  If I were to join a gang, these are the girls I’d want to eff some s up with.

There’s a certain degree of admiration when it comes to a girl crush – something about their voice, their beauty, their humor, or maybe all those things that make a fan girl put down her oppar-hunting pitchfork and say hey, that girl’s alright, I like that girl, and not only do I like her, I think I wouldn’t mind being her. And why not? What’s wrong with a girl crush?

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ylVlkv1el3Q&w=560&h=315]

And K-pop does a pretty fine job making girls seem all that more majestic and untouchable.

Here are some of the fine ladies I crush on.

20130330_seoulbeats_afterschool_nanaKrystal Jung. Now, lord knows I cannot stand Jessica, but for some reason, I fuh-reaking love Krystal. I think she’s sassier and prettier, and while I know she’s rumored to have some crap manners, I still can’t help but have found my favorite between the Jung sisters. Ice queen move over, it’s your sister’s time to shine. I don’t know what it is about her – maybe because we’re so close in age, I’m just dying to be her.

Nana. I was a huge fan of the original After School, from the minute these “Korean Pussycat Dolls” sprung up with “Ah.” But even though I lament the day After School was never the same, I thank the K-pop gods for Nana. Wanna know why? She’s hot. And you know what, that’s about all the reasons I have for this one.

Hyosung. There are not enough curvy women in K-pop, and while I know Hyosung is still actually too thin to be considered curvy, I love her energy and her fearless attitude when it comes to flaunting what her momma gave her. It’s such a silly reason to gush over but, hey I think she’s adorable. She gets a lot of flack and has to work extra hard to stay in shape, and I’ve got mad respect for that (except when it borders on unhealthy).

Now if girl crushes have taught me anything, like biases, there are varying degrees of girl crushing, like Jenna mentions above. For me, girl crushes get serious when a girl’s got mad pipes, and that narrows the lot down quite a bit. Talent takes the love so much further.

Hyorin. Not enough people love this girl and I don’t know why. She rocks a killer tan, she’s spunky and bold, banging bod, and can. this. girl. sing. She definitely is a major player in holding Sistar up in the popularity ranks, and knows how to work the camera and the stage to leave every fan bowing at her feet. I mean, let’s be real here, she’s almost a one woman show.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qy2G_RJ58hE&w=560&h=315]

Lee Ha Yi. Now I’m not much for youngins, but Lee Ha Yi had me at her first high note. This kid may look innocent but she’s got killer vocals that puts most idols to utter shame. My childhood dream was to be able to sing and it moves me to think this girl put herself out there on K-Pop Star and gave it her all. I not only admire her, but I have this undying love for her – completely irrational, I know – but I want her to stomp the idol scene and change the game. I also cannot get enough of her seriousness and her mod concepts, which I think YG does well to illuminate besides all the cutesy bubblegum junk he puts her in.


Sunny. When I first saw Sunny I immediately wanted to hate her. She was too cute for me, especially during a time in my life when I could not understand aegyo for the life of me. But Sunny’s got this 4D personality and fearlessness about her that goes all too unrecognized in the grand scheme of aegyo play. She really is a standout member in SNSD, more so than Yoona or Taeyeon, etc., etc., blah blah blah in my opinion. Plus, I know all her lines in every song because that voice is just unforgettable.

20130330_seoulbeats_2NE1_bomPark Bom. My plastic princess Park Bom. I can’t seem to stop loving this girl no matter how many times her face changes. I crush on no girl harder than I do on Park Bom, and the reasons are BEYOND obvi, but let me break it down for you. Face – perfect. Voice – makes me cry, every time. Legs – you know you too would cut a bitch to have them. Shoes – I want every pair of them. I would give anything in the world to trade places with Minzy to have Park Bom as my unnie and fellow vocalist. Lord knows how I have tried to color my hair like hers – I can’t tell you how much bleach I’ve used to try to get that color and how I literally stare and memorize her face and even bought circle lens to try and get my make-up to look like hers. Everything about this girl is flawless to me. You could not tell me otherwise.

So there you have it – confessions of a fangirl, girl crush edition, because yes, they are real. I have them, you have them, and for perfectly legitimate reasons. And it’s really no surprise why girls would like other girls. I think Jenna said it best. “Girls are just majestic fucking creatures.”

Sincerely From One Majestic Creature to Another,