• Nate Broadus

    That name… I can’t get past that name.

    Do they give 100% at everything? If so, are they behind the people that give 110%?

    If they give 110%, is that false advertising?

    • http://splashofinspiration.wordpress.com/ Shweta

      Nate, you always seem to make my day with your hilarious comments.

  • Hayouu

    AS A HUGE 100% fan, I actually agree. These boys have SO MUCH MORE to offer!! I’m disapointed that their company doesn’t support their talent more! There are actually 4 amazing singers in 100%! I was seriously frustrated when I saw that their teaser pictures, abs makes them seem desperate. That’s not how I want them to be known…
    I really love Flavor but the rest of the album as okay… Not great. I think it’s a waste of talent and ambition which these guys have PLENTY of.
    A lot of their fans agree with me. Their comeback song is good, the music video too and the dance BUT it wasn’t great which their debut song “Bad Boy” was. I really wish that next comeback their company (and Andy) lets them shine and not be overshadowed!!

    I’m still gonna support them and buy the album when I have the money because they deserve it. They really give 100% and I’m 10000% sure that if they have the right song and music video they’ll be BIG!