• Gaya_SB

    Going by the number of Chen close-ups, you can tell just how fine Mr. Cameraman’s taste is. I approve.

    • nylynn

      I concur. Chen is mighty fine.

    • Plum Austen

      Visual treat indeed :-)

  • Iro Mage

    The pros:
    The choreo is interesting and visually coherent, especially the parts in which the members form what appears to be Yggdrasil, the tree of life from their previous promoted single Mama, as it connects the two concepts of Mama and Wolf together. There is pretty equal line distribution between the members, and the song is catchy, taking advantage of SM’s penchant for engrish that ends up stuck in your head as well as the surging trend of a dubstep/hiphop sound, and builds to an obvious climax. The most enjoyable part, for me at least was the bridge in which the dubstep drops out for a rising piano riff over a building steady bass beat matched with Baekhyun and D.O.’s powerful vocals and Chanyeol and Suho’s urgent lower register singing, togther delivering a sense of urgency that segways nicely back into the final chorus and climax of the song. The styling is decent for all of the members and the color scheme of the MV matches the concept of “wolves” with its dark grey palette. ( I do, however, wish for Kai’s cornrows to be burned and never resurrected.)
    The cons:
    The boys cannot pull off being “wolves” just by making claw shapes with their hands; if SM was going for the scary-powerful vibe with this choreo, it didn’t work. Also matching the word “wolf” with making ears with their hands…is a little too cheesy and childish to match the strength this song delivers during portions. The engrish is both a blessing and curse, as previously stated above, it makes the song catchy, however it also makes it impossible for a lot of English speakers, including me, to take the song seriously, as there is at least one member (Kris) who speaks English and who should know that that is not how it’s supposed to be pronounced. The chorus and dubstep can get a little grating at times, in terms of the spoken part before they say “That’s right, wolf, I’m a wolf,” as it comes a little too close to sounding like they’re just speaking the lines is a very bored fashion, and it does drag at times.
    Conclusion: A decent song and MV so far (still confused as to where the drama scenes went, but SM will probably eventually explain.) It has its bad points, and wierd points, but the song isn’t necessarily terrible; its catchy, you can dance to it and there are no glaring problems. The rest of the album is fantastic, in my opinion, (guilty of listening to it on Soundcloud, but I didn’t download it. I pre-ordered the album before I found the leaked copy) but EXO seems to be succumbing to the recent trend of SM artists producing fantastic albums but promoting the more mediocre tracks as their single, as seen with SHINee’s Why So Serious and their Misconceptions of Me album. I really hope this isn’t the case, but after over a year, I can’t help but feel like Wolf falls short of what it could have been, given the time they had to produce it.

    • http://splashofinspiration.wordpress.com/ Shweta

      The bad single, great album trend is not limited to SM, at least in my opinion. The same thing happened to 2PM’s “Grown” and Lee Hyori’s “Monochrome” as well. I don’t know what people are thinking releasing sub-par tracks as titles when they have gold sitting right in front of them. Darn Shinee for starting this terrible trend.

    • Plum Austen

      Yeah. They should take a few hints from VIXX. They are getting better and better with each video. Hyde was a visual treat. Compared to that, Wolf seems sadly ordinary. I did not like Mama – though I liked and purchased some other songs in that album. I’ll just hear snippets from ITunes or YouTube and download. Even with Shinee’s last albums, I purchased Orgeol, Medusa, Evil, Nightmare and only one song: Areumdawo from the first album. So I’ll just pick and choose.

      • Plum Austen

        That being said, I’m past the teen years where I would buy just based on visual appeal of performers :-) I therefore think Wolf will do well with their target market.

    • nylynn

      They didn’t mispronounce ‘wolf’. Why on earth would they that when they’ve covered english songs without making it sound like engrish songs (except maybe Lushifer and gull (still lolling over it)?, and we know they can pronounce wolf properly, we’ve all heard it. ‘Ulf’ was intentional. It’s a play on the words ‘wolf’ and ‘ulpeuem’, the korean word for wolf. I agree with everything else you’ve said though.

      • Iro Mage

        Ah I was unaware of that, as I am not Korean and do not speak the language.

  • http://blossom423.tumblr.com/ Elizabeth

    mixed feelings about EXO’s “Wolf” on one hand yes EXO is finally coming back but again this is the comeback we’ve been waiting for after “MAMA” really?

    the song, music video and choreography was okay itself overall. the boys are attractive than ever however raised my eyebrows with Kai with cornrows though why Kai why?

    here’s to hoping the rest of the comeback (and please the “XOXO album based on the album teaser it seems to good) will be good

    • http://www.facebook.com/giosoulxd Georgiana Sentaliu

      It is good, believe me. There are some amazing songs. Like Black Pearl which I wish they’d perfom. Haha.

    • maldita

      The album’s pretty good and solid one. :) “Heart Attack” and “Black Pearl” are awesome.

  • Katie

    Personally, I don’t really care for this. I like Exo well enough, but this isn’t really doing it for me. The song is too busy for my tastes and the “Ah saranghaeyo” part in the chorus just seems so grating and out of place. The bridge, on the other hand, is really nice.

    As for the video, it’s a typical SM video. The choreography isn’t really anything special but the boys, for the most part, look good. (Kai, what happened to you?)

    I am, however, really looking forward to the rest of the album. Judging from the highlight medley, most of the songs on it seem like they’re going to be pretty good, and they seem like they’re going to showcase the boys talents better than Wolf.

  • moriama29

    Why didn’t they say wo ai ni (or i love you in chinese) instead of saranghaeyo in the chinese version of wolf? Why SM why?

    • http://splashofinspiration.wordpress.com/ Shweta

      I KNOW! That’s my huge pet peeve. If you translate something, translate everything! I don’t want three different languages in one song.

      • gdaelly

        wo ai ni men :3 they should use this instead

        • http://splashofinspiration.wordpress.com/ Shweta

          That would work.

          SM has been messing with me so much recently; they keep giving me chocolate and then promptly punching me in the face. I can’t handle the musical abuse anymore!

          • ryuuseisoul

            It wouldn’t work unless the song is about loving more than one person. “你們” (ni men) is plural.

        • ryuuseisoul

          我愛你們? You know that translates into “I love you (plural)”, right? That makes no sense for a love song. Unless it’s a harem.

  • Star

    I will be honest, I am really disappointed in this. The whole hip-hoppish move that SM is taking is NOT WORKING.

    The only part I liked about the MV was during Xiumin’s lines, along with the dance moves shortly after that (where Lay and Tao danced too) Other than that, I cringed at the overall concept. Maybe its just me, but I think MAMA is way better than Wolf.

    (The only + point was Suho, who looked mighty fine. My bias has always been Kris, but dayum, Suho looks really good these days.)

    • http://www.facebook.com/giosoulxd Georgiana Sentaliu

      Yes, I don’t like how Kris looks in this MV. But Suho was STUNNING!! I have a new bias, haha =)) And it’s the leader again!

  • Zoe Brandon

    Is it sad that for the “ah saranghaeyo” part, I actually prefer the high pitched one in the demo over the nasally one in the official release?

    Moving on, Wolf turned out more decent than I thought. I was afraid the whole thing would look like the first teaser, which I still like to watch for a good laugh. My favorite part of the choreo is the tree formation at the very beginning and then the “claws” being scratched on the ground, which is the only wolf part of the choreo that was pulled off well. The whole “let’s make our arms do a chomp chomp motion like a wolf biting” looked a little cheesy.

    The best part of the song for me is the beat. It stays strong throughout the entire song and it’s nice to nod my head along to it. However, one problem that I have with SM having EXO promote songs such as MAMA and Wolf is that both of them are grand and theatrical productions that need enough “unf” factor to be pulled off well. EXO has definitely improved in performances, but instead of “owning” MAMA and Wolf, they get carried away by the grandeur of the songs. I think they are a very solid group with great B-sides, but they do not yet have enough… uh… “bite” to pull off the songs SM has them promote. I have only heard the medley for the album, but I am excited to give the full album a listen when it comes out.

    p.s. The parts when a member jumps toward the camera in wolf form and turns into human form (or, as I like to call it, the Reverse Jacob) made me laugh. I couldn’t help it.

    p.p.s. Kai’s awooooo face is pure gold.

    p.p.p.s. When will Kpop hair stylists learn to stop giving idols cornrows?

  • MangoMagic

    The song isn’t all that great but what a visual treat the MV is–or at least I found it to be a visual treat. Then again, my love for wolves makes me a just a tad bit biased. :3 Since this is my introduction to EXO, I rather enjoyed the video because I think I got to see each member. I loved how they incorporated the CGI wolves into certain shots only to swap in actual members. Very cool.

    KPOP seems to be a slump lately what with the overwhelming surge of lackluster title songs for comebacks and debuts but at least the MVs never get boring! I’m hoping these guys drop an MV for “My Lady” which I just heard the snippet of and am totally in love with. *Side note* I love how Kai’s chest tattoo seems to disappear and reappear.

    • http://splashofinspiration.wordpress.com/ Shweta

      Oh gosh, I just noticed that CGI Wolf! That would be totally awesome if it didn’t remind me of Twilight XD

  • MissMare1028

    It was nice to see all 12 members in both versions, I enjoyed listening to the Korean members sing Chinese, very impressive. The one thing I didn’t like about the song was I CAN BARELY HEAR THEM SING. The sound effects covered up their vocals so bad that I had to read the sub-titles. The boys looked great, I love their outfits, their new hair, and they seemed more confident. I still have to let the song sink in for a little bit before I decide if I like it. The video was ok, SM re-used their sets over and over again,no surprise.

  • Streby

    I love SM’s trolling, there is no plot in the mv when everyone was dying about a story coming from SM; then they put out those cute teaser pictures and they are wearing typical SM pleather in the videos, they even added braids to Kai after making him look so old-school in the teasers.

    • minty_chip

      Actually SM is releasing two versions of the Wolf mv; the drama version and the dance version.

  • shannie4888

    So let me just start by saying that it’s okay. t’s better than I thought it would be because the demo was horrid.The guys look fantastic, even Kai managed to pull off his cornrows………well in my opinion. Everybody else looks divine and I can’t tell you how much I love the rainbow colored hair. Only in Kpop can someone actually pull this off and look effortlessly good with it.

    Back to the song. There’s a bit too much going on. The talk-singing, talk-rapping, high pitched “ah saranghaeyo” and then the actual good singing. The whole thing is not cogesive. They should have made the rap parts more distinctive because it doesn’t mesh seamlessly with the singing. Also, what is the point of the “ah saranghaeyo?” It just throws a wrench into something already loose.

    I don’t know what’s going on over at SM, but all of their title tracks this year have come up short. SHINee’s Pt. 2 album had some great tracks, yet they chose “Why So Serious?,” the most disjointed one as a title song.

    I preferred the Chinese version of the song. It flowed better. I hope the album sounds better than this because I really loved their first mini-album. I played most of the tracks repeatedly for a while. Hopefully the album is better than this, although the highlight medley didn’t do anything for me.

  • maldita

    The song is lulzy and over the top, but it definitely gets them talked about, which is what SM wants at this point. The video was done well, actually. The choreography, as a whole, works well with all 12. I wonder if they learned a subunit version of the choreography ’cause LBR, they’re not gonna be 12 all the time. There’s a K version and an M version recorded, so it’d be a waste if there’s no subunit choreography. Even though they’ll promote as 12 in the mean time, K and M have to separate at some point or another because K will always do the random performances in various festivals and shows in Korea and M will do so in China, as well.

  • WorthInClay

    I am not a professional music critic and I don’t stan for EXO – this is just my 2 cents

    The delivery of Wolf is actually above my expectations. I don’t mean it as sarcasm. When I first heard the song’s leak a few months ago, it sounded ridiculous to me and I believed everyone thinks the same right from the beginning, even some of their die-hard fans. However, upon watching their dance MV today, I would say SM dared to take those boys on a different path and they may not be completely off-track.

    To be honest (and risking multiple fandom verbal spats but the heck with it… ), I feel that the release, in 2013 so far, from the usual good old top-tiered idols/artistes have
    almost all been overhyped and underwhelmed. Ie GD (Michigo), PSY (Gentleman),
    SNSD (IGAB), SHINee (WSS but Dream Girl is great), Infinite (Man in love), 2PM
    (very long and tedious titled song) and most recently CL’s Baddest Female.

    It is not to say all the above mentioned release are bad, but I believe everyone, including their own fandoms, would agree that these top-tiered idols/artistes have not outdone themselves with their new release especially with the hype of their comebacks.

    Amidst the series of overhype-underwhelm release of the year, I think Wolf, the performance, might actually fare better than expected. This is because, we already know Wolf is not the song of the year as soon as we hear the leak. The song starts out, unfortunately, as the butt of jokes and this may be due to the fact that the demo was leaked way before it was ready for release. In all honesty, I thought those howls were ridiculous. How can any legit idol group pull that off? Those jokes made when
    the demo was leaked in various forums were terrible and actually they actually
    made me feel a bit sorry for EXO, even though I have not been their fan. When the
    MV teasers were released with the boys pretending to be wild beasts on their
    fours, it seems EXO’s image is really going off into EXO planet (ie no man’s
    land). Another site teasingly described Wolf as being choreographed by Andrew
    Lloyd Webber, and the gifs really triggered some serious LoLs.

    How is EXO gonna pull of this… mess?

    Perhaps we have all been too early in judging/ condemning. After watching dance MV and MCountdown (just twice), I think I can actually see Wolf is redeemable.

    The choreo is actually quite interesting.

    To laugh it off as another Andrew Lloydd Webber threatrics – well, true… Watching a 2nd time, I realized, “yeah, so what if it’s like ‘Cats’? ” How many idol groups
    actually take their theme so seriously as to enact it literally? Or actually I meant, how many idol groups are willing to put down their cool, masculine, beyond earthly holds image to pull of something so risky as pretending to animals on their fours?

    I thought it was quite cool to see them make use of their 12 members to create formations of trees and caves as part of their dance. Some parts of the choreography seem to borrow Hindu/Indian (? I’m not sure, but something along those lines. Excuse my ignorance) dance influence. I have not looked through their lyrics yet, but the ‘musical’ish choreography actually catches my eyes more than 2PM’s CBWYHTS (if 2PM actually did intended to be somewhat muscialish in their MV). The 12 of them scuttling across the stage at various times actually delivers the
    imagery of wolf packs quite well. Dramatic effects aside, one of my favourite part of the choreo is when they all scratched the floor with their left paw at 3:29-3:30. Now, that was really cute. And I meant, adorably cute and unexpected.

    Perhaps Kpop for 2013 has been a tad disappointing for me so far – my expectations could have dropped. On the other hand, rather than to lament on a drop in standards/ expectations, EXO’s rather daring performance on a questionable song is actually rather stimulating. People have complained that Michigo is just
    another Crayon v2, Baddest Female is GD’s OOAK v2. SNSD tried something really different, but I’m sorry, IGAB just doesn’t get into me even if I tried. Wolf, in my
    humble opinion so far, has taken a different concept like IGAB did, but fared better. The song actually does catches on after a few listen and the dance MV helps to redeem it. It held on to its animal concept, worked it faithfully and may well succeed pulling it off. I don’t see Wolf as MAMA v2. EXO are not gods from MAMA planet anymore. They are just united finally as 12 in a pack. They are not vampires (darn those overused vampirish concepts) but they are just animals. (Not being sarcastic) It’s easier to pull off vampirish or retro concept, but it’s not easy to pull of the wolf concept. So perhaps, I would give EXO the brownie points for attempting something ridiculous yet different and pulling it off fairly well!

    PS: I am not EXO-stan.I cannot differentiate them even after I have watched them introduce themselves at SM town. I tried! but I can only tell Kris (because he’s just so good looking), Kai (because SM so darn over-highlight him) and Tao (because he’s the only one with a different looking face from the rest). I still don’t know who is who when I watched the MV, but I just think it’s quite a different and interesting MV.

    PPS: I am not anti-YG or anti-SNSD – I do like some of their songs, but it’s just this year’s a bit disappointing.

    PPPS: It’s ok, we can accept EXO’s Wolf, but dear SM producer please stop the stupid hype about calling the FBI. You are just embarassing EXO with that statement (as if they haven’t had enough)

    PPPPS: EXO boys, you gotta paw the ground harder to keep it up. If Henry Sunbaenim does keep up with his new concept of being SM’s new resident hunk, Choi Siwon’s chocolate abs may melt just away from public adoration, much less you boys since you have not flashed anything but CGI’ed eyes in the MV. (Just joking… please don’t flash your abs)

    • http://splashofinspiration.wordpress.com/ Shweta

      As an Indian who did some classical dancing in her lifetime, yes, the “tree” is stylistically similar to some of the poses found in Bharatanatyam; but very poorly done if you compare it to what we do. Symmetry, balance and precision is prized in our dance form, so the very messy look from Exo’s tree dance (though I still like it and has its own charm) I wouldn’t quite associate with classical Indian dance.

      • Gaya_SB

        However tree-like they looked, it wouldn’t be considered as such unless everyone’s hands were in tripatakam — instead they’re in sandhamsham to represent wolf claws, and that gesture can be found anywhere in dance, unlike tripatakam.

        • http://splashofinspiration.wordpress.com/ Shweta

          I wouldn’t doubt that, and you’re probably the much bigger expert than I am. It’s been many years since I’ve memorized all my mudras–I don’t remember any of them. XD

          • Gaya_SB

            Ugh don’t worry everything after chandrakala is all muddled up in my head, I almost said simhamukha instead of sandhamsham!

        • find_nothing_here

          Wolves don’t really have claws though, do they?

          • Gaya_SB

            It’s an approximation; sandhamsam is traditionally used to depict Narasimha’s own claws.

          • find_nothing_here

            I don’t know what that means. D: Sorry, can you explain? It sounds really interesting.

          • Gaya_SB

            Oh, it’s one of my favourites! Basically Narasimha is the 4th avatar of Vishnu, sent to Earth to save true religious devotion and kill a supposedly unkillable man; it’s a long story so I’m going leave this link here for anyone interested


          • find_nothing_here

            This brings me back to my mythology days. Thanks a lot. ^^

    • Stupidfangirls

      I agree with you. Coming from a hardcore dancer myself, I’m so glad someone is able to appreciate the stage and meaning behind the choreography. I just hate it when stupid fan girls kept trolling and teasing about it when they don’t even know how it feels to be exo doing this dance.

      They all improved so much and all 12 of them were so together. They could develop more charisma but from what I see they are already way above average idols.

      The stage for Wolf is beyond my expectation. I do adore IGAB choreography too. I totally can’t bring myself to like infinite anymore after the chaser, just cant out do paradise era anymore. But yeah it’s good to see someone with actual sense and appreciation and is able to see the both sides. Keep writing here :)

    • Iro Mage

      Well thought out response. I completely agree with you about the title tracks being produced this year being decidedly underwhelming in terms of past material produced. I think the only ones who bucked this trend were BAP, and even then they had Rain Sound which wasn’t as well received as their previous singles, but to be fair it was a pre-release.
      I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I cannot take Wolf seriously. I never heard the demo and I still find this song more laughable than listenable. It’s a decent song, and the choreo is really intricate especially for a 12 member group, and I do congratulate SM for that, but it is a little too theatrical and yet not enough for me to be invested in it. The Andrew Lloyd Weber reference was gold though; Wolf did remind me of Cats in a way, however the cast of Cats did have the onstage theatrical acting experience needed to pull off pretending to be cats, whereas I don’t think EXO really does.
      And as an American, the FBI threat literally made me want to flip a table. The only way the FBI would be able to get involved is if they got permission from each country’s governments to extradite offenders to the US to be prosecuted. Without that the only illegal downloaders the FBI would be able to arrest would be those living in the 50 United States and assorted territories. The threat was stupid, uninformed and embarrassing.

    • Risa Sinn

      How funny, you just summed up my thoughts. And the weird thing is that I’m also a non-fan, haha…

      I realize a LOAD of people will put Exo down to the pits of hell after this comeback, but I actually feel draw to them. The concept as you said, is like the properly carried out version of IGAB; both the video and song are unusual (I’ll leave it up for interpretation of whether that’s a good or bad thing.) Lately releases have been too repetitive and safe even for the forever unoriginal kpop world (yes, I’m practically glaring at you CL!) For me this is like a breath of fresh air. The song may not make it to my ipod, but it’s memorable, and that in itself is an accomplishment in kpop.

      While I usually tend to focus more on the vocals and music itself rather than the choreo (because frankly, Kai’s dance moves won’t be heard on my iPod) And this is coming from someone who used to make sneering jokes and ignore Exo as actual people because of their insane fandom (yes, I admit it. The boys are marvelously talented and I’m willing to swallow every baseless negative I ever said about them.) ‘Wolf’ is like one of those theatrical performances where the music itself is a little weird but you can’t take off your eyes off the stage because of how well they executed the song. They really did put a lot of effort and thought into the choreo and they pull it off beautifully with as many as 12 people! Maybe people will call this a Cats wanna-be comeback, but this is one of the few times I ever saw a kpop dance actually bring something artistic to the song itself.

      I feel like Wolf was chosen to set Exo apart from other groups. Other songs on the album are much better, but they lack that uniqueness. And since SM seems to have put an enormous amount of money and effort into these kids, and SM tends to be quite good at crating distinct group images, I don’t think I’m wrong with my theory.

  • Maaiisstarr

    I absolutely love the choreograph and the music video but I’m not really feeling the song. I mean it’s good but not at the same time. I don’t know. It’s like this love hate thing with the song. Although, I do admit that the song sounds so much better in the performance than the actual music video.

  • catherine19

    Am I one of the few who is in k-pop solely for the music? I admit, Exo’s dancing is great, their choreography looks fantastic, their visuals are good, their song has a good hook, etc. But that’s all their song is: a good hook, and like most songs these days, catchy enough so that it sticks in your head but not a great song overall. Don’t get me wrong: I know people have different tastes and there might be others who have ‘Wolf’ on repeat. But I just think ‘Wolf’ is, well, bad, and I don’t think you’ll find it topping music charts once it’s released. There’s no real song structure, just a whole lot of dub-step and a catchy hook to catch the listeners’ attention for a while (and don’t get me started on the ‘saranghaeyo’ part as well as the howling). Heck, I think that the song was created purely just to showcase the choreography and the concept itself. Also, if they just wanted to focus on the dancing itself, they might as well just have created a dance team, instead of making a song surrounded on rapping/shouting/sing-talking with a few strained ad-libs thrown in here and there. It’s a shame, to be honest, since their full album seems to have better songs than ‘Wolf’.

    This is why I appreciate groups like B2ST, who consistently release good music and are one of the few male groups who do well digitally because their music sounds, well, listenable and not to mention of excellent quality. But it IS k-pop after all, and I guess more people (especially international fans it seems) seem to be more into k-pop for the looks and choreography rather than the actual music itself.

    • Chocho268

      Exactly, well said!

    • WorthInClay

      Yes, I agree with B2ST part. They have 2 great songs this year that I like – Black Paradise and Will You be Ok – it’ s just strange that they do not promote the good songs, whereas 3x a week at least on music programs, there’s a lot other drab songs being showcases. I hope their new album doesn’t disappoint like most release by others this year.

    • arghhblarghh

      I agree. The song is awful. I actually prefer the leaked version of the song than the final version. The dubstep made it even worse. The choreography is amazing though. If only it was used for a different song.

  • Gaya_SB

    I really hope they don’t get their sides confused, though I do like the mirroring idea for the different versions.

  • disqus_m6eAL0nn0k

    Sorry, the song is awful! The howling is laughable and if i see anymore bandanas, do-rags or braids worn by any Kpop group before the year is over, I’m going to scream….this is not 1995! If that was a promo video for a pretty good dance team, I’d be giving it two thumbs up, but isn’t this supposed to be about music, first?

  • severely

    I know it’s a terrible fan thing to say, but I had no desire to see EXO-K and EXO-M unite. And the music just confirms it for me. It’s hard enough to allow six individuals to shine in a three to four minute song. Twelve members just doesn’t work. (And yes, I feel that way about SJ as well. Musically, only three of the members shine. The rest shine in dancing or non-musical antics.)

    Luhan and Baekhyun sounded fabulous, and if I didn’t already know how good D.O and Chen were, their runs would have seemed frivolous. Instead they seemed a bit sad. They were amazing, but didn’t really contribute to the song. As a fan, they came across as more like, “Yes, we have these two other guys that can sing too.”

    Visually, I understand that 12 members allows for a lot of cool choreography, and I enjoyed the choreography. However, it was so much harder to find my favorite members in the mix as compared to say, History or MAMA.

    The song was okay. I think the chorus is fun and easy to sing along to. I am glad to be getting a full album from them, and I think this song is good enough that you wouldn’t skip it while listening to a full release. However, like MAMA, it’s not going to be the song that makes you buy the album. (Angel and What is Love did me in on that mini.)

    • Shyyrn

      I loved the runs! :O But then, I just love vocal runs in general–they’re the biggest reason I want ‘Baby Don’t Cry’ to come out! XD

      I still wonder if they will ultimately split up and perform this song separately… or, failing that, if future singles will be split up… or if this is truly the way EXO is going to perform from here on out. 8P

    • Acapella

      Same here! I loved exo as 2 separate groups that got together during special occasions. It made it seem so much cooler when they did group up. There’s so few lines to go around and I’m sure there’s gonna be heavy competition for screen time.

  • b55555b

    i started laughing at the “oof” parts and i couldn’t stop..

  • KrisMyStar

    This song’s gonna be my jam until My Lady and Let Out the Beast come out :3 yup I have weird taste in music.

  • Gaya_SB

    Also just want to say that I absolutely love Xiu Min’s part where he rubs his hands and pulls the reins on the “wolves”

  • Shyyrn

    I do feel that Xiumin, Lay, and Suho were short-changed for lines. ;( But that’s standard fare in idol groups.

  • http://twitter.com/LiannaKuku Lianna

    OT12 is the best
    never split exo ever agin

  • shein

    Well, they have great visuals. I understand this is dance version so i guess i’ll just wait for the Drama version to judge the MV. [interesting choreo but still didnt move me]

    And for the song, one word: Laughable. I’m no music expert but my gut tells me it sucks. And the lyrics?: “I’ll take you in my mouth like cheese”, “eat you more elegantly than drinking wine”, “But I have lost strength in my toenail” “She is just one bite” Oh god, they are conversing again just like IGAB. Idk if this is a trend of SM now but this has to stop. It’s fucking awful (but it was entertaining nonetheless). Gave me a good laugh. Especially the Saranghaeyo part. Precious.

  • Rain

    I was genuinely surprised by Wolf. After listening to the album highlight medley, it was my least favorite out of the whole album (along with Let Out the Beast) but I found the MV and choreography to be quite impressive. And the song, while the chorus with the “something wolf something wolf *howl* ah saranghae yo” part is so unbearable, I actually enjoy listening to the rest of the song. The live stage was similarly impressive despite the fact that they were obviously…lip-syncing.

    I also think combining the two groups was a wise business decision considering that I’ve heard that EXO-M has “surprisingly” proven to be more popular than EXO-K. At least in general. I’ve heard that EXO-K is thought to be untalented and uncharismatic by korean fans so I think the purpose of Wolf was to mostly showcase EXO-K and have them ride on the coat-tails of EXO-M.

    • severely

      If that’s their reasoning for combining the groups — to buoy up EXO-K at EXO-M’s expense — then as someone who prefers EXO-M over EXO-K, that just sucks.

      • eternalstars

        Agreed. If that’s actually SM’s intention…well then. That sucks bigtime for me as an EXO-M fan.

        But from what I can see, EXO-K seems to be faring better than EXO-M. I’m kinda just judging by the Youtube views atm though, but EXO-K consistently has way more youtube views than EXO-M.

        • Jasmine Chua

          You still have to consider China. China blocks Youtube in their country so you also have to count yinyuetai etc view counts also. And exo-k still has the korean sites.

          • eternalstars

            People say this a lot, and I thought this at first too, but when I went to check yinyuetai, the korean version still has more views. Also, I’m assuming that the majority of youtube viewers are international fans, so the lack of Chinese viewers shouldn’t really be affecting the view counts. Idk. It’s not a very accurate measure anyway, I guess, I was just curious. :P

  • ajj

    Wow I wont be listening to the song Wolf ever again.

  • TheJadeBullet

    Well, I’m not a huge fan of EXO just yet (they haven’t really done much to win me over) and “Wolf” certainly doesn’t change things.
    I honestly laughed my way through the leak, highlight medley and MV teaser. I thought that “Wolf” was truly just that bad.
    And it IS horrible. But here, we see SM’ s talent for making the most of their boxes.
    These dance videos were, surprisingly, pretty cool. They really made use of their space, choreography-wise, for the live performance.
    The song itself is actually almost bearable, aside from the horrendous chorus, with all the “oolf, naega oolf awooo saranggaeyo” nonsense. I haven’t read the translation of the lyrics yet so my thoughts on that may change. I thought that their vocalists were really underutilised though. Luhan and Baekhyun were the only ones who really stood out, of all the 12.
    It’s still not enough to make me all batshit over them. Except D.O. I like his face. It’s a good face. I’d like to burn that furry hat though.

  • hapacalgirl

    Its interesting how many of the commenters h are saying that this song is unique and will set Exo apart but maybe its just me but when I heard Wolf (the promoted track, not the leaked version) the first thing that came to mind was that if TVXQ’s “KYHD” and SNSD’s “IGAB” had a dysfunctional child that this song would be it. Considering I hated both of those songs, I am not a fan of this song either. I get SM is trying to be different but at the end of the day the song needs to sound good and this doesn’t at all. From a music standpoint its lacks any kind of cohesiveness and frankly quite jarring on the ears especially with all of the shouting and sing talking going on and They are great dancers and their choreography is intriguing but I actually listen to kpop more than I watch it and I can barely finish this song , its just that silly to me. random bouts of ad-libbing that still sound too much like yoon jung jin for my liking. Its sad really since the general consensus is that the rest of the album is pretty good (havent listened to it yet) that the title song had to be this mess.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sonwabile.antonie Sonwabile Sony Antonie

    uhm the MV and choreo was epic I admit but the song itself aint that good

  • http://twitter.com/#!/shahirashera Shahirashera

    The song & lyrics : NO.
    Choreo : Quite ok.

    /why cant they use Let Out The Beast or Black Pearl or maybe just pull a ballad with Don’t Go/
    So much to make an impact & now we got this song…. ;A;

  • T.R.

    Are they going to howl in a live performance? Should be interesting…..

    • Gaya_SB

      Considering that they’re not even singing live, I doubt they’ll be howling.

      • T.R.


        • Gaya_SB

          Heck I’ll even take the live howling, just let them sing live SM! How else are they going to learn?

          • T.R.

            LOL! This is true

          • find_nothing_here

            It’s funny watching VIXX’s performance on the same show. Their fans sound so much louder because the backtrack isn’t layered over.

          • Bronwen

            I think that all SM artists do it in the first week or so – I am waiting for them to start singing, then making a judgement.

  • lokifairy

    the song is just awful

  • find_nothing_here

    The song, as much as I hate to admit it, is growing on me. Well, maybe just the end since it involves actual singing. I like a good hot mess, but this was just so badly done (wtf was with the positive harmonies in the beginning?). I facepalm every time I hear an EXOtic call it “unique,” because really–it isn’t. Everyone and their mother is doing dubstep/hiphop these days. They should have done one of two things: cut down on the amount of rap lines, bring in more traditional instruments (where did the beginning flute go? D: Now THAT was unique), and give it a more organic, “wild” sound; or commit to the dubstep, make it sound as fucked-up as possible ala skrillex, and make an equally disturbing video.

    Honestly, when I heard about a werewolf concept, I was actually excited. It could have been awesome and creepily sexy if done right, but this is just too…clean. It needed to be more disjointed and less in a box. It wouldn’t been that hard to create a forest set, would it? VIXX’s directors did an excellent job with Hyde, and I wish SM had some people to that could think outside the box. (Where’s BoA’s brother again? Can’t he just direct everything?) Those CGI wolves could have been awesome…but they looked more like large rats to me.

    The styling was not as bad as I expected. Unlike Martina, I’m a fan of turtlenecks, and the fantasy-inspired things that Tao and Baekhyun were wearing appealed to me. Despite myself, I like Kai’s weird poncho thing. Sehun’s rainbow hair is fabulous and likely to create all sorts of amusing fandom wank. That black nail polish that was on Xuimin needed to be on everyone. I liked parts of outfits here and there, but the soccer/football/psuedo-ganster (whatever, all I know it that Kris looked like a tool in that varsity jacket), need to go. And all the bandanas need to be burned, as well as Kai’s braids. EXO is not gangster. I know this and I am not even very gangster myself.

    Now I know that lots of people dis-liked that styling in DBSKs Triangle, but I think something similar would have been great for Wolf. Something a bit more Final Fantasyesqe, that really creates the feeling of werwolves. Having said this, I was surprised how much I liked Luhan’s styling. One of my complaints with the earlier teaser was that I was never going to be scared of him–he looks twelve. The stylists worked that angle great in this video, he looks fae and genuinely creepy in a subtle way. The shot were he was wearing red gloves that made his hands look like they were dipped in blood was a nice touch.

    The line distribution was pretty good–thank god they gave those adlibs at the end to Chen; no one else was going to be able to come close to pulling them off. Luhan got more lines than I would have liked, but he’s one of the most consistent performers and speaks very good Korean, so I understand. Ultimately, the one I feel got the short end of the stick was Chanyeol. Couldn’t they whore Kai out first and give the faster part to someone who will actually pull it off?

    I would agree with certain commentors who said that they should have kept the separate groups. Oh, and Sehun needs a line, please.

    Fortunately, My Lady and Baby Don’t Cry are amazing and totally make up for this travesty. I can understand why Wolf could have made a good title track–it has the potential for impact, but unfortunately a potential that was totally wasted.

    • Bronwen

      OHHH, YOU SO NASTY! on another note, agreed.

      • find_nothing_here

        I like EYK but it turns out that I like a lot of things that Martina can’t stand…like turtlenecks, musicals, and country music. XD Good thing we’re both Taemin-biased.

        • Bronwen

          Me too! And I like turtlenecks and musicals! not country music though. I love Taemin – he is my ultimate bias. By the way, can you tell who is who in EXO? because I really cannot. I can tell who Kai and Luhan are, I think Sehun had rainbow hair, but can anyone tell me who anyone else was?

          (complicated sentence was complicated)

          But still. Hated it on first listen – the actual singing parts have grown on me, but i cannot listen to the chorus without snurting. literally.

          • find_nothing_here

            What is snurting? Is it like snorting but in a yurt? :P

            I’ve been able to tell EXO apart for a pretty long time, but then again, I’ve always found it pretty easy to distinguish members of idol groups with a little research. I wasn’t that much into B.A.P. but I still was able to learn their names pretty quickly.

          • Bronwen

            I can normally, but I have issues with huge groups like EXO, SJ, SNSD etc.
            And snurting is that weird inhaling noise i make that is a bit like a snort and similar to a honk.

  • mesztii

    “What’s also strange is that when the group splits into halves, the half that is on stage doesn’t even contain all the members for the vocals. It’s most obvious at one of Lu Han‘s parts.” what do you mean by this? I didn’t notice any strange things :O

  • Kerrie Johnson

    Something about the chorus of this song reminds me of a fraternity step show.