After over a year of waiting, Exo has finally released the first set of music videos for “Wolf.” As expected, there’s both a Chinese and a Korean music video, but unexpectedly, the two are different. What may be disappointing, however, is that both music videos are the standard fare of dance MVs: the drama scenes seen in the teasers are nowhere in sight — perhaps they’re in a drama MV waiting for their album release date.

The differences in the Chinese and Korean music videos reflect the differences in the distribution of parts. The main vocalists largely have the same sections to sing, but the others have their parts mixed up a bit. The choreography is also reverse in some parts in comparison to the other music video, also varying in clothing style. And on that note, let’s all hold hands in sadness for Kai‘s hair and outfit (you know which one I’m talking about).

The way that the choreography is structured also makes it seem like it’s solely made for twelve people; I don’t know what happened to having Chinese and Korean subunits, but that’s not going to fly for this song. What’s also strange is that when the group splits into halves, the half that is on stage doesn’t even contain all the members for the vocals. It’s most obvious at one of Lu Han‘s parts.

It looks like we’ll be seeing a lot more of twelve on one stage rather than six for these promotions. As they do have a Korean version with all twelve in it, and which was performed for their Mnet M! Countdown stage tonight, the Chinese one most likely won’t get airtime, though it’d be interesting to see if any station would allow it after Super Junior-M‘s brief set of performances earlier in the year.

Seoulmates, how does “Wolf” serve up for Exo’s first comeback? What are your favorite parts of the music videos? Least favorite? And do you prefer one over the other?