What a day!  Two girl-groups and one sub-unit released their teasers on the 25th, foreshadowing the upcoming battle of B-list girl groups this spring. 20130407_seoulbeats_4minute_hyuna First up, we have 4Minute returning to their “hip hop” roots with “What’s Your Name?”  While the MV is a bit too cutesy to be classified as true “hip hop,” they tried to demonstrate girl-power by asking for the guy’s name. And yes, Hyuna is practicing hard to show off her dance skills.

Despite all the controversy regarding T-ara, their sub-unit N4 debuts with “Jeon Won (Country side) Diary,” which is the exact opposite of what I was expecting!  In fact, now I’m more intrigued to see how these ladies bring together farm life with their addictive bubble gum track.  It can turn out to be amazing or utterly lame.

And finally, we have Secret possibly returning to their “Shy Boy” and “Starlight Moonlight” days with a summer-ready song called “Yoo Hoo.”  It’s hard to tell if these ladies are ditching their sexy image for good, but for now, they are trying hard to be cute and relevant.

So, readers, who’s looking forward to the showdown between these three groups? What are your impressions of their comebacks (and début) so far?

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