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    I most favorite kind of official statements: When companies outright lie about something when their lie will obviously be revealed.

    The most ridiculous lie I ever heard is when Kibum and Alexander were kicked out of U-Kiss. NH claimed that they left of their own volition because Kibum wanted to focus on his business and Alexander wanted to go back to school.

    With Kibum, that smears his name with all the fans. That he would just drop out of a group because he was too busy to bother. If Kibum wanted to at all continue as an entertainer, he would be forced to clear his name. Which is exactly what he did. His brother being who he is (SS501’s Hyung Jun), it is easy to assume that he would be able to get on a show to talk about the issue. Kibum gave a couple of interviews where he went into depth about U-Kiss’s contracts with NH and how they work, and how what really happened is that NH decided they wanted to change up the members, and they told Kibum he had a lack of talent and they wanted him to leave. Which made a lot of U-Kiss’s fans really freaking upset. If 0330 hadn’t been as awesome as it was, U-Kiss would have really been struggling.

    Xander never did go too in depth about what happened (though I’ll assume it’s the same as Kibum), but considering the first thing he did after he left was try to find another company and attempt to get a solo career going, I hardly think he left to “pursue an education.”

  • leesigh3

    I think the reason IU suffered more backlash than Eunhyuk had more to do with gender than what LOEN and SM did (or didn’t) say.

    • Guest

      Yup. Sexism at its finest. Not about any statement. This article is poitnless really. The first example is about a no statement on YG’s side. Why add it to statments gone south article? The author of this article needs to go back to school.

      • Guest

        I wish she included the GD statement from YG–now that was really interesting. Posting about a trivial Japanese Tabloid’s attempt at creating a scandal on the other hand, is not.

    • happy_slip

      I kind of feel the same way. The image Loen had for her didn’t help either honestly.

      • Tanya Joshi

        I agree, I wish her company didn’t stick this squeaky clean image of a pure girl on IU, leading people to call her the Nation’s Little Sister. By attaching such a demanding image to her, it’s no doubt that she’s gonna receive that much more criticism. In general, I don’t think companies should create THAT intense of an image…
        And the reason that I think Eunhyuk didn’t get as much criticism has more to do with the general idea of men: men are men, what can you expect (I’m not trying to criticize anyone or anything, but that’s just the general mindset these days); whereas for women, people would think that we’d be more careful (because, really, there’s a lot more consequences for women than there are for men…) (<- sometimes I ramble, so forgive me, haha). Well, I guess I just proved the gender point, didn't I?

        Anyways! I was just trying to say that I mostly blame this image that they gave IU…


        • Black_Plague

          There’s something about Eunhyuk that always crept me out…heck, the guy even laughed about touching girls when they were sleeping all the way back in middle (or high?) school.

    • ErinMHz

      I was going to say the same exact thing. No matter how plausible LOEN’s statement could have been, IU would have been the victim of double standards. Nobody cares if the 26 year old guy is having sex, but the nation’s little 19 year old sister better not be!

    • Pepper

      Although I agree with this to an extent, I think her popularity played a bigger part in her backlash. She is a lot more relevant and loved by the K-public than Eunhyuk – that’s why she had a Nation title previously. I think that was the reason why people were so upset, because she was simply more important to them.

    • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

      I think it had more to do with her image.

  • sleepyneve

    Honestly, I feel bad for these companies. If they release a statement, it only creates more fodder for the people enjoying all the drama that’s going on. Some will be even more suspicious than before. The statements don’t really dispel anything because the people are going to believe what they want to believe. Yet, if companies don’t release a statement it seems really shady. Plus not releasing statements mean the companies can’t do any damage control. There’s no way companies can fight against scandals with statements and even without them.

  • Fei

    …and when Amber posted a picture of Henry sleeping on a bed on instagram nobody gave a shit.

    • Mika_San123

      I had to look this up because… HENBER :D

      Are you referring to this picture? http://koreanupdatesmedia.wordpress.com/2013/01/03/fxs-amber-shares-a-cute-pose-of-sleeping-henry/

      I think it might be because he’s fully clothed. And that they’re not sitting next to each other. And that Amber’s not the nation’s precious little sister.

      • Fei

        Yep, but neither is Victoria. And it was the just a reflection in a spoon, gosh damn it.
        Yet it caused a scandal.


        • Mika_San123

          Oh, that’s true. But maybe because it was Changmin and not Henry? And I think Victoria’s still more popular than Amber in South Korea, even if it’s not on IU’s previous popularity levels… And also because there were a lot of netizen rumors floating around about the two of them dating before anyway…

          Well, my fangirl heart sure took a hard hit when I saw the picture, but I figured that if there’s anything about their relationship that’s ever going to leak out to the public, this is the most that’s probably going to happen. Even if the “evidence” is hardly conclusive, I guess it’s better to be safe by assuming their relationship is real, because if they are a real couple, then I’d hate to be one of the delusional fangirls standing in their way…

  • http://twitter.com/MissMareLuvShow MissMare1028

    the reason IU got more hatred was because SHE was the one that posted the picture on her twitter (surely without Eunhyuk’s consent) so there’s no need for SM or Eunhyuk to say anything on behalf of her mistake.

    • Guest

      Its because in a sex scandal the woman gets most of the hate always. What do you mean because she posted it? If it was the other way around IU would still get more of the hate. Men brag about sexual conquest. Woman get called whores. You must be an ELF or just an idiot.

      • Guest

        the last time i checked, this is a public place for people to say whatever thy want, i’m just making a comment, you don’t have to agree, and i’m NOT an ELF and i’m not even defending anyone. also calling someone an idiot isn’t nice.

        • Guest

          Idiot. Baka. Pabo.

          • Guest

            sha gua

          • Alieen Huang

            you are so immature, seoulbeats, can we ban these badmouths? thanks

  • http://www.facebook.com/lordz.muller Lordz Sammy Muller

    I think the worse PR handling was CCM’s handling of T-ara bully controversy. That company kept making the situation worse and worse with everything they said. They didnt know what stance to take and kept doubling back on itself and kept shooting its company and T-ara in the foot. CCM’s and T-ara’s reputation is down the tiolet and no one believes a word they say.

    I could have handled that whole situation alot better than that company. Honestly, if they handled the Twitter conversations better with their first statement, T-ara wouldn’t be so hated in Korea and Hwayoung would still be in the group. CCM is truly the epitome of scandal statements gone south.

  • maldita

    The whole ChangToria thing didn’t happen just because of the spoon incident. There have been rumors of them dating for years, and the spoon thing just looked like an accidental confirmation of things. And there’s always something fishy about rumors that last for years. SM quickly responded, but not really denying anything relationship-wise. They only said Changmin and Victoria weren’t alone, but nothing else about their dating rumors.

    SM also ridiculously fast in denying the Yunho-Go Ara dating evidence that popped up a few months back. Again, it’s fishy because there have been Yunho and Ara rumors ever since they filmed their drama together, with lots of pictures of them going out together even after filming was done.

    I feel like one reason SM didn’t say anything about the IU-Eunhyuk thing was probably because whatever those two had was already finished by the time the picture came out, hence no said relationship to deny or confirm. And because LOEN totally fucked themselves over with the crappy PR.

    • Jaclyn

      Yup. ChangToria blew up so much because they’ve been suspected of dating for ages and because Vic deleted it right after she posted it.

  • TurnUptheAC

    I would hate to be a PR representative in Korea…honestly the perfection demanded by the idols is over the top. Its crazy how much control the public has over these entertainment companies, that they make their idols date secret to avoid the backlash of the netizens. In the US you watch tons of celebs bouncing in and out of one relationship to the next, where we even create fond nicknames for the couples by mashing their two names together like “Brangelina, Bennifer, Robsten.” As for the celebs behaving badly, they still get their movie or music contracts…we seem to love a comeback…Brittany has had her fair share of comebacks from scandalous incidents. Some celebs are glorified for dabbling in criminal activities because it “ups their street cred.” Seriously, how did Chris Brown comeback from “beating up” on his girlfriend Rihanna?

    These scandals in the Kpop world are lame in comparison. I think the bigger issue is not how badly the PR departments are handling scandals (which in some cases they are), but how the public over blows these scandals and makes the companies feel like they have to answer to the public for the idols not being “perfect beings.” Most of the idols are still teens/young adults and spent a good portion of their childhood in a training camp…at some point they need to be allowed to make mistakes and learn to grow up.

    • Tanya Joshi

      I totally agree, especially that last sentence. It’s so weird to see everyone freaking out and the idols being so secretive when it comes to their relationships, while in North America it’s just like, “Oh, they’re dating? Okay…”

      Things like sex and drinking, I don’t really agree with them when you’re still young like IU (I’m 18, so yeah) but maybe that’s just my opinion because of the household I’ve grown up in. But still, if the netizens/fans and the companies didn’t blow them up to be such a huge issue, people’s opinions of certain idols wouldn’t be tainted because of something that most normal people do; idols are people, not gods. (Although, if it comes to something like smoking pot or whatever or binge drinking, then I sooorta get it. I don’t understand why things like that are seen as acceptable in certain countries just because it’s a social thing; it’s still not good for your health, no matter WHAT culture you’re from… anyways, that’s just me ranting but once again, I was raised this certain way so don’t hate me for my opinion)(<-sorry about that rant, haha)

      Either way, people need to relax over some of these things. Besides, Eunhyuk is 26, it'd be weirder if he HADN'T had any sort of sexual relations. Whereas IU is just 19… ANYWAYS! That's me going on again, so I'll just end here.

    • Streby

      Amen to that.

  • cecedee

    I must say if only LOEN did what YG and SM did : just act like there was nothing to be fussed about (just like how it really was,imo) the ‘scandal’ wouldn’t be that bad. Although I’m still curious of what SM would’ve said if only LOEN didn’t make that ridiculous statement. But well, LOEN seems to be persistent in preserving their public image for IU : the innocent nation’s little sister. That image brings money to LOEN and I think they just want to preserve it as long as they can. Personally, I think IU should’ve moved on from that image already even before this ‘scandal’ blew up. I love her songs, but it’s painful to watch her to be in this forced image.

    That image too, I think, what makes people more hostile to her (that, then add up the fact that it was her who uploaded the photo). I seriously still can’t understand some people’s over-fascination of the ‘innocent little girl’ image and that innocent = never date. And even if they started dating 2 years ago, it doesn’t mean they had sex since then. Most of the public’s rage had started from jumping into conclusions, imo. Honestly, if this happened with SNSD’s Yuri, or 4Minutes’ HyunA, or Rania’s T-Ae or Xia (and lots of other idols that don’t have that innocent image) people would be more chill. It’s that image that have become a double-edged sword to IU imo.

    Victoria shouldn’t have deleted that picture.. and SM should’ve said ‘Yeah, they eat together. They’re friends, friends do eat together.’ Then it would be less sketchy. Did SM change their PR or what? She snapped pictures with Zhoumi anyways, so why so pressed about this picture with Changmin. Wrong move there..

    As for the drug case (and this can be said as my opinion towards other legal cases like this too : drunk-driving, tax-evading, etc), man up and receive your sentence. It’s making their image worse when they spurted side-eye-worthy excuses. People do make mistakes. Admit it, receive your sentence, be a better person. That’s how I think they should do.

  • Black_Plague

    Aside from Daniel’s one involving drugs and the slut-shaming on IU, I honestly think that T-ara/CCM scandal was much worse in aftermath and the subsequent consequences it bought forth that last to this day.

    I mean hell, it went from one of the most rapidly rising groups (in popularity within the Kpop community anyway) to the most hated and discredited one all in just one clusterfuck of a situation that was worsened continuously by extreme incompetence and idiocy.

    Additionally, Open World Entertainment’s PR didn’t even actually apologize to the victims or their families at the time their CEO was arrested, as far as I recall.

  • Streby

    I am curious as to how people think Daniel’s weed selling/smoking should be handled… I have no idea what I would say if I was in PR so I’m curious.

  • 1dontcare

    don’t forget the T-ara fiasco…nothing can beat that..

  • Janee’

    What is a scandal article without mentioning T-ara?

  • SakiVI

    If you’re drunk, you might not know the difference between a normal and a weed cigarette. Just thinking…

    Anyway, I’d go with YG’s way if I was an artist agent: ignore and say nothing. Doesn’t matter the proof. I did come away convinced Seungri was awful in bed, which, if other women thought the same, is enough punishment for the guy.