Today has got to be the most scandalous day in all of K-pop (okay, not really).

Idols are humans, idols are susceptible to pressure, idols need an escape too. But sometimes I think we forget all this because of the pretty flawless image the industry likes to paint our idols with. We expect our idols to be happy, we expect them to be smiley and stick to their god-given concepts at all times. And it’s when stuff like this happens that we finally remember that idols need an escape too, that they need a way out and may just sometimes want to forget. So basically sometimes all it takes is for G-Dragon to smoke pot, Jaejoong to vent his angst on twitter (again), and Sungmin to get drunk, for us to remember idols are humans.

First up on the agenda. I think this song is rather appropriate to describe the situation at hand:

“High, high. I’m so high”

Yes. Yes you are, G-Dragon.

G-Dragon has been charged by the Seoul Police for smoking marijuana sometime during mid-May. G-Dragon first took a drug test in July, and  although the results initially came back negative, a hair test performed later on proved otherwise. G-Dragon also confessed to the crime himself, stating he had smoked the cigarette at a club in Japan during one of their concert tours:

The smell was somewhat different from that of a regular cigarette so I was slightly suspicious that it was marijuana, but it is true that I smoked it.

Although Seoul Police have simply given G-Dragon a warning, representatives from YG have stated that it is a ‘shock’ to them, and that an emergency meeting was held. It seems that YG has found it to be inevitable but to change and adjust their initial plans involving BIGBANG and GDTOP. Possibly giving time for G-Dragon to think things through- which frankly, I think is a great idea. Though there’s something off about him smoking it in May, being tested in July, and then being charged on October. That’s not exactly stellar reaction time from the police.

G-Dragon’s excuse does sound legitimate and it isn’t hard to believe, and I’m sure everybody makes mistakes. That being said, I know it’s common knowledge by now that G-Dragons all cool with smoking, but it does worry me that he’d be willing to smoke a suspicious substance given to him by an unknown at a club. The man is no stranger to controversy, and he himself admitted to what a hard time he went through during his ‘Heartbreaker’ piracy accusations. In the end, I just sincerely hope that G-Dragon’s actions were an honest mistake and that smoking marijuana isn’t a regular activity for him, or that he uses it as a means of escape. He’s still talented, he’s still a great rapper, and I hope that this is but a hiccup in his career.

But, I also find it concerning how some fans seem to jump to his defense going “Hey, it’s no big deal. It’s pot. Everyone has done it.” Because well, um, it is sort of a big deal. And taking such a blasé and dismissive tone towards something like drugs has got to be one of the most irresponsible responses I have ever seen. Even if G-Dragon took it by accident or without meaning to, it doesn’t make it ‘okay’. Drugs are drugs, people have died from drugs. And just because everyone has done it apparently, or because ‘it happens in USA everyday’, I don’t see how that suddenly makes it acceptable. I don’t mean to say this to degrade G-Dragon as a person, but it’s common knowledge that drugs can have a gigantic toll on your health. And I’m sorry if I’m coming off as a traditionalist, but drugs are not cool, they’re not ‘no big deal’, and no one should touch drugs no matter how tempting they might seem (and by drugs I mean smoking as well).

Now that I’ve gotten that Public Service Announcement out of the way, onto what’s second on our agenda. Jaejoong from JYJ has gotten some fans worried due to his sketchy behavior on ‘twitter’. Today Jaejoong deleted several of his tweets, and unfollowed everyone on his t-list sans his band members Junsu and Yoochun. I have a special spot for Jaejoong in my heart, so even without knowing about his history of just generally being a really depressing guy, I was one of those fans who became ridiculously (possibly irrationally) worried over Jaejoong’s behavior.

It doesn’t help that he followed everything up with a tweet like this:

translation: It's okay, it'll get better

Whatever it is, I really do hope it does get better. Hopefully it’s nothing too scandalous or news breaking, but nonetheless keep your chin up Jaejoong. You’ve broken my heart two days in a row now, quoting your interview with the press:

“The two friends frequently appear in our dreams. Not long ago, they appeared in the dreams of all three us on the same night. A lot of time has passed. The misunderstandings that formed because of the distance and the amount of the time we’ve spent apart are beginning to disappear. We just want to meet them, and talk to them.”

Seriously, DBSK has got to be the most emotionally turbulent fandom to ever get into.

Lastly, Super Junior‘s Sungmin was seen today morning (the morning after the KRY concert in Nanjing) so drunk/hungover that he needed people to drag him to the airport. Not going to lie, I was initially nerve-wracked since he’s at a tie for being my favourite in SJ. And he’s also probably a contestant to be the most emo in his band after Leeteuk.

Considering he seemed fine during the concert, all I can do is hope what he had was a ‘drink the night away in celebration of an awesome concert’ incident and not a ‘drink the night away because I’m an insecure wallflower’ one. It’s common knowledge idols seem to like getting drunk, judging from all the little anecdotes they like sharing on Strong Heart and the like (quoting Seungri: “When I’m drunk I think I’m Justin Timberlake”), but arriving at the airport hungover to the extent that you can’t walk is something I’m sure Sungmin will look back on and possibly never live down.

I think it’s best to say Sungmin should leave the intense alcohol consumption for the the more heavy drinkers in the band. For all we know KRYSD probably had a drinking game last night:

Yesung: Okay, one shot for every time Donghae inappropriately touches himself.
Sungmin: Wow, Ryeowook. Have you always had forty eyeballs? Everything is so colorful.
Donghae: How about, one shot for every variety show Leeteuk appears in.
Kyuhyun: Only? Me and my inner alcoholic finds that insulting. I say five shots!
Sungmin: Hey guys, I think Ryeowook grew another five arms. Can’t we do something less intense like ‘one shot for every drama Kibum appears in.’
Ryeowook: Oh, how about four shots for every time Siwon takes off his shirt.
Donghae: You know, I think I’m getting a bit woozy. I might even throw up.
Kyuhyun: What did you say? I can’t hear you over the sound of my manly man alcohol tolerance. I might as well be drinking bubble tea.
Donghae: Hey, is Sungmin dead?
Ryeowook: *pokes Sungmin’s carcass with his toe*
Yesung:  Oh, I have a good one! One shot for every member in our band.

Or something like that.

(StarIn, weibo)