• Haibara Christie

    I would have to disagree with the last statement “What both songs suffer from is something to make them stand out, a dash of originality to mold them to be Jaejoong’s.”

    Those two songs sound entirely Jaejoong, and fit the mold that I have come to expect from anyone in JYJ. The problem is that their musically becoming very stagnant with anything remotely of mainstream appeal. Jaejoong does Rock really well, but I don’t think that’s something he truly wants to be attached to as an artist (see the plethora of ballads in part 1.) What has become problematic is stark discrepancy in quality between that what he really wants to do, ballads, and the obligatory dance music for which he probably has no passion. Jaejoong needs to pick a side for the sake of musical quality. (Even the ballads are becoming boring. Beautiful, but boring.) Right now he’s trying to straddle the line between a niche act and a mainstream act (with JYJ as well) and it’s not quite working. “Brillance” coupled “Uninspired” in a single album–a motif I’m starting to find with the entire JYJ franchise–is not what I signed up for. I need to see amazing work all the way through, and I know that they are capable of it. They honestly need to stop caring about their image/lawsuits/sympathy story for a while and just focus on making fantastic music. I’ll be back when they do.

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      • Haibara Christie

        Too bad I’m emoticon illiterate…

    • boblicy

      I concur. I’m getting tired of being constantly disappointed with their productions. My expectations are set so high for them because I’ve HEARD them sing brilliantly self-composed songs before. Yet all their recent ones seem so muddled and confused. When you’re throwing 10 different things to me in a song, I stop listening to it because it ends up just being noise.

      • Haibara Christie

        Tell me about it. It’s like there is no way for us to win.

        • cancertwin2

          Nah I thought “Y” was really good actually. So did most people that I know. It’s just a matter of opinion, really since music is subjective. From reading a lot of your comments, you really don’t seem to like JYJ or Jaejoong very much. Your comments tend to boarder on the insulting level. At first I thought you were just being brutally honest but some of the things you write is just a little below the belt which makes it hard for me to take in account what you’re saying. Like adding things like “look at him now, posting stupid pictures on twitter” What does that have to do with his “Y” repackage? If you were a fan long enough then you’d know that he’s always done fan service because it’s what his actual fans like. When he got off of Twitter hundreds of thousands of fans begged him for days to get back on because they missed those “stupid pictures”. That literally has nothing to do with his music so why bring it up? Like seriously, I’m starting to consider you a troll. Correct me if I’m wrong…pershaps you’re one of those young kids that just likes to rant a lot *shrugs*

          • Haibara Christie

            Hmm. Unfortunately, Jaejoong is probably the closest thing to a kpop bias that I have–the whole problem is that I’m just not liking the Jaejoong I’m seeing right now as much as I would hope to. And you’re right, I’m a kid (when it comes to my internet life) who likes to rant a lot, because JYJ is one of those few things in kpop–maybe the only thing in Kpop–that makes me passionate. I see so much potential in what they can do that getting what I’m getting from them is utterly disappointing. It hurts a lot, because I made the mistake of investing too much of my heart into them.

            I find it very close minded of you to think that I have to like everything about Jaejoong to like his music. I think it’s quite the opposite. As a person, I don’t like Jaejoong very much. As an artist–I like him a lot. The Gothic touch on his album? I loved it to bits. His voice, as many people will continue to say, is beautiful. The timbre is something you can’t find everyday, and I adore it. But Jaejoong the celebrity? Could care less. If he did all of that stuff on twitter and still released good music, I would be a happy camper. But right now, I don’t really know what he’s doing. 2/5 of the songs on “I” were from an OST–aka he didn’t even bother to put in the effort to produce new music for his album. The physical album quality is terrible. It’s basically pretty paper. The CD doesn’t even have a proper case. Everything just seems lazy to me, and I know that they can do so much better. What is he doing? Spending all of his time on twitter?

            Okay, so I admit I went too far with the twitter comment, but I hope you understand where my frustration comes from. I respect that you have you’re own opinion of his music, and that other people agree with you and his job isn’t to make music that I like, but it’s hard to remain a fan when you’re not liking anything coming out of the JYJ think tank. I try so hard to like it, but I just can’t…I forgave his personality, I just don’t know if I can forgive his music.

            And to consider me a troll, feel free–It’s your right. However, let me remind you that a troll blindly attacks people on the internet. I at least give reasons.

          • cancertwin2

            When did I say you have to like everything about him? Other people on here have said what they don’t like the repackaged album and I didn’t trip. The problem lies when you start dissing and saying rather offensive things that have nothing to do with the matter at hand. Something that I learned a long time ago in Kpop is that listening to one’s music doesn’t actually make you a fan. If you’re not liking their releases that’s one thing, but when you start dissing in you’re rants about “stupids pictures” and the that other one you did about his music writing skills, it seems a tad uncalled for. You seem to make so much sense and seem more mature when you stick to the topic at hand. However when you go on your rants, it becomes clear that you are a kid because it’s a bit immature. Also, saying you don’ t like him as a person is a bit asinine as you don’t actually know him. All I can say is it’s a good thing you stay here on SB because if you were to go on a OT5 or JYJ site with that ranting habit of your’s you’d had a difficult time to say the least. While you may find my comment to you a bit “closed minded” (which doesn’t make sense because you already confirmed that what I suspected, you don’t like Jaejoong) I thought someone as abrasive and blunt as you would respect my candor. I’m just keeping it real with you. It’s always so funny when people can dish out it out but can’t really take it.

          • Haibara Christie

            Fighting my abrasiveness and candor with abrasiveness and candor is not making you a better person here. I’ll change; I would appreciate if you can lighten up as well. And if I sound like I hate you, I don’t–you have reminded me to think beyond my cultural background and not judge his celebrity character based on how he acts on social media. I really do appreciate that.

            That said, I have nothing against Jaejoong as a person, but I don’t like his obsession with his fans and celebrity life. He’s gone through a lot in his life and I wish he would just ground himself a bit, and remember that he’s no longer young–handsome, but not young. At age thirty, there are people who are parents–he at least needs to have some general maturity. Jaejoong’s not the only one who has this problem, but unlike the other, his issue may be affecting how he does his job. I would say something similar about Dara/Victoria but they’re not bring nearly as much talent to the table as Jaejoong.

            But I could also be missing some cultural divide, so let me now if that’s the case.

            –“It’s always so funny when people can dish it out but can’t really take it.”

            That’s absolutely false. I’m clearly admitting my mistake in that comment. If that isn’t “taking it” I don’t know what is.

          • cancertwin2

            You’re saying Kpop is of little consequence? Then why do you spend so much time on SB which is about all about Kpop, ranting about a man that you don’t even like? You don’t leave one comment, not two comments, no sometimes you leave five or seven. That reeks of a person who has nothing better to do with their time. Kpop may be a hobby for you but some people here actually care about it and also their idol. I never asked you to defend yourself. If you don’t care then don’t bother responding. I was simply letting you know how you’re coming off. Because I am actually a fan I find it extremely insulting to have to deal with your infantile ranting on all the posts about JYJ especially your abhorrence towards Jaejoong. Hanging amongst JYJ fans may be something you do to kill the time but it’s actually a fandom that I belong to. I’ve been supporting, respecting and protecting TVXQ/JYJ for 7 years. So it kinda feels like you’re just trolling. Also, if you have the audacity to dish out such crude opinions then you should be able to take it in return. Otherwise you probably shouldn’t be so brazen and careless with your word choice. Never claimed to be a better person than you. However as a mature person I know how to conduct myself on a forum. I’m simply giving you a taste of your own flavor. You see there are some people who think being “blunt” and “extremely opinionated” is just being honest but sometimes it’s just plain rude. Trust me, I could be a lot more direct with you and go all “ol school Cassie”. But unlike some people I don’t let my emotions runaway with me because I’m not a little kid. Just wanted to let you know what’s up so that you don’t get too surprised when I reply to some else you say that is unnecessary and completely uncalled for not to mention off-topic in the future. Take care now.

          • Haibara Christie

            Oh really now…. Don’t go off on me just because you think you’re all high and mighty with your old school “Cassie” self. And yes, Kpop is a of little consequence to me. If it were anything but, that would be problematic considering both you and I have better things to do with our lives. It’s pop culture. Nothing we say or do is going to kill anyone as long as we’re diplomatic about it all. If we make a livelihood out of it, then fine, it’s important. But we don’t. Seriously though, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m sorry I offended you and Jaejoong. What’s frustrating is that I’ve spent way too much of my time trying to appease you and all you do is go around and continue to call me a troll. If I really wanted to troll Jaejoong and the entirety of the DBSK fandom, I would go to a DBSK/JYJ site and do it. (Yes, that’s not a real argument.) Trolling SB is none of my business, and they don’t deserve to hear any of our craziness anymore. I actually feel really, really bad that we had to take public space to duke it out like this. It would should have ended with your first comment if you were just nice about your complaints. I don’t necessarily disagree with anything that you’ve said, but I think you just take everything I’ve said way more seriously than you should. Like you said, we’re fighting over my opinions of a person that neither you nor I have met. Why should you think that a comment about something so subjective as music and idoldom is as literally as you are taking it? You are seriously freaking out over two lines out of the hundred or so that I’ve written. I would stop commenting here the moment you realize that I’m not trying to destroy you, but clearly you haven’t gotten that in your head yet. If what you really want me to do is leave all together, I will. Because I’ve had enough and I don’t want to be antagonized for eternity. You’ve really taken up all my patience.

            Thank you Seoulbeats for being a great forum. Goodbye.

          • cancertwin2

            The more you try to explain yourself the more ludicrous you come off. You’ve got better things to do but you yourself have stated in past comments that you spend so much time on Seoul Beats that you don’t do your work. Obviously you really don’t have a life. Most of what you wrote are mere ramblings which is so typical of you. This whole time I was trying to figure out who you remind me of and today it came to me. You’re like a miniature version of our beloved Patricia. The both of you seem to have a highly distorted, confounding like/dislike thing when it comes to JYJ. You both share an affinity for their music but don’t seem to like them very much. I consider her a troll so it only makes sense that I bestow upon you the same title. If you don’t really care about my opinions then it’s simple, don’t reply to me. After all, I’m still here because you have. I pretty much said everything I have to say to you. BTW, if you did try to troll on JYJ and DBSK sites then you’d be done for by now. I see it happen all the time. The only reason you’ve gotten away with some of the insulting things that you’ve written is because you are on SB. That’s very fortunate for you. However being here has kept you ignorant how Cassies/JYJ fans usually respond to people like you. Now you know. It’s not very pleasant, right?

          • alison

            i agree that his compositions could be better. he lost the whole experimentalist edge at some point, and he’s squeezing his muse for the same things. i love him, and i want jyj’s album rn to see how much they’ve grown in their whole hiatus/ solo period.
            i know his music is his, but yeah, you’ve gotta admit that it’s pretty stock. loneliness, being left behind, endless love for a certain person.

            but mannn. the thing that i can’t sit down with: you ‘forgiving’ his personality. there is, imo, nothing to forgive about his personality. and you say that he’s your bias. i suppose it’s only for his talents then?
            and bc he doesn’t seem to be meeting your expectations, you’re antagonistic, and chiding him llke he’s an insolent child that insists on buying the cookies now, now. i can’t even. if you like someone so much to the point of him being your ONLY bias, then i’d suppose you’ve gotta like the whole package. the endless happy tweeting, the moods, the laughter, everything.

            now have i mentioned that cnblue’s leader is also really talented? and i don’t think he tweets a lot to irk anyone and he seems very composed and collected. maybe you should idk, branch out. i mean you don’t seem to like your only bias a lot.

          • Haibara Christie

            I’m going to approach your response from two points, I hope you don’t get bored or over whelmed (One or the other will probably happen. I’m sorry.) Or you can just choose one response and pretend the other didn’t exist.

            Point 1: The “Rationalish” Fan
            Endless mood swings are not healthy for anyone, and there is no way that I would want him to be perpetually in that state, ever. As a fan, I want him to be healthy, and respect himself. He doesn’t have to do everything for his fans. In a way, I would have respected this album more, even if I didn’t like it, if he did it for himself. He did say that he grew as a singer and enjoys his album a lot, but that’s not quite the same thing as doing something for yourself.

            I had mentioned before that the overall perception of the album quality-wise is better in the context of it being an album for his fans. But my respect for it, as evidenced through the amount of time I took to dissect it, for better or for worse, definitely went down.

            But no. He does everything for his fans. Am I seeing him, or am I seeing what his fans want? I’m starting to lose the person behind the persona he puts out for his fans. It’s actually quite ironic. “Mine” is about removing a mask given to him by SM, but I wonder if he’s just putting another mask on. I also wonder if I like the mask better than the real person. Regardless, the sole fact that he said “I don’t know…” makes me feel terrible that he had to go and release a solo album that he may not have had the heart to do initially.

            Basically, I’m seeing a major identity crisis right now, which is also translating to the identity crisis in the music he’s releasing.

            So who is Jaejoong? And what Jaejoong are we really seeing? Hopefully the new JYJ album will tell us. Despite I/Y failing me a bit, I am still excited for JYJ’s album for the very reasons you are.

            Point 2: The entirely “Irrational” Fan
            Jaejoong became the closest thing to a bias for ABSOLUTELY NO TANGIBLE REASON. There was something that just made me like him a lot–a lot more than any other Kpop Idol, to the point that I’m willing to time to write about him, to be excited about whatever he’s going to come out with, and explore whatever he release on the moment he releases it–even if I don’t even like the product. I don’t do that for any other idol on the planet. It’s irrational, I know, but does liking an idol have to be rational? No.

            And the only reason I have to lament for the things that I don’t like is just to grieve that he isn’t as amazing as I have conjured in my head. In other words, the so called “perfect Jaejoong” ISN’T REAL. I will continue to like him beyond what I perceive to be his flaws (I casually called this “forgiving”); however, that doesn’t mean I won’t point those flaws out. Whether or not you agree with what I feel is your choice. Whatever you do, just don’t make my opinions for something so arbitrary something greater than it is. (This is not necessarily directed towards you, Alison, it is just an overarching statement.)

            And this is why I avoid becoming part of fandom. It consumes me. Not to mention that breaking out of it is even harder. Undoubtedly my feelings make no sense, are bad for me, and possibly end up hurting others. But what can I possibly do? The only thing I can do is avoid hurting others. Which I do. I respect everyone’s opinion, even more so if they are contrary to mine.

    • cancertwin2

      I think this is all much adieu about nothing. Why? Because the only
      reason he released the repackage is his fans asking for more songs. He
      told them during a fan meeting that he had other songs including “Only
      Love” which he performed. Fans said that they should have been on the
      album. JJ said to them “if I release it, will you guys support it?” and
      they were like hell yeah. JYJ were members of TVXQ who were kings of
      repackages Balloons had versions A-D and Mirotic had versions A-C with a
      Taiwanese version tacked on. Ususally they take on completely different
      concepts for the albums to make them seem different. But it’s obvious
      that “Y” is just a new unreleased tacked on from “Y” (which was more
      thought out). This wasn’t planned. As many can see JJ’s fans kept their
      promises and supported the release hence why it’s doing well despite it
      hardly being promoted or given another thought. Fans got what they
      wanted in the end.

      • Haibara Christie

        I guess I should be happy that fans got what they wanted. Thanks for letting us know about that.

        • cancertwin2

          Well I actually agreed with your first longer comment from a musical stand point. I just would have rather had a review about “I” instead of “Y” for reasons I already stated. It just seems like a waste of time to discuss in-depth about a fan service album that had no real concept.

        • cancertwin2

          I also want to say that it really shouldn’t surprise people that JJ did this as a service to his fans. After all, the only reason he had solo promotions is because of his fans in the first place. At the end of last year when he was doing his fan meeting tour to promote his drama and movie, a question that he kept getting was “when are you going to have a solo album?”. Since Junsu had a solo album, his fans thought he should have one too. But JJ kept responding “I don’t know…I really don’t know” That’s why it was such a shock that he actually decided to do it. JYJ’s new album was supposed to come out first but C-Jes moved it back to the summer to make way for JJ’s spur-of-the-moment solo. That was my cue that this was not planned. He did this because he knew his fans wanted him to. But even he wasn’t confident in the results. He kept saying that he was surprised at the results. I feel that if he had planned the mini album out, it could have been a lot better. I think one of the main reasons his fans are fiercely loyal to him is because they know that he’ll do just about anything to make them happy. I think it was a Chunsa (fan of Yoochun) who said to me the other day that she likes the way that JJ trusts his fans and takes into account what they want. Just like they asked him to gain weight last month. He gained 4 pounds despite his fear of being fat. That’s why his fans love him.

  • GaCaRa

    I thought this was going to be rock, but then he threw in those ballads and I was so annoyed. and the repackage songs suck, too.

  • sleepyneve

    I like his songs individually, but I agree that for a rock album there’s not a lot of rock. I guess that’s where most people are confused. I just reasoned that it was originally meant to be rock-focused and that along the way of adding the ost and needing more songs in order to be considered a mini album the direction kind of deviated from that. Or you could take the other idea that this album was really meant to be representative of Jaejoong so while it’s labeled as rock, I think personally for him, this album has a lot of things he wanted to express that just didn’t exactly happen to fit in the rock genre. Regarding the repackaged, I’m not a big fan of the songs either. I don’t like a lot of dance songs so when I heard Only Love, I have to admit I felt indifferent. Kiss B is a little different. I didn’t really like it at first but somehow I kept hearing the song as I was listening to playlists. The tune is really pretty, but the lyrics surprised the heck out of me. I wish I could forget them honestly. The lyrics aren’t bad, it’s just I’m so shocked that the combined forces of Jaejoong and Lee-U came up with those lines…it’s really something.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jessica-Cottle/1297801414 Jessica Cottle

    I really love the 5 songs from “Mine,” especially “All Alone” and “My Only Comfort.” I don’t really like “Only Love,” mostly because I don’t really like dance songs and because of that, I’d rate “Mine” higher when compared to “Y.”

    I’m not disappointed at all by his solo adventure because his voice and his sound is what attracted me to the group and kpop in the first place. I am excited for their venture into the Japanese market (again), though. I tend to prefer their sound in Japan.

  • http://twitter.com/braveviet braveviet

    If you are satisfied with album “I” then I don’t see the point for us to be disappointed about the album “Y”. Why? the ablum I was sold out, Cjes was supposed to re-print it but with a lot of request from fans to include the song from Jaejoong’s movie, a “comedy” if I need to emphasize. The second song is the dance track, a supposed to be filler for his concert. You know the kind of song that is not really highly musical quality but have high potential to raise the hype during concert. That is why there are 2 bonus songs. I know that and I didn’t expect much from them. If you just review the song individually, there lies the disappointment.

  • http://twitter.com/freahki camila villegas

    i love every song but only love…. i absolutely hated that song

  • wuttt

    While I agree that Mine is a pretty good rock song and it suits his voice, I cannot agree with the wikipedia tag that labels his whole EP as rock. The title track may be rock, but the rest of the album is pop-rock (with more pop than rock) at best.