• Shyyrn

    In his new video, the dancing places a greater emphasis on slow, precise movements (i.e, the slow-motion walking), which may not fare well considering groups currently tend to favor powerful dances. But I wish him well.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=513439726 Sharon Overlord

    I really like Moon HeeJun. Thanks for this article, I got to learn more about him.

  • http://www.facebook.com/miko.suzahiruandou Anti-Prince Suzahiru-Andou

    I was really happy to see an article here about Moon Hee Jun’s return. I didn’t know he had some much drama behind him after H.O.T. I probably should’ve done more research at the time when they were my favorite kpop boy group. To some extent they still are. I was surprised with the new release that he abandoned rock for dubstep and that was reason I liked him. He took a risk and left pop (which sounded more like hip-hop to me) to rock music which I thought he was really good at. But just having him return with new music is satisfying as well. I must agree that I was embarrassed by the 90s tribute last year. I think they could’ve organized that better. I believe my favorite MHJ moment was on MBC Fantasy Couple. It’s so cute! [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-D9_XH3MDE8]

    • Gaya_SB

      lol at that kid — everyone is flipping out and he’s just sitting there calmly ha ha. That was really cute, thank you for sharing!

  • bmoore

    I know nothing about this young man except what you have posted here in this article. He predates my newly acquired interest in kpop etc. However, your comment that “he’s rubbed me the wrong way the few times I had encountered him” is interesting in the context of your article. Here is a young man who apparently has been subjected to, by your account, some pretty cruel behaviors by antis and the media. I would find it beyond comprehension for him to show any kind of friendliness to anyone who hasn’t been fully vetted or screened prior to opening himself up to god only knows what kind of viciousness. I would imagine his default personality by this point in his life is to protect himself first. Just saying.

    • Gaya_SB

      That’s a really good point! I guess I just find his enthusiasm a bit overwhelming at times, but I can see it your way too.

      • bmoore

        Ah…I may be misunderstanding your comment then. I thought it meant he was hostile or standoffish or rude or something when you met him. Overwhelmingly enthusiastic? As in maybe unwarranted enthusiasm or unnatural in some way. hmmmm.
        Anyway, so nice of you to respond!

  • Guest

    I think he had a lot of antis because people thought he and Kangta had betrayed their brothers and were responsible for HOT breaking apart. But now with passage of time and revelation by the members that Kangta and Mon Hee-jun were tricked by SM into thinking the other members would also be signing, hence they went ahead and signed when their contract ended. Only to find out when it was time to sign the other three that SM decided to let them go. It also didn’t help that SM set out on a mission to destroy, JTL, the group formed by the other three members, so their fans also became antis.

    Of course, this pattern of separate and conquer reoccurred with other SM boy groups – Shinhwa had the same issues, but Eric pushed for them to leave together and sued to reclaim the name Shinhwa from SM and of course the ongoing saga of TVXQ, where once again two members were separated from the rest.

    I am happy for Moon Hee-jun that he gets a second chance to pursue is love for music, because despite staying in SM, neither him nor Kangta were ever able to reclaim their popularity or have success outside of HOT.

  • straighttohelvetica

    I started liking Moon HeeJun after seeing him on Intimate Note, and that’s what actually got me into H.O.T. His personality can be too much at time, but he’s never come off as mean-spirited or attention-seeking like some other personalities do. I knew he had crazy antis and sasaeng fans, but I had no idea it was to the point where people were breaking into his house and driving his sister away to Japan. O.o

    Side and irrelevant tangent: It really bugs me when Dancing with the Stars has pop idols in the line-up, because they are pretty much guarunteed the win. The last U.S. season had Nicole S. (aka, the only Pussycat Doll anyone knows) and she, of course, won. She’s a performer; she dance’s with a living. Football players and reality TV stars can’t compete. =/