Kim Greem was a Superstar K2 contestant who, after inevitably being brought to the public eye, debuted little time after the show’s termination. Somehow I failed to pay her attention until she joined Lee Bo-ram, who participated in the same competition and vocalist Suki to form Woman Power. “Hate You, Hate You” showed the skills of these excellent three soloists, but they looked uncomfortable around each other, their voices were mature and the chorus didn’t match them. As a whole, I felt the group lacked charisma, but kept them on my radar. And as Lunafly increased my appetite for acoustic music and artist idols, Nextar Entertainment produced Kim Greem’s latest effort, “Love Song” just on time. I made the connection with Woman Power, gave it a listen and was surprised by how much I like this song.


“Love Song” is, simply put, beautiful. The acoustic guitar molds the track into a sweet, youthful slow song that can only complement Kim Greem’s vocals. The music line has a bittersweet quality. It sends shivers down your spine, but its refreshing and optimistic notes contribute to an invigorating background track. The nostalgic, but joyful sound is perfect for a relaxing song and leaves the impression of a cold, bright morning at the sea side. The singer’s soft vocals farther accentuate the mood of the music, switching from whispering to a higher note, then keeping up with the low-tempo track. The mix of acoustic, pop and folk sweetens the song even more and makes it an enjoyable listen.

All the components of this musical effort play on the same note: a cheerful, light-hearted and whimsical feeling of being in love with a seemingly airheaded singer, but with a subtle, almost unnoticeable taste of calm melancholia. The video shows Kim Greem with the guitar in her hands, wandering lost in her train of thoughts through a forest. In another shot, she plays guitar in the middle of a road smiling and hesitating whether to walk or not down that path. The forest, the country road, the wheat and the sublime view from the top of a mountain on the sea shore complete the natural, bright aspect of the video. The light floods all the shots and her dazzling smile adds to the enchanting visuals.

The cold weather enhances the strange feeling of bitterness. The lyrics talk about a shy confession in a love-hate type of relationship. As she unintentionally hits the radio button, a love song makes her remember all the memories that tie them together. Places that are only theirs, sleepless nights and stupid fights play in her mind as she sings how much she’ll need him in the future. She keeps smiling as she indulges in the warm feeling their love brings to her. The chilly atmosphere and her comfortable winter clothes makes her confession look like the calm after the storm, when she is already used to play tic-tac-toe with her beloved one and enjoy the coziness and reassuring sentiment she gets from her boyfriend.

Are you in front of my house already?
Unfortunately, is it you? […] We break up every night. It’s sad […] Dreaming the same dream, looking in the same direction
I want to walk with you

The nature in the MV coincides with the honesty of this song. The simple lyrics, her beautiful voice and the delightful video engage the listener into the emotional experience of the singer without being burdensome. The ballad is the perfect medicine for a cold day and something everybody can hum along to, which is why it receives a rating of 4.5/5 from my part.

So what about you? Have you given it a listen? What do you think of Kim Greem?

(Loen Music, Nextar Entertainment)