After School is probably as well known for their graduation and enrollment system as they are for any of their music. Prior to their most recent comeback, the girl group enrolled the new member Kaeun and later announced the graduation of leader Kahi as well. The latest issue of Cosmopolitan features one of the first photo shoots of the entire group with their new lineup. Set in an art studio full of a variety of painter’s supplies, the ladies of After School are styled in vibrant splashes of color throughout the shoot.

Uee, the only member with a solo shot, wears a gorgeous floral tank that looks like an impressionist’s painting which is combined with a coordinating royal blue maxi skirt. The singer/actress sported fuchsia lips that emphasized the same color in the shirt.

Next up are Jooyeon, Raina and E-Young. Perched on a chair in front is Jooyeon, in a scarf print and the brightest yellow crop pants you have ever seen; her tangerine woven sandals take center stage on her outstretched leg. Raina has a sweet look with a short teal green baby-doll dress while E-Young shows of another side of teal, in the blue-hued mini. Accessories make her look, between her funky coral statement necklace and her seemingly paint-splattered pumps.

Freshman member Kaeun and the new leader Jungah team up for the next shot. Jungah looks like she had a bit of fun with that brush and Kaeun, who’s hair has patches of blueish tints. The maknae wears a simple yellow dress that is gathered on one hip. Her necklace of many aqua strands are a fun pop of color, but it makes her red pumps clash overall; a pair in the blue-green shade would have been a better complement to the rest of the look. Jungah blue mini-dress fits the shoot theme well, with a watercolor feel, but her shoes are a bit busy for her look too.

Finally two-thirds of Orange Caramel pose together in ensembles that play well off of each other. Lizzy rocks an abstract-print romper and strappy heels that match perfectly with Nana‘s magenta gown and lips. While they could have easily switched shoes, the yellow pop of Nana’s peep-toes keep her from looking like a member of a wedding party.

What do you think of After School’s latest magazine feature? Who’s look do you love the most?