In all my years of listening to K-pop, and then later branching out to other forms of Korean music like K-indie, I’ve listened to many kinds of genres and songs that convey a range of emotions. Amongst all the types of songs that I listen to, sad songs hold the most sway over me; I might skip an upbeat, bubbly song or a loud, hype one when it comes on shuffle, but rarely a sad one.

One reason sad songs deep digger is that it runs a gamut of feelings: there are intense, anguished rock ballads like FT Island‘s “Heaven”, but there are also mellow ballads like Yoon Jong-shin‘s “Exhausted” that play out like a melancholic, heavy sigh. And sad songs aren’t just restricted to ballads, too.

Somewhere along the spectrum of sad songs are songs that express regret, which this edition of the SB Mixtape features; not an all-out kind, but just a twinge of it, enough to give your heart a twist.

Ailee‘s “Sakura” and Deli Spice‘s “Confession” were originally planned for this mixtape, but they could not be included because they were not available on Spotify. Do be sure to check them out too.

Readers, what kind of sad songs do you like? Would you like to see a different kind of sad song playlist in future?