• http://twitter.com/fah2ma Fatouma

    Looking at the ending, the male rookie groups of this year seemed to be really obsessed with the extra-terrestial…

  • sleptopia

    I genuinely love you for this article. Best debut of the year by a mile, and it’s not even their proper debut. Perfect music that is a combination of all the best elements of K-Pop with a viscerally evocative music video that doesn’t have to rely on the eye-candy of the artists. 

    Bottom line: This is K-Pop at its absolute best and one of the best ever made (bold i know)

  • JustFei

    Let me guess… they’re aliens from another planet, too?
    However, the MV is GREAT, I can’t explain how much I love this MV. I would never expect something like that from DSP (see KARA MVs).
    I think the MV is even better than EXO’s highly produced MVs. Hope their lives are also that good *cross fingers*

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VOBHN5WR2Q3MPYG2DVDKDOB3WU Lili

    to answer your question, No. It did not captivate me. she makes for an awkward actress :/ 

  • Mika_San123

    I’m sorry, but the serious undertone of the song/music video was completely cut short when the guy says “I can’t believe it came to this. It’s breaking my heart.” I mean, how am I supposed to take anything seriously when the Engrish was just… so laughable? The song was just flowing so well until it was ruined by that one line. I’m sure that saying it in Korean would’ve fit just as well – was there really a need to incorporate an “English” line?

    I’m all for the English language – when it’s used properly. I just find it really sad when it’s used for all the wrong reasons, and I’m starting to feel as if KPOP is demeaning the English language with its horrid pronunciation of either generic, cliche terms or nonsensical, self-invented phrases.

  • Winter_Rose

    i love it!!!! when is their official debut supposed to be?

    • Ambika_SB

       I believe they’re aiming for the end of May, but nothing is certain yet.

  • asianromance

    A very good debut!  Except for the rap segment, I loved the song.  And the mv was really impressive and Hara surprised me.  I’m sad that this is their pre-debut single.  I would love to see this performed.  I bet for their debut they’ll probably go with some generic fast tempo track.

  • Black_Plague

    Song ain’t too bad and the MV seems well…rather, well, dark I must say. Though frankly, I don’t see Goo Hara being all that of a great actress – she needs someone to coach her more. I still find it funny that the group’s name A-JAX reminds me of the cleaning brand and the Greek hero who committed suicide over ridiculous reasons.

  • Theorist

    Great details on the story plot of the video. Awesome.