• Anonymous

    His dancing is mediocre and your article has some typos.

    • Gaya

      We’re on it! Well, at least for the typos- you’ll have to talk to SM and Kai about the dancing…

  • maldita

    Imma hold off my spazzing until I see more teasers. This teaser didn’t excite me much after the initial “OMG there’s actually a teaser” reaction. Apparently this kid is Kim Jongin who appeared in DBSK’s “HaHaHa” video 3 years ago.

    Debuting two separate units of one single group in both Korea and China is a very clever idea, actually. Basically Super Junior and Super Junior-M without the Only13/Henry-Zhoumi drama. They’ll spend less on airfare ’cause members don’t have to constantly travel to and from China. And apparently, the Exo-M boys would have all Chinese members, most probably including that Chinese trainee who danced Jonghyun’s parts in SHINee’s concerts this year. Exo-M boys won’t have trouble language-wise because they’d be promoting in their homeland. I’m very excited and curious to see this whole idea being executed.

    • yuka5470

      which boy? I can’t recognize him anymore..

  • http://twitter.com/alianessa Alia Nessa Utami

    Material-wise, SM indeed declines hard this year. However, money-wise, the company is growing bigger than ever. All of their acts are immensely successful this year. FYI, even the so-called flop(x) is giving hella lots of money for the company (Pinocchio and Hot Summer are two of top-selling digital single this year). Need I say more about SNSD, TVXQ, and Super Junior? LOL anyway, my point, the company is expanding so hard business-wise this year that they can’t even handle all the positive mega-profit they earned this year. 

    Which is why EXO-M/K debut kind of surprising for me. SM debuts them during the time they can’t even handle their current acts (look at what happens to SNSD’s US expansion. Maxi single, special album, physical release of maxi single at the same time? :|). They’ll most likely invest so much money for this group, I think.
    I’d like to wait for their debut first before giving any legit judgment for the group’s quality. I’ll just watch and learn for the time being. :p

    • maldita

      Regarding f(x), I’ve always thought they weren’t really overshadowed by SNSD but more of by the massive girl group mania back in 2009. SNSD hit their peak. 2NE1 debuted and slayed everyone. Kara hit it big with “Mister.” T-ara did well with “Bo Peep.”  f(x) didn’t stand a chance against all the competition they were against. If they had waited to debut in 2010 though, I think they might’ve had a stronger debut.

      • http://twitter.com/alianessa Alia Nessa Utami

        Yes, that’s part of my point too. If we try to look at situation right now, hell, K-Pop is saturated with idols. The fact that EXO-K/M comes from SM is an advantage since all eyes are on them, but if the materials are not spectacular enough then no1currrs.

        That being said, I’m actually kind of ready to half-stan them. Boy’s cute, he’s like the lovechild of Changmin and Taemin, which……. the former is my ultimate mega k-pop bias, soooo :>

      • Anonymous

        I really don’t think SM promotes f(x) enough. Look at where they are now? Where are all the variety shows and documentaries? The paid articles of useless surveys and false hype? SNSD had like 5 during their first album. They were being promoted like coke bottles everyday. 

    • Only the Facts

      See you’re missing the point.  SME can handle their current acts.. They are strategically handling their current acts. Everything they did this year was deliberate. 
      For SME some of these groups are ready for “retirement.”   Fans don’t want to admit this but that may well be the reality. 

      Hence this year you saw the rise of SM TOWN where the groups traveled around like a cheap vaudeville show and performed in group concerts where to see your favorite group you have to sit through performances of groups you had no desire to hear.  By doing this SME did not have to develop a full complement of music for the groups to perform individually at their own live concerts since all they needed was one or two songs from each group.   This is a big savings to SME.  No individual marketing for each group, no multiple concert venues to book, one group of stylist, one group of engineers.  See they save a ton of money this way. 

      These SME Town concerts simply provided the SEED money for the new groups they planned to develop. The older groups are now the CASH FLOW for the new groups.  That’s why they worked the other groups so hard, to bring in as much cash as they can in 2011 so they could use that cash for the development of new groups. I mean really look at TVXQ2 they used them to bring Cassies to these SM Town Group Concerts and then made sure they performed towards the end just to keep Cassie in their seats till the end.    
      Is this a crime? NO ITS JUST BUSINESS.   For the entertainment companies the idols are commodities, they have a shelf life.   Some of the idols are nearing their expiration in the eyes of SME.  So they are used up and then cast aside and the next new product takes its place that is just the reality of K-pop.   

  • Anon

    Is SM purposely trying to encourage infighting? I can see the stan wars already about who sang which song better and why isn’t XX in EXO-K instead of EXO-M where fans could see them on tv shows and be eligible for awards etc etc.

    I feel bad for whoever is in EXO-M already. If EXO-K is successful in South Korea, they will naturally be successful overseas. The same doesn’t apply for the Chinese group (you can’t have an inverse Hallyu wave originating from China…)

    So much of SM’s fanbase is obsessed with “getting awards” for their favorite groups. ELFs, SONEs, Cassies – they froth at the mouth and live to vote every 10 minutes on websites, bulkbuy albums by the hundred, organize synchronized streaming and broadcast. China doesn’t have a modern competition-based music industry in place. How will EXO-M’s fans feel, knowing they can’t duke it out with other stans for weekly show awards and end-of-the-year titles?

  • Anonymous

    New faces, same old concepts. Honestly, I want to get my hopes up, but then I remember the “Mr. Simple” teaser and the “The Boys” concept photos. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times and there’s a definite pattern developing. 

    (Also, isn’t this the group with the rumored 12-year-old? I’m not comfortable fangirling over that. =/)

    • Mer

      I’m having mixed feelings about SM’s new groups.  Their past and probably current practices have left a horribly sour taste in my mouth.  I kinda feel sorry for these guys.  SM still has a lot of talented groups with already established fan bases that they’re not cultivating and the music they’ve put out this year is old, tired, and half-assed.  I miss SHINee   And anyway…  What kind of “reputable” company can not multi-task?  They seem to always focus on one group and one group only and leave the others to wallow.  Yeah…  shitty.

    • Just the Music

      The music sounds like it may have possibilities .  But the concept is blah….. and it is  so been there done that….  Also the strange hand movements… the fingers… Changmin (annoyingly) does the same hand/finger movements when he dances… I find it distracting and so staged like he’s thinking… okay place hand here….fingers here.. foot here.. Well it’s the same movements.. look at the opening, has tinges of opening for KHYD.   Personally SME’s artists are like one be blur, even TVXQ2 just living off Cassie.  Nothing really stands our musically or creatively.   
      SME just can’t seem to find its way to anything truly new and creative.  

  • Anonymous

    matrix cam strikes back! 

    seriously SM, can you get another type of camera? i mean, if you want a tidbit of “inhuman” effect, you can borrow that pretty pretty cameras from SBS.

  • Anima

    Actually if you see his profile pics and him predebut he actually doesn’t look much like Taemin but looks almost identical to INFINITE’s Sungjong… but more masculine and with a fake nose and jaw :/ I don’t hate this group (how can I, there has only been one teaser) but there is already that painful SM trademark of generic and contrived seeping through the cracks.

    His dancing is a bit robotic and mediocre (no passion whatsoever in those moves) but what gets me is how there are already so many stans and how this group is bound to be successful and the amount of intrigue and hope simply because this group comes from SM entertainment. Taking a good look at this teaser, it’s no better than anything from most other companies and the background is so obviously fake but people call it ‘cool, amazing etc.’ simply because it’s a product of SM.

    I guess I’m implying that I don’t hate this but I do hate the fact that they are garnering so much positive attention and level of success for such a basic teaser simply because they come from SM. I just wish that people would judge the full product a bit more :/

    btw, am I the only one who finds the name EXO a bit lame??? They could have had something totally awesome for as long as they’ve been preparing. One of their members, Chanyeol is really hot though I do admit but the hype factor is a bit ridiculous imo.

    • http://profiles.google.com/jcho49 J Cho

      I like the name Exo better than BAP… =____=

      • Anima

        In comparison to BAP, I’m starting to love Exo lol. :)

        • http://profiles.google.com/jcho49 J Cho

          I win :D , but you can hop on the WTF WHY BAP TRAIN? You can be a winner there too.

    • Tornibbon91

      Tough, that’s life. Get over it. And the name EXO is a million that better that Best.Absolute.Perfect. 

  • alexandre

    I am actually looking forward for this debut, although I have pledged my undying loyalty to Big Bang, I guess we should all open ourselves up to new groups and not just to one group. The main reason why I am anticipating their debut is that I want to see some improvement and growth in SM as an entertainment company. The fact that SM made itself one of the biggest K-entertainment company has really got me thinking why because of their lack of effort in selling quality music. I admit my frustration with SM as a home for their artists although I admire their groups to some extent. I just hope that EXO Planet is not just another Trax that SM will toss aside, a Super Junior that they’ll neglect after some time and give really mediocre crap, or an SNSD that they’ll use to milk the fans who willingly buy the group’s album just because they love the girls to death. I seriously hope to witness SM mature in producing great music. I do not want to see again the overused gigantic diamond which I always see on DBSK’s Keep Your Head Down, SNSD’s The Boys, Shinee’s Japanese Lucifer and who knows where else and oh yes how could I forget the matrix cam that is so terrifyingly annoying?. I wish the songs they make will actually become more friendly to our ears, more original and not just some remakes of songs from other countries. And lastly I certainly hope that SM will try to develop their artists more in the sense that they become better with each new comebacks.

    So overall, I would definitely want to see if SM has abandoned its old style or stayed true to it. I guess I expect EXO Planet as a sort of proof that SM can do better and become better. The first member is show and also the teaser released but I see some SM trademarks again. I hope it’s just me but the water ground, matrix cam, in the box MV set seemed all too familiar and repetitive. The song, for me, was nice though but it’s still too early to get my hopes up. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see the whole thing.

  • SHINee52911

    I’m really rooting for them but I’m really tired of the Taemin comparisons

  • Anonymous

    “Perhaps if all goes well, this new group will steal the attention away from more critical news surrounding SM and it’s artists.”
    that made me think….. the timing of this news…. and palm news about sme being fine….. oh i see.

    • yuka5470

      lady karma scored huh? LOL

      JYJ fans

      • http://profiles.google.com/jcho49 J Cho

        Get over it.

        Everybody else :)

        • yuka5470

          can’t do, sorry.. :))

          • http://profiles.google.com/jcho49 J Cho

            double chin win? well it’s your loss

  • LImpy Limpious

    Am I the only one who has negative feelings about this debut? I mean, korean market is already oversaturated with new kpop groups debuting more and more each year, it makes me dizzy to keep track of all of them.It’s like, every company is trying to earn more money by producing more and more groups, let them grab their 5 minutes of fame, milk the largest possible amount money from them while they are popular by making them work with little or no sleep, ignoring the further development of their talents, abusing them, starving them or other horrors, and in the end dump them til they disappear into oblivion. Seems like the expiration date for every new group is getting shorter and shorter.
    I fear that this new group will become priority to SM in korean market, and more SM groups in the market means greater competition and less money for other SM groups. And when group brings no money to the company, they end up like f(x) – irrelevant.
    What if that happens to SHINee. Their attempt to enter japanese market was bad, and what if their korean comeback becomes a disaster because they are not a priority to SM.
    Why don’t they use what was left of Suju, reinvent them or sth and let them continue their careers as a group? 
    What with SNSD? They were yet to become popular in Japan, but suddenly, they are off to the States.
    And DBSK, well, we all know that their careers could have lasted much longer and earn more money if the people in SM weren’t “clever” enough to let them disband?
    I don’t get it, what’s the point in debuting this new group in Korea, when SM already has talented groups with established fandoms and capabilities to reinvent themselves to garner new fans. 
    I also don’t understand what is the targeted audience in Korea for this new group. SHINee has their noonas, SNSD their ajussi and leftovers of DBSK has the grieving ones with nostalgia for good old days of kpop. This new group seems to be targeted to, whom? Probably everybody. And if everybody is biased towards this group, then nobody will be biased towards older groups

  • Janu

    Old and boring?  They’ve only just begun!  lol
    SM has got the midas touch and no matter what I think of this group, I know they’re going to be a hit.

  • eboy07

    Skinny ass chinese – korean boys.
    Special effect here and there but not any better compared to Justin Bieber.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000093750237 Tiana Lynn Yew

      That is incredibly rude I hope you realise. Not only are you unnecessarily insulting JB who has NOTHING to do with this, you are also being such a racist! God get off the internet you douche.

  • http://www.twitter.com/veiledheart VeiledHeart

    I’m just gonna assume that the teaser has absolutely no relation to the actual song. Like pretty much every other teaser in Kpop. Also, please stop with the matrix cam; I’m beyond over it.

    I’m interested if only because it’s something new. I hope with the newness of the group comes a refresh of the music. Some of the stuff put out by SM lately has been meh at best. Some of f(x)’s stuff is horrible…like Pinocchio (Danger).  Sometimes it only really shows promise when it gets the Japanese rehash. For example TVXQ’s TONE was far better than the Korean version, imo.

    • Tornibbon91

      Really? But Pinocchio did so well on the charts and music shows. 

      • http://www.twitter.com/veiledheart veiledheart

        I’m not saying it didn’t sell, I’m saying that it sounded a mess. SM generally sells well physically. 

  • http://twitter.com/PhanTheHotness Jenny

    shoot i think it’s great
    i’m a sucker for slow r&b type songs >.<
    we'll see if the teaser song is the actual song though

  • Guest

    Why is everyone contradicting themselves. You want SM to promote your group more and give them more music, but you also what them to take a break. Does that make any sense? Its not like any of the group is just sitting at home twiddling their thumbs. SM overworks their Idol groups because thats what their fans want; a piece of them all the time. TVXQ, Super Junior, SNSD, F(x), even TRAX released albums in 2011. Shinee is trying to break into Japan land. What more do you want them to do? They’re lucky to be in one city for longer than a few days. The past few music videos suck, because none of their big acts really have time in between all their activities in Korea and other countries and end of the year award shows. F(x) is probably SM’s most idle group, but at least their pushing them by putting them in Super Juniors Super Show. All their albums would be better produced and made if fans didn’t expect a whole new product every 6 months. Everyone gets pissed that their bias group gets left in the dust, but I think they’re all jammed packed of activities. SM is just giving fans what they want. The shelf life of an Idol is short lived, because fans have a short attention span. Albums would be more solid if fans didn’t expect new stuff all the time. Idol groups are selling so Idol groups are debuting. After the popularity of IU this year, I’m pretty sure companies are going to go that route as well. Its not like these kids were picked off the streets a year ago, they’ve been training for who knows how long waiting to debut. Let EXO prove themselves. SM groups take the longest to hit #1 after debut, but once they do they skyrocket to fame and popularity. If fans want their Idols to take a break, then expect seeing less of them on everything.

    ***I’m pretty sure many Idol groups would love to even have the popularity level of F(x); they might not be as popular as their label mates, but they are a hell of  a lot more popular than most Idol groups ( there are like over 100 now). People know who F(x) are and who their members are. In this saturated market, thats pretty good to me. 

    ***At least SM isn’t debuting another girl group. Most fans are girls. Boy groups sell more stuff. Girl groups get more hate.

  • Die-another-day_007

    Lol! Bigger manlier version of Taemin…. But he’s one year younger!! …. But I still think Taemin is more attractive ^^

  • Anonymous

    “EXO-K and EXO-M are new boy groups who will lead the world music industry from now on.” If you consider Asia the whole world, I guess.

    I agree with a comment below. This article is a bit bipolar.

    • Tornibbon91

      That reeks of negativity. Why can’t they?

  • Pg13247

    Finally a new group to debut from SME. I really hope they’ll get a good debut song. SNSD’s and SHINee’s were both great. f(x)’s had some great parts to it, but the whole song wasn’t explosive enough and 2NE1 was just overshadowing all the rookies. “Fire” was such a fun debut song.

    Maybe this will allow them to give some of their artists a break.
    SNSD: There will be 3-4 dramas with an SNSD member in it. 7/9 of the members will be busy in Spring 2012. I wanted them to continue in Japan because that gave them such an awesome Japanese album and really shaped them up.
    Suju: They need to regroup and re-invent themselves for a new song with their remaining members. Fan-power may keep them alive, but the public will be sick of them if they continue with half-assed songs.
    SHINee: Leave them in Japan to really focus and impress the people there or they will be lost among the other Japanese debuts. I’m sure the shawols could handle an 8-month absence.

    To promote:
    EXO could probably handle 1-3 months at best if their song is great. What about the rest of the year?
    f(x) They are consistent in their images and songs, and hopefully they’ll get their big break this year.
    TRAX: Have them promote again if they can, just so people won’t forget them.
    CSJH: When are Lina and Stephanie coming back? If they’re not coming back just make an official duo instead of leaving it like this.
    Zhang Li Yin: Will we finally hear a new official song from her and that other trainee girl?

    DBSK: ??? I don’t know what will happen to them with this “news” that will be released.

    • yuka5470

      DBSK: ??? I don’t know what will happen to them with this “news” that will be released.

      what “news” ?? O.o

      • Pg13247

        Something called Palm Ent. has some news on how SME may have obstructed JYJ’s activities. I don’t know if they have more information about that. It may or may not affect HoMin activities and promotions.  

        • atsuko

          It isn’t “may have obstructed”, but “have obstructed.”

          KPFC (or that government body that deals with KPop) already found SME GUILTY of obstructing JYJ’s activities. SME have been fined something like 100 million won.Time will tell if this will actually end KBS and other TV stations’ ban on JYJ.

  • ckjay

    IMO, im not going to judge on EXO yet. They have realised one teaser which just has Kai dancing. It hasn’t show much yet so you can’t really tell. But I may say that SM is smart but doing a Korean and Mandarin group, the fact is that there are being marketed in more places at the same time and no need to write different songs since they are already promoting the same songs. It also means that more trainees are out of their way. The teasers for Mr Simple and The Boys blew me away. I absolutely loved them. The fact that both groups who in fact are my favourite boy and girl group came out with the trashiest albums this year in SM this year and still did so well in sales was because of their large fanbases. Pretty much just the hardcore fans willing to buy anything for their artists. These are my opinions on the groups so far: 
    Super Junior, I feel are just being freaking used as dogs just to bring the money into SM. SM knows that whatever they release with Suju’s name is just going to bring them the huge bucks so of course they still need to release things even while there are boys off MIA, and in the army. I guess thats why we are going to see KRY releasing an album in January and SJM back in June next year. Overall, they don’t care about the music they are giving to SJ. Some of them MC, act and do musicals. Pretty much they can do well in many different areas specially in variety which is why we find them in pretty much every single show there is. SM just treats them like variety-dols. And thats how Suju survive; by being on shows and having a secured radio show etc. No need to care about the music says SM!

    SNSD are just like dogs as well. They are everywhere. One day they are in Korea, then Japan and now the US? Seriously with the crap remixes that released (maybe besides the Teddy Riley/MAMA remix), none of these songs that have been released will NOT do well in US. Seriously, SNSD have come out with some many better songs which of course aren’t Western material but does anyone think that ‘The Boys’ will attract US fans? Certainly those who are already, but attracting those who have no idea who these 9 asian girls are and pretty much singing in English? Sorry SNSD but you have no hope in the US with special albums and remixes.. –‘ I feel like they gave SJ a better international take, since they targeted Taiwan/China first before just releasing the albums just in Japanese, not with a debut. Similar with DBSK.

    DBSK, i dont know how far they can go as a duo anymore. Having the biggest fanbase in the world, they pretty much are still alive as long as their fanbase is. DBSK got it lighter than SNSD and SJ this year i reckon. they got the good part of the songs this year. DBSK are 7 years into their debut already nearly 8. if we want to see them more in the future before they go off to the army, and see huge success i suggest that DB5K come back. 

    f(x) really has gotten it tough. they debut in a time where it was just 2009 kpop mania. everyone was paying attention on the big names like SNSD who went HUGE that year. I feel like most of the sunbaes took they spotlight off them. but you can’t really complain, f(x) has been receiving their yearly albums/mini albums and they promote normally like any other group. The problem is just advertising them. Where are all the shows that should be given to a new group? The only show I know that f(x) have done alone is f(x) Koala and that wasn’t even that interesting. I feel like that they are just been put aside and only surviving cause they are also bringing money in from their albums, mainly digitally but they have also done well voting wise for GDA. they are 3rd on voting charts and even though the gap is huge from SJ and SNSD who are pretty much nearly neck to neck, 3rd is good for a group that probably beat DBSK along with it. f(x) also got a really crap 1st album. who the hell puts in OSTs and old CF songs in an album? and songs being bought off other artist. SM, you are really lazy.

    SHINee is just another group that is joining along the million other groups who are promoting in Japan. I feel like the only groups who are big there are DBSK, BoA and KARA. KARA holds the characteristics as many other Japanese groups, therefore their success in Japan. SM, keep SHINee in Korea and I bet you could so much better. 

    TRAX is a group that is so talented but where are they? Is this what is going to happen to DBSK after 8 years too? Members leave, then promoting becomes less and less? TRAX have it hard. CSJH are also a 2-member unit. Is the number 2 bad luck in SM? The artist all have such great potential, just SM doesn’t do the same with the music. I hope in the future Shindong films their MVs (credit to Oppa Has Arrived MV which was so much better than SM’s version). 

    Sorry for the huge essay.

  • Bervalvic

    The song sounds pretty good and they might provide just a bit of stability. Likely won’t be promoted, I fear their debut song will be suju meets something else I can’t put my finger on. Are they something to look forward to? Possibly?

    I think a lot of heavy money is being dropped into this group so other groups will get the short end of the stick. Who will suffer the most? Fx maybe but I’m not sure. And there goes Shinee possibly being replaced by this boy group.

    I’m not exactly sure how I feel right now but recently I just feel like somethings are a bit sloppy. This group might also give SM artist a break to get there ish together. SM doesn’t to release a girl group until Fx does something impressive. Till this day, the only song that I like is nu abo.

  • http://gabidubu.tumblr.com Gabi

    I would say he looks even more like Jaejoong instead of Taemin. After seeing the official pictures SM released.. my god, the kid looks like his brother! But yeah, still he gives a little Taemin vibe because of the dancing and the eyes. And well, like you said, let’s hope the teaser is actually related to the song, because it sounds promising. 

    • http://twitter.com/nowheregirl1993 Fatouma

      Really? I see him more like Taemin, a much more macho one, and maybe Jaejoong, if he got much more bigger. In the picture, he kinda looks like Jaejoong if he got beat up and stretched out, lol, I kid. But maybe I don’t see it because he doesn’t give the pretty, girly look that Taemin and Jaejoong give off :D

  • Anihseyo

    This is just wrong…so its basically plagiarism and laziness on SMs part because they don’t want to spent their time and money creating two different groups with songs they can call their own…Are they still one big group? I don’t like the fact that they have to share a song..For goodness sake give each group their own song SM you cheapscake!!!! This is just my opinion an dI think its an unfair idea.

    • Miss

      uhhh how is it plagiarism? they’re all within the same company, and they are meant to be the same group. they are split into two to perform in two countries, like mirror reflections of each other. they’ll feed off the popularity of each other. I don’t think it’ll be detrimental to either group that they’ll have to share a song. Interested to see how SME pulls this one off.

  • http://profiles.google.com/jcho49 J Cho

    Real talk the melody is really nice. Better not troll us SM

  • happyslip

    The first thing I noticed was, oh…the cab/car used for SNSD’s Japanese Mr. Taxi photo is there lol.

    Anyhow, I like the part of the actual song played, not so impressed with whatever dance Kai did on the teaser. But of course, I’ll keep my ears and eyes open, because regardless of the “disappointments” I had with SME, they did one/two of the best debuts in recent kpop for me — SNSD’s ITNW and SHINee’s Replay. As to asking what will happen to them eventually…um, I guess I won’t even start thinking about it yet.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/perfumeah perfumeah

    I’m excited for the fresh start and chance that EXO turns out well…. but it feels like having another group to handle could further water down the quality of everything coming from SM. Either that or these new guys get all the good songs/concepts, which at this point may not be too bad considering how things were this year. Overall though I hope SME steps up their game for every group in 2012 because there’s a handful of talented people in there whose abilities are being wasted. 

  • Anonymous

    It Seems SM found a way to rake in more money from their loyal fans all the while doing much less work and spending less. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rahmi-Hidayati/100000088871826 Rahmi Hidayati

    at first I watch it, I thought, SM not be more develop. because the concept same as the other. just my opinion.  wether they just need the new group or what. who knows.

  • Guest

    When did SMent find the time to splice Taemin and Key’s genes? I guess their foray into genetics explains where the money went they should have been paying their artists and spending on high quality albums.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1235146012 Claire Bautista

    Everybody dances on a water floor. You’re not a kpop group until you dance on a water floor xD

  • http://twitter.com/seobehrin 서베린

    So this is SM’s new business strategy?  CLONED GROUPS?  It’ll be hard to see them as special when another group is singing the same song in the same clothes to the same moves under the same name!

  • http://twitter.com/kuchiki6 Cassandra

    When are they going to debut?

    • Anonymous

      in 23rd January.. i guess..

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000410828197 AniregCassie Haruhi Delito

    Are you some hater of SM Entertainment? Oh come on, don’t bash them too early. SUPER JUNIOR, SNSD, SHINee, f(x) and EXO are the best!

  • Anonymous

    Hey, I think that you are somewhat bias in your comments. Don’t you know what is meant by being objective? Huh, seems like your posts are really one-sided and not a good read. Such a waste of time dude.