Girl group T-ara is being heavily criticized for their unprofessionalism during their performance at Arts Festival in Uiwang as the result of one of the audience member uploaded a picture of these girls and argued that they were inattentive and failed to show any enthusiasm at the concert.  This netizen’s biggest complaint was that T-ara did not display any respect for the festival, although they were getting compensated to perform, which in turn, demonstrates disrespect for the city.

As the picture above became viral and began hitting the press, T-ara responded back with Tweets and stating that they were trying to to enjoy the performance during the the song “Roly Poly” and that they will try their best to perform better in the future.

Looking at their performance, T-ara members did  fail to pay attention to the MC and did talk among themselves, which is very unprofessional.  It is possible that they were having an off day – maybe they were tired, maybe they didn’t know what was going on, however, these are not valid excuses for these gals to behave the way they did.

Hopefully this will be a great lesson for the gals of T-ara and they will learn that, for better or for worse, anybody with a camcorder and an internet ID can expose their biggest or smallest mistakes — whether or not this should be the case is another question, however, this is the reality of today’s K-pop landscape.  What do you think?   Are the Korean netizens of Uiwang overreacting or was T-ara really unprofessional, hence deserving the criticisms?

(TV Report, Newsen)