• http://www.facebook.com/crysalide Farha Crysalide

    But we love YEH’s teeth. it’s her charm. and i hope she doesn’t change it forever. look at Kang Hye Jung. she did her teeth and now she’s just doesn’t look quirky anymore!

  • tyounge1991

    Most of the girls in AKB48 have crooked “youthful” looking teeth, obviously healthy teeth/gums…and they are considered some of the most attractive young women in their field. One of their most popular members has a weird tooth that just stands out from the rest.

    Getting your teeth done for no serious reason is kinda….a waste of money to be honest. I mean if your teeth are healthy and you don’t have any major issues with any sort of crooked-ness or under/over bite, then who cares? lol

    • Xenia

      Agree. Sometimes crooked teeth look ugly, but they are often charming as well. I suppose most of commenters that vote for perfect teeth are from USA, Europeans are not that obsessed with their smiles =)

  • Van Nguyen

    There is nothing wrong with not fixing your teeth. I like Yonghwa’s teeth crooked (but Yunho looks just fiiiine with his straightened teeth =]).

    I think the real problem is why they would consider having plastic surgery before straightening their teeth…

  • Tigana

    Honestly, I like straight teeth and I don’t find YEH’s smile particularly charming. I really like how Gd snd Yunho look after they got their teeth fixed. However, I appreciate variety – most of idols look incredibly alike, so any distinguishing feature is welcome

  • http://twitter.com/VeiledHeart LaShaundra

    If Yonghwa fixed his teeth I would be incredibly hurt lol. It works for him.

    If there is nothing wrong with your teeth and it’s just for cosmetic purposes, why bother if you don’t have to. Going to the dentist is the worst and I’ve had surgery. 

    • ShadowSeeker

      i hope yonghwa won’t fixed his teeth. 

  • Gnattie

    I’m so glad I was born with naturally straight teeth. I never had to get braces like all my friends did lol.

    I’m not sure why straight teeth aren’t very important in Asia. InJapan, crooked teeth, called yaeba, are considered cute. This is weird to an American like me. In America, people always do the best they can with their teeth. They bleach, straighten, &/or enhance their smiles with veneers. And it’s thought of as normal. If you have crooked teeth, you go get braces or something similar. I think braces can be cute. So a lot of Americans have passably nice smiles, making bad teeth stand out to us ever more. We just automatically notice & judge them. A person with bad teeth comes off as unhygenic and much less attractive. Not ugly, but less attractive. Like, I wouldn’t want to kiss someone with jagged, yellow teeth. It’s gross.

    Crooked teeth look like they hurt. Do they?

    Lol we love to tease the British about their teeth. The British are always stereotyped as having bad teeth. Which is weird because the Japanese have worse teeth.

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  • Oshawott

    I hope YEH doesn’t get her teeth fixed. I don’t like how Taeyeon and Yunho’s(and a lot of other idols) teeth looks so unnaturally perfect.

  • pammiej85

    It’s actually funny because Cassies all used to compliment Yunho on his cute teeth. They were a bit disappointed when he got veneers. But he said that SME didn’t want him to be “cute” since his image was all about looking and being all things manly in TVXQ. A lot of new fans look at his old photos and say how they liked his old teeth. But I guess at age 25, those cutesy teeth wouldn’t work anymore….

  • pandahaya

    Orthognathic surgery can’t really give people a smaller or more v-line face, it’s a surgery of fixing occlusal problems, like skeletal problem of either maxilla or mandible is too extruded, or when a person’s facial symmetry is obviously different(like when the jaw is tilted to one side).  The surgery that can achieve smaller and v-lined face is actually jaw angle surgery and genioplasty.  And sometimes after orthognathic surgery, one’s face changed quite alot (nose may look higher, eyes bigger, most importantly nearly even face), it’s not that he or she got a nose job and other surgeries, but that did happen to some of the patients(from what they said in their blogposts)

    As for some cases, when the occlusion is okay, a little bit of crowded front teeth may be the identity of that celebrity and oftenly they all look cute!

    I heard even some Japanese intentionally had orthodontic treatment to have the high canine because that look is really cute

    • http://seoulbeats.com Johnelle

      I’m not pretending to be an expert on orthodontics, but i did get the information about Orthognathic surgery in Korea and its use from this report http://www.asianplasticsurgeryguide.com/koreatrends/1106_koreans-search-orthognathic-surgery.html which I linked to in the article.  Thanks for the info though.

  • Juli Gregg

    A good example of someone who got their teeth fixed is Soohyun of U-Kiss. You could pick him out from the group by his teeth, but he was still attractive. I think they fixed his teeth sometime in the last year but now people love his smile when he sings on stage even more.

  • Mer

    I dislike they way some of these “fixes” look.  Their teeth look obiviously fake.  Giant overbites and when they speak the lisp is VERY pronounced.  I can’t look or listen to Kim Tae Hee for this very reason.  All I see are teeth. That goes for a lot of actors and actresses.  Their teeth distract me during dramas.  Their dentist ripped them off. 

    To me,  Yunoh’s teeth looked fine before.  As do Eun-hye and G-Dragons, they look good. 

  • http://twitter.com/PhanTheHotness Jenny

    yunho went from cute to major hotness!!

  • Cheese

    As a kid I had ‘bunny’ teeth with a gap between them – it made me feel ugly. I got braces as a teen and it really improved my overall look – the teeth no longer became a distraction but a complement to my face. I think it’s a distraction, not charming. I think GD’s a great example – what a gorgeous smile he has now and you look at his eyes not his teeth. 

    I really don’t understand why so many idols have crooked teeth and don’t get them fixed. Not bashing bad teeth, hey, I had them, but I just don’t get it.

    • Van Nguyen

      Yeah, I used to have really really REALLY bad teeth. Buck teeth and a large gap in the middle…even worse than SpongeBob’s!! -_-….
      I always wished I could get braces, but everyone convinced me to wait it out. And luckily, a few years after I lost all my teeth, my teeth miraculously pushed themselves together!! My teeth aren’t perfect, but it’s straight enough and that’s fine with me =)

      And I agree about the stars and crooked teeth. Yunho looks so mature (and soooo fine) ^.^ and a lot of people can take him seriously nowadays.

      But I also think Yongwha’s crooked teeth fits his personality..so I guess it really depends on the person.

  • kookoo

    I like Eun Hye’s teeth though. They fit her face and make her seem more approachable to me. Is that weird  Lol. :D

  • Skye

    I was thinking about this just the other day. I used braces when I was 13/14, would do it again and would do it for my kids in the future if they needed it. Everyone has their things when it comes to appearence, and teeth is my “thing.” If a person has bad teeth, I’m never gonna see the beautiful eyes or the armony of their features, all I’m gonna see is BAD TEETH xD Which I guess it’s the reason I don’t get why all those idols don’t get their teeth fixed. 

    I don’t think nice teeth make you prettier, but I do think that bad teeth tend to distract from the beauty a person may have.And in SK, where plastic surgery is so common, it seems even more weird. They seek perfection, yet they don’t do what’s probably the less dramatic change of all. Idk, I don’t think I get it xDps. Yunho looks SO much better.

  • Juby

    I love Yoon Eun Hye’s teeth! She’s truly one of a kind and I find her very charming :)

  • http://twitter.com/drama_otaku drama_otaku

    Well I think Eun Hye’s teeth are adorable and it does make her seem much more approachable and seem down to earth.  Otherwise we would have a perfect Eun Hye who’s not much different from other gorgeous stars.

  • maldita

    Yunho’s old crooked teeth were so cute, but when he fixed them, it just added to the perfection of his overall self. I think he only got veneers though, ’cause if you watch him when he laughs and tilts his head back, you can see his teeth still kinda crooked at the back.

    Should’ve gone for braces instead like Jessica and Yuri.

  • Doktor Estef

    I actually think that the messed up teeth look great. You know straight teeth, yeah they are pretty, but everyone has them so it is nice when a pretty actor/actress/musician has crooked teeth (to an extent) it’s a cute feature, they look adorable.

  • booyaah

    For YEH and Yonghwa I think their teeth is actually part of their charm. Makes them see more approachable and down to earth. I actually would cryyyy if I saw that they replace them with those too-perfect-too-white-too-bright teeth

    • Tiffany Kim

      Same here, I love Yong Hwa’s fang that he has. It makes him look mischievous and quite charming (: I hope he never fix it <33

  • Anonymous

    I think for some of them they don’t really care and since noone is pressuring them to fix it they don’t see the need.  Also for people like Eun Hye and Yonghwa its become a part of their charm and it would be weird to see them with perfect teeth.  Considering I used to be a pretty big Baby Vox  fan (Kim EZ is just total win as a rapper ) back in the day it would be really weird to see Eun Hye without her funny teeth.

  • http://smashingly-fabulous.tumblr.com/ Abra007top

    For me teeth are a big thing, I hate crooked teeth because no matter how gorgeous the person is all I can see are nasty teeth.  I once had a severe overbite and looked like a bucktoothed bunny.  They could do a lot with braces and a headgear but if I wanted my teeth to align perfectly I would have to break my jaw, have it shaved down and put back together.  I refused this procedure because I was like 10 and couldn’t deal with eating through a straw for a month or longer.  But it is amazing how different my jawline and mouth look with just the braces and head gear.  They can do miraculous things without surgery too.  I don’t really care about what stars have done to themselves as long as it makes them happy and they aren’t over doing it.  Some of these stars teeth are horrible and if I were them I’d get them fixed too. meh just my thoughts and opinion.

  • munkie

    did daesung really get his teeth fixed? i remember watching the bigbang secret garden parody and his teeth were definitely still crooked.

  • http://twitter.com/MonicaDBSK Monica

    Micky yoochun fixed his teeth too. Although I didn’t find his old teeth that bad looking before. Kim tae hee’s teeth looks fixed although i don’t know if she did, but her teeth have always look oddly too big to fit in her mouth to me, and they’re very white and straight.

  • http://twitter.com/novitoocool Novita Widia

    Haha I also notice that sex GOD T.O.P also has crooked teeth on his lower jaw…. still hot tho

    omg… you put Daesung’s smile up there, really miss him *___*

  • http://twitter.com/stroplok stroplok

    I don’t thing Yoon Eun Hye and Jong Yong Hwa’s teeth are much of a problem though – it adds to their appeal.
    If I’m not mistaken Yong Hwa did have some things with his teeth or around the mouth fixed before debut, but the “snaggletooth” was left behind, so there must be something to it. The idea of that one imperfection that just makes them more perfect

  • http://twitter.com/no1Salope Riley Davis

    Teeth are really important to me. A nice set of teeth can really brighten up an otherwise average face. I think its funny that this issue was brought up on this site as ‘bad teeth acceptance’ is known to be more common in Japan-it is called ‘Yaeba’. And people with Yaeba are assumed to be kinder because of their teeth. Where I’m from all you get is abuse for having bad teeth and there is really no excuse these days to have snaggle teeth-has anyone ever had the misfortune of dining with a person with snaggleteeth? It’s bloody awful the amount of stuff that gets stuck in there. I also had a large gap as a kid and it made my face look wider (and just generally awful) and I was so glad when i got braces to fix it. 

  • Heya

    Those teeth don’t add to their appeal.  Not in Korea.  Ppl find them prettier when those teeth aren’t showing.
    I don’t find YEH particularly pretty w/o makeup, but I adore her because of her personality and her stint on Xman.  Her acting on the other hand is mediocre.I’ve never really noticed Yonghwa’s teeth. He’s just hot!

    • V-2lilid

      find also Yoon Eun Hye much of a problem when she smiles.  She has the body i accept but not a face sorry. She might look good in some pics  but it’s mostly because of her make up and classy dresses. But if she wears plain and simple and without a paint at all i cant see the natural beauty people are saying. Sure she can act but  weak and mediocre.. There are natural other beautiful K actresses than her.  She is also overrated.

      • Urs0

         ^Not true that she only looks good with painted face on.  Gong Yoo said in an interview that Yoon Eun Hye is the prettiest without makeup on. And in High Cut, many photographers and makeup artists were asked who among the female celebs that they have seen and worked with looks good even with bare face and they all voted for Yoon Eun Hye.

        So what you are saying is baseless since you have never even seen her in person,

  • Anonymous

    Japan is way worse then korea, i don’t know whats up with their dental system there but they are like snaggle tooth universe . On average i think japanese have a lot more cute girls but when they smile it just ruins it.

  • Nate River

    Am I the only one that thought that YunHo with his non perfect teeeth was cute? Its funny how just changing your teeth can make you look amazing. *goes off to watch Hug*

  • http://twitter.com/Saara2011 Saara

    I like YEH’s teeth, they may not be perfect, but they suit her and add some charm which some celebs completely lack….

  • http://twitter.com/BlueblurrySep Bell

    I Love her teeth. I think overly organized teeth looks ridiculous (such as Hilary Duff’s) I used to like Hilary untill she’s done somthing to her teeth, now she looks like a horse to me. So unattractive.

  • seanaldshoee

    I never understood how YEH was considered ‘beautiful’ or ‘sexy,’ I think she’s adorable and cute. And the teeth add to it. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Q55YVFWQMHYHSRVW3K3I3X5H6I clarasnsd

    yeaah, i’m watching ”lie to me” right now with Yoon Eun-hye and her teeth are pissing me off, she is a such a beautiful girl, but when she opens her mouth i feel like dying, i just don’t know why she doesn’t fix it o.o

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  • Raseedah W. Idris

    i don’t think their teeth are that bad. just because they turned into someone famous that does not mean they have to change everything they naturally have. so i don’t really mind about their teeth. that’s a part of their charms. ^^

    and as for yonghwa, i don’t wish to see him fix his teeth, i am already used seeing him smiling with that teeth. ^^

  • rebeca edmondson

    I really like the fact that loads of Korean celebs don’t have straight teeth – it makes me feel like they’re more human, just like the rest of us – they don’t feel the need to make every inch of themselves perfect like you see in British or American celebs, all of whom have the same set of teeth. It’s very, very refreshing, and for someone like me, who did have 100% perfectly straight teeth (and 7 years of orthodontic hell) which have now relapsed slightly and look a bit more crooked than before, I feel much better about my smile than I did before. So long as their teeth are in good condition and do their job, who cares if they’re straight?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/TM47HLUQAQDLWRFSPGUZEJQW6M k.T


  • Seri Park

    While Koreans prefer straight teeth, in general, the Japanese don’t… the Japanese in fact find crooked teeth cute. So, if Korean stars want to make it big in Japan, like CNBLUE, it is preferable not to get braces.