This week’s 5 Things is the ‘Short, because of Too Much Sweets’ version because today I was reminded why I hate going to the dentist… Ibuprofen?  Where’s my Vicodin!  Sorry if this edition is a bit loopy: Lie to Me Somewhere Over the Rainbow, 4Men on Sound Plex, F.T. Island sing about You and I,  Who will survive as Korea’s Top Band, and Love is the Best Medicine.  These are the 5 Things that happened in Kpop last week that I think were a little bit more special than the rest.

Lie to Me Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Love this little snippet of IZ‘s Somewhere Over the Rainbow playing in the background in this scene of Lie To Me.

The song might be playing as a recurring theme in the drama because another version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” was played again towards the ending of episode 11 when Ah-jung enters the couple’s special dinner in Jeju (maybe it’s Ah-jung‘s entrance theme?).  I’m loving how Ah-jung and Ki-joon‘s love story is finally coming about, but of course something is gonna happen to try to screw it up with only 4 episodes left. Yoon-ju and Sang-hee are turning out to be the most annoying second leads ever.  Oh, and Coke in the limo… will you ever look at a bottle of Coke the same again?


4Men on Sound Plex

Mnet’s Sound Plex is a great little music show that is an intimate experience with some of your favorite Kpop stars.  This week’s guest was 4Men who sang their hit song from the Secret Garden OST “Here I Am” featuring Mi.

Aah, brings back such sweet memories of the drama.  Another great performance from the show I loved was their interpretation of Big Bang‘s “Love Song.”

It’s almost like having three Daesungs.  I don’t hate this love song.


F.T. Island sing about You and I

The boys of F.T. Island were guests on Heechul‘s radio show Kim Heechul’s Young Street.  On the show, they delivered an awesome version of Park Bom’s hit single “You and I.”


Who will survive as Korea’s Top Band?

There’s a new variety/reality music show for KBS called Survival:Top Band. It’s like Superstar K, but with amateur bands competing instead of soloists and the judges rank among Korea’s rock elite: No Brain, Cherry Filter, Shin Dae-chul, Jung Won-young, Nam Goong-yeon, Yoo Hyeon-sang, and Kim Do-kyun. The show is MC’d by Lee Ji-ae and these clips are from the second episode.  Bands that auditioned ran the gamut from young school girls, to rockers, to ahjusshis, and even halmonis.  Here’s a few of the standouts that made the first cut whose performances wowed me.


LOVE is the BEST Medicine

There’s only two episodes left after these episodes and the ones that just aired and thinking of what is coming next is KILLING me.  Dokko Jin beats Manager Jang who has got to be the most evil manager that ever lived and I can honestly say I have no sympathy for him whatsoever.  I’m just saying, but Manager Jang better get what’s coming to him or I’ll be severely disappointed.  The only good thing about the situation is Ae-jung coming over to check on Jin and making him curry with no potatoes- because potatoes don’t get killed in his house.

So cute, but if it were me- I love potatoes too much to ever give them up… off with their heads!

I really love the relationship between Dokko Jin and Hyung-kyu, Hyung-kyu is the cutest thing ever.

Keep an eye out for this kid, Yang Han-yeol. I see a lot more roles in his future.

It’s funny how they have relevant scenes in the drama repeat itself like Lee Seung-gi‘s scarf incident (which was like Dokko Jin‘s scarf incident) and now the being someplace-you-shouldn’t-be-and-touching-things-you-shouldn’t-have scene in which Dokko Jin learns how everything that could go wrong, does, just like Ae-jung did earlier.

In the end: love that Jin and Ae-jung are finally together, Pil-joo just might really be the perfect man,  I take back my wish that Se-ri and Pil-joo hook up because she just never learns and continues to be immature and evil, Manager Jang better get hit by a train or something, Mina better get a spine, Ae-jung better survive everything, and don’t even get me started about the homoerotic mess that was a drunk Jae-suk.  I can’t believe there’s only two more episodes.

Those were the 5 things that I LOVED in Kpop last week, were they yours?