Warning: this MV, like candy, is terribly sweet, does not have much substance, and if too much is digested, may cause stomach and/or headaches.


After having just seen the photos of rookie idol group B1A4 earlier today, of course I had to go and watch their MV for their song “OK” repeatedly. (Side note: perhaps it is not so auspicious to call your first single “OK”. That is, if you want it to garner more than just “OK” ratings and interest…anyway, I digress.) Before I let you watch the MV for yourself, let me share my thoughts:

I can’t tell if they can actually sing or not. In this song, the boys (yes boys because that’s what they are when they are born in freaking 1992 and 1993!) channel what we here in the North American pop scene refer to as emo/alternative pop and do more of the talk-singing than the actual song-singing.  KnowwhatImean? Also, I had read all about this charismatic rapper with comparisons to the one and only T.O.P. (TOP! Seriously!!) to which I respond with a “HA! In your dreams, kid. Maybe after you go through puberty?”

Ok, ready for it? Here goes:

So…ok. It’s not as bad as I was saying above. BUT that’s only because their cuteness redeems them. And because their naive innocence makes their atrocious fashion forgiveable (blue. pleather. overalls. JUST SAYIN.) and whoever is singing the chorus can actually sing. However, 1+2 does not equal 4, kiddoes. Or rather, one B + 4 As does not equal KPOP IDOLS. Right now, they seem like a group in progress. I can’t tell what their niche will be in terms of music style, fashion, or following…besides young, I mean. But hey-there’s nothing wrong with that. Just no more RIDICULOUS comparisons to T.O.P., ok? And that’s where I stand with B1A4- just “ok”.

Plus, I’m not much of a sweets/candy person myself. I’ll take salty, crunchy, spicy crackers or chips any day.

Also, ADHD much video director? Perhaps that was just the camera work, though their youthful vigor onscreen does tire a curmudgeonly old person (with back problems even!!) viewing the MV, like myself.