After completing promotions for “Supa Luv,” Teen Top has released an MV for the song “Angel” as a White Day present for fans.  The song is a sweet and earnest love ballad, something a little different than what we’re used to from Teen Top.  The MV is full of self recorded images from the group’s first trip to Sapporo, Japan last month.  It shows the boys playing in the snow, in their hotel rooms, and just having fun in general.  Check out the MV here.

You know sometimes a sweet and unassuming MV and song is more than enough to make a fan happy and I think Teen Top’s efforts here really made their fans’ White Day.  I thought the song and MV were great, I’m starting to really like these guys.  My one question, wouldn’t it have been perfect if the ending shot was of them doing snow angels?  Too cliché, maybe…

After finishing their “Supa Luv” promotions, Teen Top will be taking a break to prepare for their next album.  I just have to ask… did C.A.P. (I think that’s who it is) flash the shaka sign towards the end of the MV?

Things that make you go, “hmmmm…”

(Newsen, TeenzOnTop)