Okay, okay, yeah, this song was leaked yesterday and everyone and their mother has probably already heard this song by now. We know. But this thing is just too awesomesauce for us to not celebrate its official release, right? In the wise words of Yunho: “Party, let’s party, it’s party time!”

“Before U Go” is the lead single off of DBSK‘s repackage album of the same title. And it sounds a little like glitter, magic, and intense sexytimes. Or you could take a listen below:

Now despite my flagrant fangirling, I’ll have to admit that “Before U Go” sounds like it was supposed to have been an SM the Ballad song, and considering the R&B powerhouses in that group, I would be willing to admit that SMTB probably would’ve *gulp* done it better. But to be perfectly honest, you could take any other R&B song SM has produced in the last five years and give it to SMTB, and they would’ve pwned it, hands down. But if SM goes and gives every R&B song to SMTB, then it only serves to make each of their groups more one-dimensional than they already are. And personally, I can’t stand it when each group is confined to its own ‘specialty’ and isn’t allowed to explore other styles of music simply because there’s another group out there that’s better — especially with a group like DBSK, whose entire reputation is based around the fact that they’re supposed to be good at everything. Granted, that’s certainly changed with the departure of half the group, but I dare anyone to say that Changmin and Yunho didn’t kill it in “Before U Go.”

The value in “Before U Go” doesn’t just lie in the fact that the song is excellent baby-making music, but it also serves as a testament for Changmin and Yunho’s vocal prowess. With DBSK’s two former main vocalists now gone, Changmin and Yunho needed to step it up in order to keep DBSK from slipping into that deep, dark pool of K-pop Mediocrity. And step it up they did.

Phewf. Apologies for the rant; I would have done a legitimate review on this repackage album – if only this wasn’t the only freaking new song on it! Seriously, where’s Changmin’s “Big Time” at, yo?

The music video for “Before U Go” is due for release on March 15th – one day later than the date advertised on the teaser, but what can you do. I’m still not sure how this song fits in with the idea of Changmin and Yunho shooting up bad guys, but hey – I’ll take it.