• SaCa

    Does this number include digital sales?

    • Eri

      i think so…

    • bee

      no, it doesnt, its just the album sales

  • mara

    Isn’t it from twilight? The instumental being played i mean..

  • Eri

    i felt in love with that instrumental the first time it heard it on the first episode *___*
    and yea, i think the music is one of the reasons i love this drama from the very start… i remember there was a really nice music when SJ and YS were chased by the guards and they were hiding behind a rock, but it’s not in the album >___<
    well, my favorites would be JYJ's, yunjung's and junsu's songs ^^

    • din

      “i remember there was a really nice music when SJ and YS were chased by the guards and they were hiding behind a rock”

      does anyone happen to know the title or where i can get this piece? :p

  • Daydream

    oh does anyone know the another instrumental music they use? it’s got violins playing the main theme, and i remember it playing when yeonhee was in the gisang house with chosun.

    • heartache

      i’m in love with that song too. can’t find the title though…..

  • asianromance

    i love the music in this drama! there are about 2 or 3 instrumental pieces that I really liked but weren’t included in the OST. =( I think one of them was the track that was played when she was going home on school break and was looking at the hairpieces. Maybe there will be another release with those tracks.

  • Sho

    I love the drama and JYJ but I didn’t think the OST was really that good?

    I don’t know. From the reviews I saw on the net, I was expecting it to be as epic as 나쁜남자 but I was pretty underwhelmed by the majority of the songs tbh.

    • Mey

      Well, it doesn’t necessarily sell because it’s good but because it’s JYJ and fans have been craving for them.
      Even if they were to release a mediocre album, it would still become a best seller coz Cassies are very supportive.

  • jake

    sm probably was playing dirty
    they practically just lost 3/5 of their most profiting group ever

  • KuKuKaChoo

    I LALALALOVEEEEE this drama…I love all the characters! I’m so glad that the OST is out.. I had a feeling that it was SME being that it is JYJ on the OST….

  • crysalide

    if the sales are more than 100K, how come the song didn’t top any charts like K-chart or Inkigayo. I remember Baek Ji Young’s OST for IRIS & Lee Seung Chul song for Kim Tak Gu were on the top 10 K-Chart MusicBank for a couple of weeks. And also Lee Seung Gi’s Will You Marry me OST for Brilliant Legacy also top the charts. but I didn’t hear them sold more than 110K sales. This is suspicious.

    • mambo
    • kat

      Based on Hanteo, they only got 15k so far… but oh well we know its not that reliable…

      kinda OT but, if this 110k album sales for 2 weeks is true, then 2ne1’s 100k in 5 days as claimed by YG is possible… so far 2ne1 album have 40k+ based on hanteo alone…

    • lol u

      They were no.1 on several charts but I guess you didn’t pay attention. You seem to wish that they didn’t sell 100K copies so what does that make you? A Bitter Betty?

    • wawale

      actually, news just got out that they just one K-Chart on MuBank this week.

      • wawale


  • cingdoc

    The music reminds me of Coffee Prince…when Go Eun Chan & Choi Han Kyul was discussing marriage plan…It’s just my (vague) memory/association :)

  • http://widhiarini.blogspot.com wizwidz

    Your favorite piece is also my favorite piece too. It is a song by Tearliner called Nabillera. May I recall that if @cingdoc feels a reminiscence of Coffee Prince, then you should know Tearliner was the Music Director for the drama and he also produced some songs for the OST. :) So, it’s his unique sound i guess. Pay a visit to Tearliner’s twitter and let him know about this :) @vertis9

    • mambo

      thank you. I’m so fond of that piece too.

    • Melissa

      I should have known it was Tearliner!!! Thanks for pointing it out

  • CK

    Do you where I can find that song to purchase/download? Thanks.

  • nins

    Yoo Ahin is such a natural actor, for real. He is not afraid to take risks like in this and all his other movies/dramas. love love ~~

  • Zanderwiles

    Im upset they didnt include the instrumental piece that plays during “sexy” scenes. The one with a womans *sigh*

    If anyone finds it let me know

  • shirley

    hai..i’m looking for missing OST in episode 13, when Geol Oh out for battle and Yong Hwa crying..
    it’s instrumental..
    can anyone tell me what song it is?

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