I’ve said it before, but Lee Si Young looked great in her first appearance on Playful Kiss as Oh Ha-ni‘s rival for Baek Seung-jo‘s affection, Yoon He-ra.  A lot of people must have been talking about it too because today, her agency released a statement that said that Si-young went on a strict diet and boxing regimen to get into shape for the role in August.  In a month, she lost 7kg (about 15.5 lbs) and brought her body fat down to 4 kg, a normal woman’s body fat is between 12-18kg.

She went on the diet and into training to get more into shape because in the drama He-ra was a National Tennis Champion and she wanted to get a figure like that of a professional athlete.  Si-young is also seven years older than Jung So-min who plays Ha-ni, so shaping up probably helped in matching up with her rival in the drama.  It looks like all of Si-young’s hard work paid off, I just hope she’s healthy.

cr:  SportsKhan, JKNews