T.O.P. and veteran actress Lee Mi-sook starred together in a smoking hot shoot for ELLE Korea entitled “Love Story.”  They portray lovers having secret trysts because theirs is a love that society will not accept, that of a younger man and an older woman.  What makes this shoot (their fictional love) scandalous isn’t that Lee Mi-sook is older, it’s that she’s waaay older.  T.O.P. is almost 24 (11/4/87) and Mi-sook is 51 (4/2/60), their age difference is greater than T.O.P.’s age.  I wonder if in this fantasy love affair Mi-sook is the rich wife of an uncaring and unfaithful chairman while T.O.P. is a young chaebol getting ready to take over his family’s company and the best friend of her son, or the love interest of her daughter?  Aah, too much Kdramas? Oh well, check out the pics from their photo shoot and you can draw up your own story behind them.

T.O.P. looks great as always and I have to say so does Lee Mi-sook.  Lee Mi-sook, who was most recently in the Korean movie Actresses along a slew of Korea’s other top actresses, looks Gr-r-reat.  She does look older than T.O.P., but not 27 years older.  One thing I can say for sure about this photo shoot is that T.O.P. has most definitely seared himself into the hearts of all his ahjumma and obasan fans for appearing in it.  If you’d like to see the whole shoot and storyline, you can check it out here.

cr: ELLE Korea