Do you want to be an active participant in the K-pop fandom, or wondered what it’s like to work for a website that analyses Korean entertainment? Do you have a lot of opinions about Hallyu that you would love to share? Or are you good with social media and enjoy sharing K-pop related content? Here is your opportunity to be a part of the Seoulbeats team!


Writers who are interested in writing about music videos, albums, dramas, film, variety shows, and socio-cultural topics. You should be able to contribute at least once a week, for a minimum of six months. We do extensive training with potential applicants, so we are looking for writers who are open to suggestions and are serious about improving their writing skills.

Social media team members who are interested in boosting the visibility and reach of our articles–past and present–through posts on our Facebook and Instagram accounts. You should be able to contribute at least once a week.

For both positions, we are flexible and will work around your schedule.


  • Access to a lively and helpful community of K-pop fans that can develop your knowledge of all things Hallyu, and nurture and challenge your perspectives on K-pop.
  • The chance to have your voice and opinions heard on a wide-reaching platform, and to receive feedback from not only editors, but also your peers and the online fan community.
  • An opportunity to build your resume and portfolio while learning from a knowledgeable team. Our writers have been able to use the work they’ve done for Seoulbeats for their professional careers.
  • Occasional opportunities to interview artists and attend K-pop events.
  • Note: Seoulbeats is fan-run and not-for-profit. While we are unable to provide remuneration for the team’s work, we do offer extensive mentoring and opportunities to share your work with a wide audience.

If you’re interested in applying for either position (or both), please write to us at recruiting[at] with the subject line “April 2023: [Your name] [Writing/Social Media]”, and the following information:

  1. All applicants: List three reasons why you would be a good fit for the team.
  2. Writing applicants: Please send us a sample of K-pop writing that you’ve done before (recommended length: around 500 words). This should show us your writing style and your ability to parse K-pop current events or releases.
    If you don’t have an existing writing sample, you may write something specifically for this application. Please copy and paste your sample into the body of your email.

We will be accepting applications until Sunday, April 16 at 11:59 PM EST.

If you have applied in the past, you are more than welcome to apply again. Feel free to ask us any questions in the body of your application email, and best of luck!

(Images via Big Hit Entertainment, Banana Culture)