Dear readers,

At the end of 2020, we sent out a call for support to keep Seoulbeats running. We’re grateful for the support that we received from you, whether it was through Patreon or Ko-fi donations, whitelisting our site, or the reading and sharing of our articles.

We’re happy to share that the site has now reached a financially sustainable position. As such, the editors have decided to shift away from regular Patreon donations towards an annual fundraiser in the summer, during Seoulbeats’ anniversary month.

We’ve updated our Patreons separately about this change, and we will share more details about the annual fundraiser through our site and social media later in the year. 

Thank you for being part of our space–the Seoulbeats team will continue working hard to share insightful views on Korean entertainment in the future.

Chelsea (Editor-in-Chief) and Qing (Managing Editor)
On behalf of the Seoulbeats team