Welcome to another edition of SB Week in Review! Here’s all the news you might have missed:


  • Accounts of Kim Jung-hyun‘s poor behavior on the set of Time back in 2018 resurfaced this week, along with leaked text messages (via Dispatch) from his then girlfriend, Seo Ye-ji, leading to a flurry of accusations.
    • The text messages made it appear that Seo forbid him from interacting with his female co-star (Seohyun) to the point where re-writes were necessary to meet his demands on set. Goldmedalist Ent. clarified that Kim also made requests of Seo regarding her behavior on set.
    • Multiple (unverified) accounts of Seo Ye-ji’s past behavior surfaced online ranging from school bullying to her time studying in Madrid.
    • Kim Jung-hyun released a lengthy apology, taking responsibility for his behavior while filming Time.
  • Former April member Hyunjoo followed up on previous online posts made by her brother and spoke out about alleged bullying that she endured from fellow group mates between 2014 and 2016. DSP quickly released an official statement — in addition to current members Yena and Chaewon‘s Instagram posts — denying the claims.
  • Fan forums and Twitter erupted this week with accusations of a photographer attempting to take up-skirt photos of Aespa‘s Winter during a Dazed photoshoot last month. SM promptly released a statement saying that they looked into the incident and nothing indecent occurred.

Debuts & Comebacks

  • Check out our playlist of the week’s releases above!
  • Shinee returned with a repackage and MV for “Atlantis.”
  • Kyuhyun added “Coffee” to his 2021 Project.
  • The8 (Seventeen) charmed in “Side by Side.”
  • Wheein embraced her more funky side in “Watercolor.”
  • Our reviewer found Kang Daniel honest and inspiring in “Antidote.”
  • Yoon Jisung made a long-awaited return with “Love Song.”
  • Lucy and Akmu‘s Suhyun released the track “Love Me Love You” in support of animal rights.
  • Majors debuted with “Rain on Me.”
  • Taeil (NCT) lent his vocals to Moon Sujin‘s “The Moon.”
  • IU shared yet another B-side MV off Lilac, this time for “Epilogue.”
  • A.C.E. teamed up with Grey for the social-media inspired, English track “Down.”
  • Great Guys released and English version of “Touch by Touch.”

Teasers & Announcements

  • Teasers dropped daily for Day6‘s The Book of Us : Negentropy ahead of its April 19 release.
  • Nu’est are ready to turn things “Inside Out” in the MV teaser for their April 19 comeback with Romanticize.
  • A Pink will put out a special 10th anniversary “Thank You” single on the same day.
  • The MV teaser for P1Harmony‘s “Scared” looks intense. Disharmony: Breakout will be released on April 20.
  • Ab6ix showed off their norm-core side in the most recent teasers for Mo’ Complete: Have a Dream. The album drops on April 26.
  • Enhypen are going with a masquerade concept for their next EP, Border: Carnival.
  • ONF‘s first repackage, City of ONF will come out on the 28th.
  • Image teasers are finally out for Itzy‘s Guess Who, due out on April 30.
  • Highlight announced their return on May 3 with The Blowing.
  • NCT Dream‘s first full album will be titled Hot Sauce, and out on May 10.
  • Ailee will be back in May with a pre-release ahead of her studio album.
  • Black6ix disbanded after four years.
  • Cube is debuting their new group, Lightsum sometime soon.

Other News

  • Soohyun (U-Kiss) left NH Media after 13 years following the expiration of his contract.
  • Kang Sora announced the birth of her first child. Congrats!
  • JBJ95 have filed suit for contract termination from Star Road Entertainment.

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