Welcome to another edition of SB Week in Review! Here’s all the news you might have missed:


  • The Seoul High Court, which was hearing the appeal against Jung Joon-young and Choi Jong-hoon‘s sentences for aggravated rape, reduced Jung’s original sentence from 6 yrs. to 5 yrs., and Choi’s, from 5 yrs to 2 yrs. and 6 months. Additionally, they will undergo 80 hours of a sexual violence treatment program, and cannot be employed at facilities related to children, adolescents, and the disabled for 5 yrs.
    • Jung has appealed his sentence further in the Supreme Court. Jung’s lawyer explained in a statement to the press that the appeal relies on whether the victim was “in a state of loss of mind and body” or “unable to resist”. Good grief!
    • One of the three other individuals involved has also had his sentence reduced.
  • Prosecution has demanded prison sentences for the accused in Mnet‘s Produce 101 vote manipulation controversy, including 3 yrs. behind bars for PD Ahn Joon-young and CP Kim Yong-bum.

Debuts & Comebacks

  • Check out our playlist of the week’s releases above!
  • Day6 was painfully relatable in their latest comeback, The Book of Us: The Demon, led by title track, “Zombie“. Read our review of the MV here, and the album, here.
  • Nu’est embodied elegance in “I’m in Trouble“. Check out our review here.
  • Raiden and Chanyeol collaborated on “Yours (ft. Lee Hi, Changmo)“. Do check out our review of the all star release!
  • Bol4 returned with just one member, Ahn Ji-young, in “Hug“. Read what our reviewer had to say the release here.
  • Girl group Busters made a comeback with “Paeonia“.
  • BVNDIT were confident queens in “Jungle“, the title to their latest album, Carnival. Keep an eye out for our review!
  • NV Entertainment debuted a girl group Woo! Ah! with “Woo! Ah!“.
  • Stray Kids‘s Changbin dropped the touching “Streetlight (ft. Bang Chan)“.

Teasers & Announcements

  • TXT are gearing up for their May 18 comeback with and individual member and MV teasers for “Can’t You See Me“, and an audio preview for The Dream Chapter: Eternity.
  • Crush returns on May 20 with “Mayday (ft. Joy)“.
  • VIXX‘s Ken will be making his solo debut with the mini album Greeting on May 20, ahead of his enlistment in July.
  • Lovelyz‘s Sujong will also be making her solo debut on May 20 with the mini album Tiger Eyes.
  • BTOB‘s Eunkwang will be releasing a single on May 21, ahead of his solo comeback in June.
  • Minzy will shared an audio teaser ahead of her return with “Lovely” on May 24.
  • EXO‘s Baekhyun upped the excitement for his solo comeback Delight on May 25, with mood samplers.
  • Kim Woo-seok, of Up10tion and formerly of X1, will make his solo debut on May 25 with 1st Desire (Greed).
  • Park Ji-hoon will return on May 26 with his third mini album, The W.
  • Mamamoo‘s Moonbyul will release 門oon: Repackage, a repackaged version of her February comeback, on May 29.
  • Twice released captivating concept films for individual members ahead of its comeback with More & More on June 1.
  • WJSN will return with a new mini album Neverland on June 9.
  • Big Hit Entertainment & CJ E&M‘s joint venture Belif+ released an enigmatic trailer with actor Namgoong Min, teasing the upcoming boy group survival show “I-Land”. The show will premier on June 26.
  • YG Entertainment‘s long anticipated boy group Treasure will debut in July.

Other News

  • In news related to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic,
    • Winner‘s Song Mino was swept up in controversy when it was reported that he had allegedly performed at a club. YG Entertainment has since issued an apology.
    • Former Kara member Park Gyu-ri has similarly apologized for visiting a club linked to the Covid-19 resurgence in South Korea.
    • Supernova‘s Yoon Hak has recovered from Covid-19, and has been discharged from the hospital.
    • Given the present social distancing and safety measures around the world, KCon will be held online this year from June 20-26.
  • Former The East Light members Lee Eun-sung and Jung Sa-gang have been forwarded to prosecution for perjury in the assault case filed by former members Lee Seok-chul and Lee Seung-hyun against the CEO and one of the producers at Medialine Entertainment.

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