It is too early in the month for a Christmas playlist! Time feels like it is moving at a pace I am unprepared for. I am not in the mood for balladry and I am definitely not in the mood for cold, slow days.

The music I have been listening to lately is reflective of a more restless mood. I have been staying away from Christmas ballads, even though I am usually well within the spirit of Christmas from about the second week of November. This year, I am not dreaming of a Christmas of any colour.

I know we have been making mixes intended to distract us all from anxiety, bad news, and get us through the year. I ended up making a mix that is not really a distraction as much as a reflection of my current jumbled state of mind. I have got a mix of mostly new, mostly upbeat tracks, but there are a few ups and downs for everyone feeling a bit more relaxed.

Let me know what you have been listening to in the comments.