Numbers are important in K-pop. Fans count on streaming to boost the visibility and popularity of their favorite group. CEOs determine the perfect number of members to balance out a team. This year we’ve been highlighting the last decade of K-pop. There is the all important 7-year curse every fan hopes their biases can avoid, and the year 2014 is whispered as a plague.

For me, the number 7 represents the number of years since my first K-pop concert. It was in Sandy Springs, Maryland and headlined by none other than Jay Park. This last week, I got to see Jay Park again so naturally there’s been nothing on my mind besides his music, along with that of one of his guests, Ted Park. While at the concert, I overheard one of the girls around an exchange that went something like this:

Girl A: “I’m sorry if I twerk on your stomach tonight. There’s not that much room.”

Girl B: “It’s fine! It’s Jay Park. You’ve got to throw ass.”

Since then, that’s all I’ve wanted to do. This mixtape is made up of K-hip hop songs that make you want to throw it back, drop to the floor, and just bust loose. Sorry if you were looking for a holiday mix. Santa can wait a little while longer.