The first cuts of March Madness 2019 have been made and the choices only get tougher from now on. The field has been narrowed from 64 by half to 32. As the number of contestants reduces, the competition becomes more intense.

There have been a few close calls and a few upsets this year. Black Pink‘sJennie being booted from the third-seeded visual position in favour of Oh My Girl’s YooA was a surprise. (G)I-dle fans have stepped up to the plate for their group and battled it out in the rap and visual categories.

The male vocal category saw Monsta X’s Kihyun narrowly beat out Got7’s Jinyoung by the sliver of only two votes. Winner’s Mino and iKon’s Bobby was another tense confrontation, resulting in a victory for Mino.

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The next monster matchups to keep an eye on will be in vocals and dance. How will Sunmi fare against Twice’s Momo? IU has a loyal fanbase and a strong discography but Solar has more recent releases. Who will triumph? In the male visual category, we have a confrontation between Wanna One alum Kang Daniel and Minhyun. The matches will undoubtedly be close.

Keep your votes coming for the next round to make sure your favourite is the winner!

Cast your ballot by Wednesday, March 20, 11:59 PM to make sure it counts.

You can keep track of the previous rounds of March Madness 2019 here.